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FALL 2009


And the Winner Is...

Immediate Past District
The following accepted in the world and #1 in North
awards for reaching the elite America for 2008-2009:
DISTRICT 2 status of being ranked # 4
COLUMNS Venecia Bowers said, Cindy Cannon – Presi-
“This convention was dents Distinguished Dis-
A “SPOOKY 3 absolutely positively trict award and Presi-
OCTOBER marvelous!” while Bob dent’s Extension Award
Mock exclaimed, Out- Theresa Spralling – Excel-
standing!” lence in Education and
COUNTYTOASTMAS It was August 14th, 1:30 Training Award
TERS MAKE WAVES PM during the Hall of Roy Ganga – Excellence
Fame luncheon at the in Marketing Award
FALL CONFERENCE 5 Toastmasters Interna- Joy Lewis – Presidential
REGISTRATION tional 78th Annual Con- Citation Award
vention in Mashan-
tucket, Connecticut. Georgia Toastmasters, we
There was a buzz in the didn’t win these awards
SPECIAL POINTS OF room. Excitement was without your help. We won
INTEREST: in the air as 16 Georgi- these awards because of
Joy Lewis, DTM with 2008-2009 International Presi-
ans waited to hear, dent Jana Barnhill, DTM at International Convention
your hard work and dedica-
 More Photos from Annual “DISTRICT 14, Georgia —Photo Courtesy of Roy Ganga tion to Toastmasters. If you
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We’ve Got the Power to Succeed

By Theresa Spralling, DTM year as Georgia District 14! Through your

District 14 Governor Toastmasters, I am commitment to excellence
reminded that Toastmasters
The 2009-2010 theme for International empowers over Continued on Page 7
District 14 is “Empowered 250,000 members, in over
to Succeed”. We also have 2,000 clubs, in 106
our own theme song, “I’ve countries throughout the
Got the Power” to boost the world, to achieve their full
meaning and the energy potential.
behind it. Both were
designed to convey a Georgia Toastmasters
powerful message to you. represent over 277 Clubs
The power to succeed is and over 6,000 members.
within you. You hold the key We currently rank #1 in the
to your success this year. United States and #4 in the
As we embark upon a new world. Congratulations, Theresa Spralling, DTM
District Governor

We Learn Best in What’s New in Ponderings of the

Moments of Marketing PRO

Roy Ganga, DTM Kene Iloenyosi, DTM Luis Camacho

Lieutenant Governor Lieutenant Governor Public Relations Officer
Education & Training Marketing

Fellow District 14 Toastmasters, Fellow District 14 Toastmasters, Fellow District 14 Toastmasters,

Thank you for your confidence in electing July sure went by quickly. We are all thrilled Psssst – I’ve got a secret.
me to serve as your Lt Governor Educa- at starting our new term as a Presidents
tion and Training for the 2009-2010 Distinguished District, #4 in the world and Say that in a crowded room or restaurant,
#1 in the US! You all deserve the credit for and watch how people will turn to hear
Toastmaster year.
what you have to say. I’m talking about
all you have done.
My focus this year is to ensure that every people not even in the conversation – wait
District 14 Toastmaster acquires the The Marketing Team is introducing a num- staff, porters, and people three tables over.
benefits from quality education and ber of new ideas help our clubs. My cam- They will get neck pains from the strain of
training programs offered through their paign slogan sums it up, “Quality Meetings leaning over just to get the insider scoop.
respective clubs, TLI and conferences = Quality Clubs” or “QM = QC.” And, by golly have you got a good one.
and that they feel confident they have
obtained an equitable return on their How do we create both a fun as well as an Fellow Toastmasters, you have a secret
optimal learning experience within all our whether you know or not. It’s confidence.
clubs? By focusing on having quality meet- That’s really what we’re selling. Confi-
Toastmasters' founder Ralph Smedley ings on a consistent basis! My team will dence.
said, "We learn best in moments of en- focus on providing resources to help clubs
joyment.” Let’s make those "moments" But, I thought you said “Toastmasters is a
do this.
last the whole year and have fun along leadership and communications program?”
Our goal is to have no club at less than 20 It is. It is everything our mission says it is,
the way. Quality Meetings = Quality Clubs
members by June 30, 2010. however, it is through the outward signs of
District 14 Communication and Leader- (QM=QC) confidence that people see the results.
ship Standards will assist you and your Here’s how we are planning to do it:
E.F. Hutton used to have an advertising
clubs to achieve their respective goals: Use Paypal to Streamline Club Dues Collec- campaign that said “When E.F. Hutton
1. Every Member in District 14 should tion: talks, people listen.” In one of their televi-
complete at least one Communication or Many of us already pay our bills online. sion commercials they would show a
Leadership Award from July 1, 2009- Why not do the same with dues renewals? crowded restaurant scene where one man
March 31, 2010 (CC, AC, CL, AL, or Let’s eliminate the check writing process to would turn to another and say, “Well, my
DTM). Don’t wait until June 30. speed up your renewals. It will only take broker is E.F. Hutton, and E.F. Hutton
- District Leaders have pledged to set the minutes once your club sets it up. A few says…” Then, everyone would stop in their
example by achieving at least one Com- clubs have already tried using Paypal with tracks -- forks held in mid-air, waiters pour-
munication or Leadership Award for success. Use our step-by-step manual to ing water into overflowing glasses. All were
each club they are a member of. will guide you setting up a Paypal account afraid to move lest they miss out on the
for your club, linking it to your club website next few words. Why was that effective? It
- Any member who earns three awards demonstrated that you could invest with
within one Toastmaster year will receive and to your club bank account. Find this
manual on www.gatoastmasters.org under confidence (there’s that word again) with
the prestigious District Triple Crown
the "Officer Resources" section. After you E.F. Hutton.
set up online dues collection, be sure to So, it is also with Toastmasters. We’ve got
2. All Club Officers will attend training give us feedback on how it worked for you. an incredible product. There isn’t a Sham-
twice a year. That means 100% of Club Wow on the planet that could soak up all of
Officers trained. Locating Club Coaches
If your club has 12 or less members, you the confidence we can produce. All we
-It is a proven fact that without proper

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FALL 2009 Page 3

A “Spooky Speaky” in October

By Dwight Jones, DTM We have planned a fun–filled Friday Night
Fall Conference Chair that will provide a spark and entertaining
kick–start to our conference. Let's see how
Plenty to C.L.A.P. About
District 14 Toastmas- scary or crazy you can be as you dress up Contests!
ters, in your most ghoulish (or foolish) costume District Level HUMOROUS
and dance the night away. You will have
You are cordially in- SPEECH and EVALUATION
the opportunity to mix and mingle with new
vited to join us on Oc- and familiar Toastmasters from across Contests
tober 16 & 17 for a District 14 and maybe even a few outside
Fall Conference that Leadership!
our District!!
will be both entertain- Join the Club Banner Parade in
ing and educational. Come witness the fear On Saturday, October 17, join the parade! the Opening Ceremonies
of Death overcome public speaking. Be part of the action at the opening cere-
monies as you proudly strut your stuff as Achievement!
We have found a venue for the conference you carry your club banner in the “Parade Be recognized on stage for your
that is luxurious and grand. We’ll give you of Banners!” Show off your clubs achieve-
plenty to C.L.A.P. — Contests, Achievement, latest educational
ments as you display your banner with
Leadership and Presentations — about. We achievements
pride at the conference.
have searched across District 14 to bring
you great presenters to speak about the See page 8-9 for more information and the Presentations!
hottest topics. Not only that, we will have conference registration form. All Star educational sessions to
the most entertaining speakers in the Dis- sharpen your skills
Questions? Contact Dwight Jones at
trict competing in the Evaluation & Humor-
djspeaking@gmail.com or 770-402-7156.
ous Speech contests!

Greene County Toastmasters Makes Waves

By Dick McCoppin
Greene County Toastmasters

On August 15, members of

Greene County Toastmasters
entered the “Mr. Toastmaster”
in the 1st Annual Cardboard
Boat Regatta. The boat won
the 2nd heat of the competi-
tion and garnered enough
attention to get inquiries
about joining the club.
Greene County Toastmasters
was chartered in 2008 and
meets regularly in rural north
Members of Greene County Toastmasters with “Mr. Toastmaster” (L to R): Don Brice, Ruth Hendrix, Joyce Dysart,
Theresa Belton, Ruth Gettys, Steve Wieiser, Robert Drake, Dick McCoppin — Photo Courtesy of Dick McCoppin

New Club Corner:

Congratulations to MZ Toastmasters Club #1304784 for being the first club to charter in 2009-
2010 on July 2, 2009!

Correction: In the Summer Issue of the Gavel, Cynthia Coleman was listed as in 2nd place in the District 14 Table Topics Contest.
Cynthia placed 3rd. Stevie King from Division J placed 2nd.

And the Winner Is...

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I am proud to be part of Georgia
are a new Toastmaster or an ex- Toastmasters. Thank you for be-
perienced Toastmaster, you should lieving in the dream and becom-
be very proud of your individual ing a President’s distinguished
accomplishments. By reaching the district. We achieved that dream
district’s goals, it affirms that our and we are “Empowered to Suc-
members are being served. ceed” again, and again! Thanks

Pictured on Page 1: 2008-2009 Presidential Citation Award winner Joy

Lewis, DTM, District 14 Past District Governor for her contributions
towards Toastmasters International as a world leader in communica-
tion and leadership training. Award Winners 2008-2009 LGET Theresa Spralling, DTM, Immediate Past
District Governor Cindy Cannon, DTM and 2008-2009 LGM Roy Ganga,
DTM —Photo Courtesy of Roy Ganga

On stage at the convention: Mark Tidrow, Venecia Bowers, International Director Sal Asad, Joy Lewis, Kene Iloenyosi , Valerie Ganga, Roy Ganga, Immediate
Past District Governor Cindy Cannon, District Governor Theresa Spralling, 2008-2009 International President Jana Barnhill, Lee Holiday, Sylvia Henry Ashley,
Kyle Mitchell and Livya Mitchell —Photo Courtesy of Roy Ganga

What’s New in Marketing?

Continued from Page 2 New! Toastmaster of the Day (TMOD) “On These are a few things we are implement-
Demand” - an experienced Toastmaster ing this year to help our clubs create the
officially qualify for a club coach. A coach will available on demand to demonstrate to your best club environment to engage new
serve as a resource to help get your club club how to run an effective meeting. Use members and retain old ones. I have vis-
back to charter strength of 20 or more. Ask the "Request a club coach or mentor" form ited a number of clubs in our wonderful
for a coach by using the "Request a club on www.gatoastmasters.org with “TMOD On district, and the ones that succeed every
coach or mentor" form on Demand” in the notes section. year are the ones that have developed a
www.gatoastmasters.org culture of holding quality meetings on a
Meeting Theme Ideas—-Need new themes consistent basis. It is easy, and I know we
New! Club Consultants— to help clubs with for your club meetings? Check the list of
over 12 but less than 20 members get back can end our term with every club at 20 or
meeting theme ideas to the "Officer Re- more members. Quality Meetings = Quality
to Charter Strength. Use "Request a club sources" section.
coach or mentor" form online. Clubs.
FALL 2009 Page 6

District 14 Toastmasters – Fall 2009 Conference

October 16 & 17
Marriott Atlanta Gwinnett Place,
1775 Pleasant Hill Rd at Crestwood, Duluth, GA 30096
Phone 866-339-3132

**Save time – register online at www.gatoastmasters.org **

This form is ONLY for those who cannot or choose not to register online.
Print or type all information. Use separate forms for each person registering.

Name: ________________________________________________ Certification (CC, AC, CL): ___________________________

Address: _________________________________________________________________________________________________
City: ________________________________________________________________ State: ____________ Zip: _____________
Phone: _____________________________ Email Address: ________________________________________________________
Club Name: _____________________________________________________________ Club #: _________________________
Club Officer (Indicate Current Office): __________________________________________________________________________
District Officer (Indicate Current Office): ________________________________________________________________________

On or Before After
September 25 September 25
Package 1: “VIP PACKAGE” A Full Two-day Conference Registration Package
includes one ticket for each of the following: $110.00 $125.00
 Admission to all educational sessions (including Friday afternoon reception with
District Governor and Senior Staff)
 Admission to Evaluation Contest
 Friday Night Dinner
 Saturday Hall of Fame Luncheon
 Saturday Awards Banquet
 Admission to Humorous Speech Contest
Package 2: “PLATINUM PACKAGE” All Day Saturday Conference Registration
Package includes one ticket for each of the following: $95.00 $110.00
 Access to all Saturday educational sessions
 Saturday Hall of Fame Luncheon
 Saturday Awards Banquet
 Admission to Humorous Speech Contest
Package 3: “GOLD PACKAGE” Saturday Banquet Registration Package
includes one ticket for each of the following: $85.00 $100.00
 Access to all Saturday educational sessions
 Saturday Awards Banquet
 Admission to Humorous Speech Contest
Package 4: “HALL OF FAME PACKAGE ONLY” Saturday Hall of Fame
Registration Package includes one ticket for each of the following: $80.00 $ 95.00
 Access to all Saturday educational sessions
 Saturday Hall of Fame Luncheon
Package 5: “SPOOKY FRIDAY PACKAGE ONLY” Friday Conference
Registration Package includes one ticket for each of the following: $70.00 $ 85.00
 Admission to Friday afternoon reception with District Governor and Senior Staff
 Admission to Evaluation Contest
 Friday Night Dinner
“A LA CARTE 1” Registration
 Admission to Educational Sessions Only $50.00 $ 65.00
“A LA CARTE 2” Registration
 Admission to Saturday Hall of Fame Luncheon Only $60.00 $ 75.00
“A LA CARTE 3” Registration
 Admission to Saturday Awards Banquet Only $70.00 $ 85.00
“A LA CARTE 4” Registration
 Admission to Evaluation Contest Only (Friday night, no dinner) $20.00 $ 25.00
“A LA CARTE 5” Registration
 Admission to Humorous Speech Contest Only (Saturday night, no dinner) $20.00 $ 25.00

Package Selected: ________________________ Amount Enclosed: _____________ First Timer: ________ Vegetarian: _________


Hotel Reservations, contact Marriott Atlanta Gwinnett Place, 1775 Pleasant Hill Rd, Duluth, GA 30096
Phone: 866-339-3132 ~ Group Code “toatoaa” ~ Room rate: $79 plus tax - Rate effective until October 2, 2008
Joann Jones,
District Registration Chair
756 Belvedere Drive, Columbus, GA 31907

Email questions to: registration@gatoastmasters.org No cancellations or refunds after September 25, 2009
Get Involved! Volunteer opportunities available. Contact Volunteer Chair @ Stevie900@hotmail.com for more information.
FALL 2009 Page 7

We Learn Best in Moments of Enjoyment

Continued from Page 2 to serve as a contest official, conference
presenter, conference facilitator, or on a
training, companies, businesses and indi- volunteer committee to hone your skills.
viduals fail. Trained officers are more effec-
tive, therefore no excuses. Please make sure you leverage the re-
sources available to support your commu-
3. All Clubs to be Distinguished or better, nications and leadership success. Fellow
because Distinguished Clubs are Successful Club Members, Club Officers, your Area
Clubs and Successful Clubs are FUN Clubs! Governors, your Division Governors and the
Let us not lose sight of what has brought us entire District Leadership team are avail- ceed. I am looking forward to sharing in
to Toastmasters and hone in on the specific able and committed to support your suc- your success as each of you achieve your
areas for enhancement. Throughout the cess. goals, overcome your fears and make it hap-
year there will be a number of opportunities In 2009-2010, you are Empowered to Suc- pen for you this year.

We’ve Got the Power to Succeed!

Continued from Page 1 follow the Distinguished Club Program to Originating in the 17th
monitor and measure your club’s century, the word
and your dedication to self improvement, we achievements. “empower” means “to
continue to grow and enhance the member There are a total of 10 Goals your club invest with authority,
experience in each club. should strive to achieve during the year: authorize.”
I am proud to serve as your 2009-2010 1. Two CCs
District Governor. My goal is to work directly 2. Two more CCs
with your Area and Division Governors to 3. One ACB, ACS or ACG
help you focus on enhancing the overall 4. One more ACB, ACS or ACG least five new members.
member experience. I believe that if each 5. One CL, ALB, ALS or DTM
club focuses on improving the quality of When you achieve five of 10 goals, your club
6. One more CL, ALB, ALS or DTM will be recognized as a Distinguished Club.
their member experience, we will continue, 7. Four new members
as a district, to leverage the power of this When you achieve seven of 10 goals, your
8. Four more new members club will be recognized as a Select
incredible organization. I envision a positive 9. Minimum of four club officers trained
learning environment for all of our members Distinguished Club. When you achieve nine
during each of two training periods of 10 goals, your club will earn the distinct
as we continue to develop and practice our 10. One membership dues renewal report
communication and leadership skills in each recognition of President’s Distinguished.
and one club officer list submitted on
club. time On behalf of the entire district leadership
At a minimum, I look forward to every club in team, we look forward to working with you
In addition, your club must meet a and celebrating your club’s success as a
this great district of Georgia to become at minimum membership requirement. At
least Distinguished. What does this mean? Distinguished club, Select Distinguished
year-end (June 30), your club must have at club and a President’s Distinguished club.
To become a Distinguished Club a club must least 20 members OR a net growth of at You are “Empowered to Succeed”.

Ponderings of the PRO Send copies of your newsletter to non-

members. Write press releases for your
Continued from Page 2 community newspapers. Reach out to your
quality of your meetings, local municipality and get them to proclaim
helping your members a day or week in recognition of Toastmas-
have to do is sell it. That’s achieve their educational
where the Public Relations ters. Need more ideas? Get a copy of “Let
goals, training your officers, The World Know (http://
Office (PRO) comes in. We and building your member-
sell Toastmasters through www.toastmasters.org/NonNavigableDocs/
ship. Make sure your dues LettheWorldKnow.aspx) from Toastmasters
many mediums: our web- are paid on time and that
site, our newsletter, media International. It is filled with these and other
Toastmasters International great ideas on how to promote your club.
relations, speaker bureau knows who is on your ex-
and advertising. Luckily, How about adopting a stretch of highway so
ecutive team. that others in your community see that we
we have thousands of advertising agents
around the state. Here’s how you can help Why is this important? You can’t sell a are invested?
sell our brand of confidence: start with your product that doesn’t work. Let that soak in And we are invested; in each member so
Distinguished Club Program (DCP) goals. for just a minute. Next we have to mobilize that they can say with confidence “Pssst –
These include working on improving the our advertising team – you and your club.
I’ve got a secret.”

Georgia District 14 Calendar of Events

Publisher: Month Event
Theresa Spralling, DTM September  New Club Incentive Contest Membership
theresaspralling@comcast.net Building Contest, Smedley Award
 Begin Early Dues Submission Contest

Public Relations Officer:

October  Gavel Submission Deadline – 10/1
 Fall Conference -- 10/17-18
Luis Camacho
 October Dues renewal to TMI WHQ
 Begin Most Creative Meeting Theme Contest
 Fall Excellence in Education Contest
Lead Editor: November  Membership Recruitment Contest
Margaret May, DTM

The Mission of the District

Go Green:
The Mission of the District is to enhance the fied by the district educational and mem-
green@gatoastmasters.org performance and extend the network of clubs, bership goals.
thereby offering greater numbers of people the  Ensuring that each club effectively fulfills
opportunity to benefit from the Toastmasters its responsibilities to its members.
educational program by:  Providing effective training and leadership
 Focusing on the critical success as speci- for club and district officers.



Atlanta, GA
Permit No. 5244

Visit District 14 online at:


Visit Toastmasters International:


Join the District 14 Green

Team Today!