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Project Charter

Scope overview:The project involces the construction and operation of a new international
aiport at Banjul city by Brawn India.This project is being carried out for
ease intercity traffic along with the intercountry traffic.The new airport
would be a boon for the city as the old one is not able to carry out the
operations required and not able to meet trhe demand of thr locals .

1) Project Scope :The project basically involves 5 stages which needs to be carries out.The
stages are as follows:1)Tender
2)Land and nature form investigation
3)Construction (which is the major stage)
5)Initial entry into the service

2) Product scope :The terminal building would spread across 1 lakh sq. km, which would
encompass 40 check in counters, baggage handling systems with capacity
of handling 5000 bags/hour, Terminal roof, glass faade each 1.8 lakh sq.
km, automated skywalks and other facilities. The New runway would be
4430m in length and 60m in width along with 5 parallel taxiways and
rapid exit taxiways.Also there will be firestations,cae garage,air traffic
tower,entrance and exit building etc. in thie area.By this means, the
safety of the passengers will be taken care of.

Milestone schedule :-

Success Criteria:The mission of thei project is to build a new international airport that will
provide an improved intercity and intercountry transportation which would
be a great thing for the people of Bajul as the old one is not able to meet
their expectations and demand.The airport will be build so as to meet all
the demands of the locals as well as the tourists .This is predictable with
City and local approaches identified with both improvement and
transportation, furthermore, underpins the monetary imperativeness of
the downtown with employments made amid the development period and
with negligible movement effect to and from the downtown.
The success of the Project will be based on:
Completion of the project within established parameters;
Value of the project for the investment;
Improved safety and reliability;
Short-term job creation;

Reduced annual maintenance and operating cost

Assumptions, Constraints and risks:1)Assumptions:

Human & nature compatibles: ( completion of the construction

phase of the project with the least damage to human and nature)
Number of employees : Lack of number of employees and
workers available for the work at a time.

2) Constraints:

The airport is estimated to be constructed over the period of 3 years

i.e. from 2-01-16 to 14-11-18
The total estimated budget for the project is Rs. 11500 crores.
Number of heavy construction equipment required is high, the
availability of which from the local resources is not guaranteed.
GDCA ( General Directorate of Civil Aviation)
ICAO(Interbational Civil Aviation Organization)
African Civil Aviation Organisation

Last three constarints are importsnat and required as the airport should
meet the requirements and the standards set by the authority.

3) Risks:Risk event
Natural Disasters

How it will affect?

Stop of construction


Disruption of

Petroleum depletion
Site safety

Stop of construction
Disruption and delay
of construction
Disruption of

Market conditions for

construction may

according to disaster
Physical security and
Govt. Support
Exterior Petrol Tanks
Occupational safety
and health dept.
Secure general contractor
as early as
possible to work with the

Budget estimate :-

Stakeholders :The stakeholders include :

-Airport users (locals and tourists)
-funding partners
-industry and
-the project team.

Team operationg principle:1) Responsibility to timetable : The individuals from the group
will finish their alloted assignments according to their course of events .

2) Auspicious correspondence: The group will impart

status,issues,and questions with organization by means of
emails,telephonic calls and so forth and the undertaking activities will be
conveyed each week.

3) Dominant part control: On the occasion of any issues or any

gridlock, the issue will be determined or arranged by means of lion's share
standard premise.

Lessons learned :1) Conceding to venture degree is a key preparatory task arranging

2) Keeping up task objectives and course of events requires open

correspondences and fast issue determination .

3) Understanding parts and obligations encourages smooth collaboration

and convenient task fruition.

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