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In the name of Allah, the Most-Merciful, the All-Compassionate

"May the Peace and Blessings of Allah be Upon You"

Praise be to Allaah, we seek His help and His forgiveness. We seek refuge with Allaah from the evil of our own souls
and from our bad deeds. Whomsoever Allaah guides will never be led astray, and whomsoever Allaah leaves astray,
no one can guide. I bear witness that there is no god but Allaah, and I bear witness that Muhammad is His slave
and Messenger.

Bismillah Walhamdulillah Was Salaatu Was Salaam 'ala Rasulillah

As-Salaam Alaikum Wa-Rahmatullahi Wa-Barakatuhu

Men get Hoor in Jannah .... But.......What Do We Get ???

by Asma bint Shameem

Men get Hoor in Jannah....But what about us women.......

what do we get ??

That is a question that we come across many times and

actually, that is something a lot of us ask. In fact, just the
other day, someone asked me the very same question.

To that sister and others who may have this question up

their mind, I say....

My dear sister.....first of all Jannah and Jahannum (and Hoor

AlEen, for that matter) and all what happens in them are
matters of the Hereafter. These are a part of the realm of
the Unseen of which we have very limited perception. Such
matters are beyond our understanding and cannot be
known by reasoning and thinking and we have really no
knowledge of these things except what the Quraan and the
authentic Sunnah tell us.
All we do is to believe in such matters of the Unseen, while
remembering that its realities are known only to Allaah.
And actually, one should not really get into the details or
indulge in discussions of the matters of the unseen without
knowledge, because there is really no benefit in that.
Rather if such a question comes up, we should say Allaah
knows best.
As Allaah says:
And follow not (i.e., say not, or do not, or witness not) that
of which you have no knowledge. Verily, the hearing, and
the sight, and the heart of each of those ones will be
questioned (by Allaah) (Surah al-Isra :36)
And, dear sister, from whatever limited knowledge we do
have about Jannah that Allaah and His Messenger (sal
Allaahu Alayhi wa Sallam) have informed us, there are a
few points that we, as believing women, should remember,
when questions such as these pop up in our heads.
1.Allaah is Most-Just and the Most-Merciful
The first and foremost thing to remember is that this is
Allaah, Rab ul Aalameen we are talking about here.
Subhaan Allaah.
Remember that He is ar-Rahmaan ar-Raheem, the One who
is Just and there is no one more just than Him....
And He is the One who is Fair and there is no one who is
more fair than Him!!

He will never ever let you down or be unfair to you. If He

has promised the men of Jannah Hoor AlEen, then surely He
will give the believing women of Jannah something equally
pleasing too. There is no way that He will favor the men
over the women, aoodhu billaah. Subhaanahu wa Taala.

"If any do deeds of righteousness, be they male or female,

and have faith, they will enter Jannah, and not the least
injustice will be done to them." (Surah an-Nisa:124)
2.Allaah created men and women differently
Another thing to remember is that what pleases women
may be different from what pleases men. And everybody
knows that. So wouldnt He, Who created us in the first
place know that better than anybody else?
"Shall He who has created (all things) not know? He is the
Subtle, the Aware." (Surah Mulk: 14)

So have this firm belief in Him, and have blind trust in Him,
Subhaanahu Wa Taala....He, who knows us women and our
nature best and He, who will give the women of Jannah
whatever will please her the best.
Therein you shall have (all) that your inner-selves desire"
(Surah Fussilat:31- 32)
3.In Jannah the righteous woman will be married to
her husband and she will be pleased with that
Allaah will marry the believing women to their husbands of
the dunya if they were righteous and make them pleased
with that. That IS what they would desire. They wouldnt
want any one else.
And if a woman did not get married during her worldly life,
or if her husband was not from the people of Jannah, then
Allaah will marry her to one of the believing men in Jannah.
The women will live with their husband and children and
families in their own realms in Paradise, and they will be so
content with that.
"Gardens of perpetual bliss: they shall enter there, as well
as the righteous among their fathers, their spouses, and
their offspring." (Surah ar-Rad: 23)
"Enter the Garden, you and your wives, you will be made
glad. There will be brought round for them trays of gold and
goblets, and therein is all that the souls desire and eyes
find sweet and you will stay there forever. This is the
garden, which you are made to inherit because of what you
used to do. Therein for you is fruit in plenty whence to eat."
(Az-Zukhruf 43: 70-73)
Ibn Katheer said: they (the women of Jannah) lower their
gaze and avoid looking at men other than their husband, so
they do not think that there is anything in Paradise that is
more handsome than their husbands. This was stated by
Ibn Abbaas, Qataadah, Ata al-Khuraasaani and Ibn Zayd.
And it was narrated that one of them will say to her
husband: By Allaah I do not think that there is anything in
Paradise finer than you, or that there is anything in
Paradise dearer to me than you; praise be to Allaah Who
has made you for me and made me for you."
(Tafseer al-Quraan al-Azeem).
4.In Jannah there will be no jealousy
Remember,my sister, that life in Jannah will be nothing like
life here in this world. It is a different world that has nothing
in common with this world except names only; the realities
of things are completely different.
Pleasures and feelings that we experience here in this life
will be experienced in a different and much better and
purer way. We will eat and drink but there will be no filth or
dirt. Our bodies will not excrete wastes nor will we grow
old. And not only our physical bodies, but our psychology
and nature will be different also.

And We shall remove from their breasts any (mutual)

hatred or sense of injury...." (Surah al-Araaf:43)

The Prophet (sal Allaahu Alayhi wa Sallam) said: The first

group to enter Paradise will look like the moon when it is
full. They will not spit or blow their noses or defecate
therein. Their vessels and combs will be of gold and silver,
their incense burners will be of aloeswood and their sweat
will be musk. Each of them will have two wives, the marrow
of whose calves will be visible from beneath the flesh
because of their beauty. There will be no dissent or enmity
among them and their hearts will be as one, and they will
glorify Allaah morning and evening. (al-Bukhaari, Muslim)
He also said: hey will not envy one another. (Bukhaari)

So even if the men will have Hoor AlEen, we will not be

jealous. Yes, it seems hard at this time, but it is just as hard
to imagine eating and drinking without any excretion,
although it is surely true. So rest assured...there will be
love and peace and no jealousy.
Besides, think about it....Isnt the One capable of making
you the way you are in this world with all your jealousy and
the other 'womanly' feelings, capable of making you
without jealousy in the Hereafter??! ! Of course He is!

Rejoice, O sister, the believing women will be better than

the Hoor AlEen

Yes that's right. Read the quote below, my sister, and


"The situation of the believing woman in Jannah will be

better than the situation of the hoor al-iyn; she will be
higher in status and more beautiful."
Several ahaadeeth and reports have been narrated
concerning that, but none of them can be proven to be
sound. But, if a righteous woman from among the people of
this world enters Paradise, then she will do so as a reward
for her righteous deeds and as a honor from Allaah to her
for her religious commitment and righteousness.
As for the hoori who is one of the delights of Paradise, she
has only been created in Paradise for the sake of someone
else, and has been made the reward for the believing man
for his righteous deeds.
There is a great difference between one who enters
Paradise as a reward for her righteous deeds and the one
who was created as a reward for one who did righteous
deeds. The former is a queen and a princess, and the latter,
no matter how beautiful she is, is undoubtedly lower in
status than a queen, and she is subject to the command of
her believing master for whom Allaah created her as a
reward." (www.islamqa. com)
Shaykh Ibn Uthaymeen said regarding this matter:
"It seems to me that the women of this world will be better
than the hoor al-iyn, even in outward appearance, and
Allaah knows best." (Fataawa Noor ala al-Darb).

Logically speaking.... ..Wouldnt you rather be beautiful ??

When we look at ourselves and our nature, we realize
Allaahs infinite Wisdom and Justice in the way He has
created us. It is in our very nature that most of us women
are generally pleased with and devoted to only one man.
Ask yourself this or any woman out there you know, this
question and you would know what I mean. Ask them....
"What would you rather be......be extremely beautiful with
one loving husband or be ordinary looking with several
husbands ??!!
I am sure there will not be very many women out there who
would pick the second choice...!!!
We have no right to question to Allaah
Actually, if you think about it, we have no right to question
Allaah in whatever He does, how He does it and when He
does it. We should not question Allaahs wisdom in making
us in the nature we are now or in re-creating us in the
nature we will have in the future. We know that He is
generous and merciful, and we have to trust Him. He is All-
Wise, All-Knowing. He is the Just and He knows Best.
AND, for arguments sake, EVEN IF, in His Infinite Wisdom,
Allaah chooses to give men Hoor AlEen and the women
absolutely nothing, so be it. Know firmly, in your heart and
believe unshakably in your mind, that, this is what was
better for you. Know that He will NEVER be unfair to you
and He will give you ONLY and ONLY if He pleases. And He
will withhold from you, ONLY and ONLY if you deserve it.
Where is our trust in the Almighty??
The real focus
Instead of worrying about what Allaah has promised men
and competing with them, we should focus on how to serve
Him and worship Him better. We should try to improve our
relationship with Him so that we may hope for His generous
reward and forgiveness, so that out of His Mercy, He may
enter us in Jannah.
Think about it, sister, if we learn all the details of what life
in Jannah will be like and what rewards women will get, but
fail to worship and serve Him the way He and His
Messenger have taught us to.... then our knowledge is
pretty useless, isnt it...?
If you are among those women who leave this world having
won the pleasure of Allaah, then good news to you, my
sister. When you enter Jannah you will have delights and
pleasures such as no eye has seen, no ear has heard and
no mind has ever imagined. You will have all that you wish
for in the best of ways. You will be more beautiful than you
can ever imagine, with a status higher than you can ever
conceive and happier than you have ever been, content
with your husband and family. Everything that you will ask
for will be granted, and everything that you long for, you
will get. You will never find anything to upset or disturb
you, or make you jealous for you will be in the care of the
Most Generous, Most Merciful.

What more could you ask for.... ????

As-Salaam Walekum
Adil Khan

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