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Control of Machines (CNF301T/FCS301T)



Semester 2

Question 1
A single acting cylinder is to clamp a component when a push button is pressed. As long as the push button is
activated, the cylinder will remain in the clamped position. If the push button is released, the clamp will retract. Design
and neatly draw a circuit suitable for this.
Question 2
A swivel conveyor is positioned by a cylinder which is controlled by two push-buttons. The cylinder must always be
pressurized and remain in the selected position. Only a pulse is required from the push button to get the conveyor to
move. Design and neatly draw the circuit according to the description.
Question 3
A pneumatic driven press is to shape work pieces in the following sequence:- Aluminum plates are placed in position
by the hand. The start signal is initiated by means of a push button where upon the cylinder moves forward slowly to
prevent damage to the work piece. The return movement is automatic and must be executed faster than normal to cut
down production time. The cylinder must return to the rear end position before the start of another working cycle.
Design and neatly draw the circuit according to the description.
Question 4


In a closed vessel of V1 = 60dm , air is contained with a pressure p1 = 700 kPa. The temperature is
T1 = 7C. The temperature rises to T2 = 27C. What is the new pressure in the same vessel?


Calculate the force when a double acting cylinder travels out and in (ignoring friction). Piston diameter
32mm, piston rod diameter 12mm, at a supply pressure of 600kPa.


Calculate the size of a double acting cylinder to move a mass of 40kg. Standard piston rod diameter =
12 mm. Pressure = 600 kPa.


Calculate the mass a 25mm diameter single acting cylinder will move. Pressure = 600kPa.

Question 5
A force of 500N is required to open a process control valve. What area of diaphragm will be needed with a diaphragm
actuator to open the valve with a control gauge pressure of 70kPa?
Question 6

An actuator has a stem movement which at full travel is 5cm. It has a maximum flow rate of 0.45m /s. What will be
the flow rate when the stem is at i)12 mm and b)25mm?

When the plug is a linear process control valve with a minimum flow of 0 m3/s .


When the valve is a equal percentage plug with a minimum flow of 0.5m3/s.

Question 7
Bushes and metal blocks requiring assembly are placed in gravity feed magazines. The first cylinder pushes a metal
block to the stop. Then the second cylinder extends and presses the first bush into place. Next the third cylinder
becomes active, pressing the second bush into place. Following that, the second and third cylinder retracts. The first
cylinder retracts after which the completed metal block falls down onto a conveyor belt. There is a possibility of
selection between manual and automatic operation.

Control of Machines (CNF301T/FCS301T)



Semester 2

Question 8

For the motion step diagram shown in Figure 1 below establish the sequence.

Figure 1

Draw the motion sequence steps for the following diagram.