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Sports Statistics Syllabus

Mr. Earle- gearle@thewcs.org

Teaching Period: 2, 3, 4, 6, & 7
Room: 302
Website: www.earlemath.weebly.com

Welcome to Sports Statistics!

The Sports Statistics course is a math elective that is offered to students who have met their
requirements in the regular mathematics progression. This course will reinforce students
understanding of Data & Analysis and Probability while also exposing them to deeper concepts
based on those same skills. Advanced sports statistical innovations will be explored, such as
Sabermetrics and the emergence of Analytics departments in the current world of major
professional sports.
Students will be expected to meet the organizational standards of a high-level math course and
prepare to pork hard in completing daily assignments both at home and in the classroom. Students
will also be required to draft and track the performance of a fantasy football roster throughout the
semester, and to apply what they learn in the course to their projects and weekly fantasy strategy.

Regents Exam?
There is no Regents Exam given for this course.

Course Overview
The following are the broad topics we will cover this year:

Recording & Organizing Data

Measures of Central Tendency
Bivariate Data
Probability & Statistics

You are required to bring the following materials each day to class.
A folder for you to take homework and supporting documents home in
You are also REQUIRED to purchase a 2-inch 3-ring hardcover binder that will contain your notes
from each day. This binder will stay in the classroom and will be used for grading notebook
checks. You MUST have your binder by the third day of class (this will be an early and heavily
weighted homework assignment.)
*Graphing calculators are available for your use during class. In addition, you should have access
to a scientific calculator at home, although a graphing calculator is highly recommended.

Grading Policy

Grading will be based on the following components



You will be receiving homework to complete on your own time during the week. These
assignments are designed for you to become more comfortable working on the material on your
own. Each homework assignment will be checked for effort and is a part of your Homework
grade. I will grade each homework assignment based on the following rubric
Homework Rubric:


1 or less problems
are complete, but
parts of steps are

About half or less

than half of the
problems are
completely solved.

Work Shown

Minimal to zero
work is shown.

Some work is shown

Most problems are

completely solved.

All problems are

completely solved.

Almost all work is

clearly shown.

All relevant work is


Any assignments that are not handed in or fail to meet the requirements of a 1 will be given a
There will be times that I assign homework that is aligned with a video that I will post as well.
The video is intended to guide you if having your notes is not enough to help you complete your
assignment. All you will need to assess these materials will be a smart phone, computer or tablet
with Internet access.
(If you do not have access to any of these pieces of technology, please see me to discuss an
alternative option.)
Remind App:
You will be required to utilize your school email or personal phone to sign up for Remind.
Remind is an app that will allow me to distribute homework, quiz, and exam reminders. I may
also elect to send links to instructional videos through the Remind App. You do not need to have
the app, although having it on your phone does make this process simpler.
EdPuzzle App:
Just as with Remind, I will assign work through the EdPuzzle app. If you choose not to
download the app, you will need Internet access through a computer, tablet or smartphone to view
and interact with the assigned videos.

Late and Missing Work Policy

If you are absent

you will be expected to turn in any assignments that were given to you on and before
your last day in class on the day that you return. This work will be considered on time.
any work that was assigned while you were out will be due on Friday of that week. If
Friday is the first day you are finding out about the assignment, that due date is Monday. No work
will be excused.
(In extenuating circumstances, we will have a discussion and create a specific make-up
notes that were given while you were out are expected to be complete using either a
fellow classmate, or online notes keys. Notebook checks will not excuse time spent out of school.
If you fail to turn in an assignment when it is due, that work will be due on Friday of that week. If
Friday was the initial due date, the late due date is Monday. Late work is worth half the credit of
the initial assignment. Once the late due date has passed, the assignment will receive a zero.

Classwork may be collected at the end of class. It will also include your active participation, your
behavior, and your ability to keep up with note taking. Notebook checks will be a large part of
your Classwork/Participation grade as well.

Taking Notes
You will be given guided notes to follow along and complete during class. That being said, you
are responsible for understanding the material that is contained within those notes.
Your notes can go home with you on the day they are taken in your folder in order to help you
complete your homework assignment. On the day you return to class, the notes will be clipped
into your in-class binder.

Tests and Quizzes

If you miss a test or quiz for any reason, it is your responsibility to schedule a make-up.
If at the end of the marking period you have not taken a quiz or test, it will be recorded as a zero.

Office Hours
I will be available during my off periods for scheduled help if need be. My after school hours are
limited by coaching, however, I will be sure to post the times that I know I will be free on my
website and through the Remind app.
All testing and other accommodations will be honored to the very best of my ability, as well as the
abilities of the SNAS department. If there is any sort of support that a student is not receiving, or
you have a concern that you would like to bring to my attention feel free to email me.