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Victor-Bogdan Răducanu

E-mail: raducanu.vb@gmail.com

Romania, Bucharest, Sector 6 Phone: +407 6809 3434

Retail Administrator Professional

With a bit over 4 years of experience as administrator of my own firm, I have developed myself as a leader and effective negotiator. Dynamic communicator offering efficient presentation, training and coaching sessions. Strong customer relationships builder based on service, support and follow-up. An experienced professional who excels in indentifying the strengths and the weaknesses of a team with the ability to implement quality improvement processes and always motivating the team members in order to achieve a high-end efficient model when it comes to daily tasks.

Nowadays, as IT evolves and begins to integrate in all business domains, I have a great interest into developing myself as an IT engineer; for this to happen, I have graduated several web-design courses and I have in progress courses that help me develop my IT engineering skills. With support from a creative environment, I am willing to absorb new information and further develop myself as a strong technical engineer.

Retail Experience

Owner and Administrator S.C. IOVIC IMPEX S.R.L. Videle

February 2011 to Present

Domain: management; consultancy; administration. Administrating a retail firm which I have founded in 2011, I have the following responsibilities:

Organizing the daily workflow for the business employees;

Managing the accounting documents;

In charge of the goods supply process;

In charge of the staffing process;

Time management and defining processes;

Solving issues and conflicts.

IT Experience

Webdesigner/Front-end developer freelancing

Domain: IT programming, web-design. Active involvement in various freelancing web-design projects with the following responsibilities:

August 2015 to Present

Html and CSS coding according to the project requirements;

Smoke testing for the code updated in the build;

Code review;

Time and financial management of the project.


Masters degree Ecological University, Bucharest

2013 to 2015

University website: www.ueb.ro Specialization: Management

License degree Ecological University, Bucharest

2010 to 2013

University website: www.ueb.ro Specialization: Ecology


Certificate of Professional Preparation for retail administration(granted by the Romanian Ministry of Transport);

3rd Place Diploma in Top business displayed at the Registry of Commerce in Alexandria, Teleorman County;

Web design level I HTML / CSS at Avantaj Consulting;

Web design level II advanced CSS / SEO / JavaScript at Avantaj Consulting;

PHP & MySQL in progress at Avantaj Consulting.


Romanian Native proficiency;

English Medium professional proficiency.


Recognized verbal and written communication skills;

Developed negotiations skills;

Customer oriented;

IT Savvy, computer literate;

Proven leadership/management skills;

Stress resistant, always delivering quality services before deadlines;

Demonstrated decision-taking skills;

Advanced MS Office pack;

Medium HTML, CSS;

Basic PHP, MySQL, .xml, javascript;

European Driving License: B (vehicle category M1).