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Biology Expectations School year 2016 2017

Springfield Central High School/Room 313

Mr. Brian Mulcahey: MAT Biological Sciences, BA Zoology
e-mail: mulcaheyb@sps.springfield.ma.us
Phone: 787-7085 or 787-7453 SCHS Guidance office to arrange an appointment
Late day: 2:20 3:00 pm Thursdays for help, make-ups and detention.
Absence Make-ups: Request labs and lecture notes, check assignment files; arrange due
dates when you return. Please speak to me if there are logistical or personal reasons that
necessitate a late assignment.

Biology themes and focus Biology is based on the living world, as outlined by the

Massachusetts Science Technology/Engineering Curriculum Frameworks. Seven broad concepts

are covered Ecology, Chemistry, Cells, Genetics, Evolution and Biodiversity, and Anatomy and
Physiology. The class will follow the Next Generation Science Standards three Dimensions Science Practices, Crosscutting Concepts, and the Disciplinary Core Ideas of the Life Sciences.
Students will learn laboratory techniques, do field studies, write formal Lab Reports, and
complete inquiry activities and experiments.
My teaching practice and philosophy is to create an atmosphere where learning and doing
science can take place. Students curiosity, observation skills, and inquiry practices will be
fostered in my Biology course. Reading, writing, labs and field studies characterize my course.

Grading and Assessments

Grading is based on the point system. The total number of points a student earns is
divided by the total number of points. For example, if a student earns 900 out of a possible
1000 points, his or her grade is 90%, an A-.
Homework, class work, and labs include writing and calculations. Quizzes and tests are
made up of multiple choice, short answer and open response questions. Projects generally
include research, writing, illustrating, oral class presentations and construction of 3-dimensional
Typical point assessments:
Homework 15%
10-25 point assignments late submissions will lose 10% of the marked grade and will receive
a 0 after one week if it is not handed in.
Classwork 10%
20 points
Labs 20% (lab reports and technique) Part of Project Grade category.
25 - 100 points labs are excused with absences but students are responsible for learning the
lab material.
Quizzes 15%
20 points Quizzes can be morning warmups or unexpected pop quizzes
Exams 30%
100 points. A Midterm and a Final Exam are mandatory, scheduled
during midterm and final test weeks and will be reported on report cards.
Projects 25%
100 points or more late submissions are not accepted
Participation 5%
Extra Credit is only awarded to students who research and orally present answers to questions
I cant answer!
Assignments that do not have a students name on them will not be graded.

Supplies needed:
Agenda or assignment pad
No. 2 pencils
Composition notebook or spiral notebook
3-ring binder
I dont provide any supplies!

Attendance Policy You are allowed up to 4 unexcused absences per quarter. If you
have 4 or more, you will need to come in with a parent or guardian to appeal.

If you have 2 or less absences I will drop your lowest test grade of that semester.

Classroom conduct and Culture

Be here. Be on time. Attendance and punctuality are crucial for Biology. Please follow the
Attendance Policy in your Student Handbook.

Be Detention Free if you follow these rules:

All rules as outlined in the Springfield School Student Handbook and the SCHS Student

No behavior that disrupts my teaching and other students learning

No interrupting.

No cell phones, iPods, pagers, etc.

Nothing placed on your lap.
No swearing, name calling, using racial epithets, derogative or inappropriate remarks
or gestures.
No eating or drinking.
No throwing anything.
No grooming in class and no personal care products to be used (This includes
chapstick, lotion, make-up and lip moisturizers, combs and brushes, deodorant, shoe
scuffs, lint remover, perfume, braiding or combing hair, etc.)
All Lab Safety rules
Consequences for misbehavior include class detention, parent/guardian notification, and writeups to the Assistant Principals and suspension.

Please do
Be on time.
Raise your hand to speak.
Quiet down when my hand is raised.
Remain in your seats unless asked to move.
Attend to personal business outside of class time (includes trips to the bathroom, guidance,
other classrooms, locker, etc.).
Recycle your papers and throw out your garbage at the end of class (recycling goes into the blue
bin, garbage in the gray can).

Safety first!
Lab Safety Contract must be signed by parents and students before any lab participation.

A word about Plagiarism

Plagiarism is the unauthorized use of the language and thoughts (in whole or in part) of another
author and the representation of them as ones own. Plagiarism and related academic
misconduct includes but is not limited to:

No cut and paste - turning in non-original work from the Internet, books, newspapers, and
Copying another students work
Offering another student your work
Students will receive a zero for any Plagiarism or academic misconduct. The student will
be written up to their Assistant Principal for disciplinary action

Please ask me questions or offer your comments. Thank you!

Please sign Expectations below and Lab Safety Contract on the
Please turn in to Mr. Mulcahey by tomorrow 9/1.
Biology Contract signatures
I have read these Expectations and understand them. My parent/guardian has read them as
well and will work with me to achieve them.
Student (print name)_________________________ Class section________ Date__________
Student signature____________________________
Parent/guardian (print name)___________________________
Parent/guardian signature______________________________