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Sangguniang Resolution No._______________

Dated: _______________________________
Subject: _______________________________
RESOLVED, as it is hereby resolved, to authorize the following:
1. Subscribe to the Land Bank of the Philippines (LBPs) internet banking facility known
as weAccess; for purposes of on-line remittance/payment to GSIS and Home
Development Mutual Fund and;
2. Designate authorized signatory to enroll and designate authorized user/s in the
LANDBANK weAccess.
RESOLVED, FURTHER, to authorize (Please state name and position of responsible officer to
be designated), to wit:
1. execute/sign all documents necessary to subscribe to LBPs weAccess;
2. designate/authorize personnel to act as maker or authorizer for the Local
Government Units access to LBPs weAccess banking facility; for purposes of online payment/remittance to GSIS and Home Development Mutual Fund;




3. amend/add/delete enrolled deposit account/s as source and/or destination account/s,
access rights to the weAccess modules, authorization rules and/or any information
on the original and succeeding enrollments.
THAT, this is an addendum to the signatories of the submitted resolution for account opening.

IN WITNESS WHEREOF, I have set my hand and affixed the seal of the Local Government Unit
in the City of _______________, Philippines, this _____day of ___________20___.

Board Secretary
SUBSCRIBED AND SWORN before me this ____day of __________20___in the
City of ______________, Philippines, affiant exhibiting his Community Tax Certificate No.
________________ issued on _______________, at _____________________.

Notary Public
Doc. No.______
Page No._____
Book No._____
Series of _____