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Father of Green Revolution in India M.S.

Father of Green Revolution in World Norman Ernest Borlaug
Father of White Revolution - Verghese Kurien
Father of Yellow Revolution
Father of Green Revolution in India is M.S.Swaminathan
Father of Green Revolution is Norman Borlaug
Father of White Revolution is Dr. Verghese Kurien
blue revolution, Black Revolution, Golden Fibre Revolution
1) Blue Revolution - Fish Production
2) Black Revolution - Petroleum Production
3) Brown Revolution - Leather/Cocoa/Non-Conventional Energy Sources Production
4) Golden Fibre Revolution - Jute Production
5) Golden Revolution - Overall Horticulture/Honey/Fruit Production
6) Grey Revolution - Housing/Fertilizers/Wool Development
7) Green Revolution - Agriculture Production
8) Pink Revolution - Onions/Prawn/Drugs & Pharmaceuticals
9) Red Revolution - Tomato/Meat Production
10) Round Revolution - Potato Production
11) Silver Revolution - Egg Production
12) Silver Fibre Revolution - Cotton Production
13) White Revolution - Dairy/Milk Production
14) Yellow Revolution - Oil Seed Production

Green Revolution in India

An increase in food production, especially in underdeveloped and developing
nations, through the introduction of high-yield crop varieties and application of
modern agricultural techniques. The introduction of high-yielding varieties of
seeds and the increased use of chemical fertilizers and irrigation are known
collectively as the Green Revolution, which provided the increase in production
needed to make India self-sufficient in food grains, thus improving agriculture in
India. High-yielding wheat was first introduced to India in 1968 by American
agronomist Norman Borlaug. Borlaug has been hailed as the Father of the Green
Revolution but M.S. Swaminathan is known as the "Father of the Green
Revolution in India". The methods adopted included the use of high yielding
varieties (HYV) of seeds.
The production of wheat has produced the best results in fueling self-

sufficiency of India. Along with high yielding seeds and irrigation facilities, the
enthusiasm of farmers mobilized the idea of agricultural revolution and is also
credited to M. S. Swaminathan and his team had contributed towards the success of
green revolution. Due to the rise in use of chemical pesticides and fertilizers there
were many negative effects on the soil and the land such as land degradation.
* Black Revolution - Petroleum Production : 1970
* Blue Revolution - Fish Production : 1960 Father of Blue revolution Prof :Hiralal
* Brown Revolution - Leather/non-conventional/Cocoa production
* Golden Fiber Revolution - Jute Production
* Golden Revolution - Fruits/Overall Horticulture development/Honey Production
* Green Revolution - Food grains : Father of Green Revolution M.S.
* Grey Revolution - Fertilizer : 1964
* Pink Revolution - Onion production/Pharmaceutical/Prawn production
* Red Revolution - Meat & Tomato Production
* Round Revolution - Potato
* Silver Fiber Revolution - Cotton
* Silver Revolution - Egg/Poultry Productio
* White Revolution (In India: Operation Flood) - Milk/Dairy production : 1970
Father of White revolution Dr. Verghese Kurien
* Yellow Revolution - Oil Seeds production : Father of Yellow Revolution Sam Pit
* Evergreen Revolution - Overall development of Agriculture.