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French 1

Teacher: Madame Saylors
Room: G204

Tutoring: Mon & Wed 4:05 to 4:30pm

Tue & Thurs 8:00 to 8:30am
(and by appointment)
Conference: 8th period

Bonjour! Im happy to be your French teacher this year. Your progress is very important to me. Please come see me
if you have any questions or concerns. I am here to help you!
IN-CLASS ACTIVITIES: This is a proficiency-based class with the goal of getting you to the novice high level by
the end of the school year! Everyday there will be a variety of activities such as speaking French with a partner,
asking/answering questions, reading/listening to authentic texts, singing French songs, competitions, online
activities, etc. There will be listening, reading, speaking, and writing activities done individually, in groups/pairs,
and as a class.
FRENCH-ONLY TIME: The goal of this class is to speak in French as much as possible! We will work towards
this goal by slowly increasing our French-only time. Do your best! Consult your useful phrases handout and use
them. Dont worry about making mistakes.that means you are trying!
HOMEWORK: Your homework assignment every night is to spend at least 20 minutes studying French
(flashcards, notes, speaking with a partner, online activities, listening to music, etc.). Additional homework may be
assigned periodically.
QUIZZES: You can expect several quizzes per unit covering the current grammar and/or vocabulary.
PERFORMANCE-BASED ASSESSMENTS: At the end of every unit, there will be a performance-based
assessment with three parts: interpretive (reading or listening), presentational (writing or speaking), and
interpersonal (conversation). All assessments will be performance-based rather than traditional multiple choice
tests. They will be graded with rubrics created by the NEISD Foreign Language Cohort.
FINAL EXAM: At the end of each semester, there will be comprehensive performance-based assessments
covering all four language skills (listening, reading, speaking, and writing). There will be a writing test and
speaking test the week before finals, and a multiple-choice listening and reading exam on the day of the final.
MATERIALS NEEDED: Please bring a composition book, a binder (can be used for all your classes), paper, a
blue or black pen, a pencil, a colored pen for correcting, and a highlighter. Optional: French/English dictionary. We
will have a class set of textbooks.
BATHROOM/WATER BREAKS: If you need to use the restroom or get water, please wait for an appropriate
time (in between activities), raise your hand and ask, Puis-je tre excuser, sil vous plat? If I say yes, take the
toilette pass as you leave the room. Please return promptly. You may be asked to leave your cell phone with me.
FIRE DRILL PROCEDURE: Walk quietly out of the building and stay together. Look for the French flag and
check in with me. Stay close by and walk quietly back to the building when directed. Anyone who does not check
in with me and return to the classroom will have a conference with me and possible further consequences.
DISMISSAL PROCEDURE: Please remain seated until I dismiss you. Do not stand up at the door.

LATE WORK AND MAKE-UP POLICY: It is your responsibility to contact me and make arrangements for
work that you miss due to absences. Check the Make-up work binder for any handouts you missed. Consult my
webpage to see what you missed in class, or come and talk to me.

Late work will incur a 20% penalty.

All assignments must be completed before the unit assessment. After that, they will not be accepted.
Work missed due to tardies cannot be made up.

GRADING: Grades will be determined each 9 weeks based on the following:

30% -- Proficiency Activities (Daily work, ongoing practice, homework)
40% -- Performance Based Assessments (Tests and Projects)
30% -- Quizzes

Je dois


Come to class on time, well prepared, and ready to participate in all activities.
Be respectful and considerate to others.
Dispose of trash and keep your area clean.
Keep all electronic devices off and out of sight (exception: with teacher permission).
Focus on French during class. Take care of personal needs (bathroom, grooming, naps) outside of class.
Faites le bien! Do whats right! Follow all school policies.

If these expectations are not met, the following consequences will occur:

Teacher-Student conference
Change of seat
Email or phone call home to parents or guardian
Counselor Referral
Office Referral

I hold the right to skip any of these steps if student behavior exceeds minor offense.

Parlez franais autant que possible!

Speak French as much as possible!