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Course Guidelines

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Advanced Placement Biology: This is an advanced high school course designed to be the
equivalent of an introductory biology course taken by Biology majors in college. The reading
materials used in this class, the range and depth of topics covered, the kind of laboratory
experiences, and the time and effort required of students will then match that of college level
courses. The vast array of material on the A.P. Biology Exam set forth by the College Board
will require students to be self learners, and thus, study some subject matter completely
independently outside of the allotted class time. Main topics to be covered in class include
molecules and cells, genetics and heredity, cellular respiration, photosynthesis, unity and
diversity of organisms, evolution, ecology, and biotechnology. There will also be an
emphasis on reviewing concepts expected to be on the Advanced Placement Exam and a
focus on conducting authentic scientific laboratory research.
Conduct in Science: Students are expected to come to class prepared, to participate in
class activities, to treat everyone with respect, and to use class materials and laboratory
equipment appropriately. Irresponsible behavior will not be tolerated in the laboratory
because it jeopardizes the safety of others and it could damage laboratory equipment.
Students that act irresponsible will be asked to leave the laboratory immediately and may
not make up their work. Disruptive classroom behavior is also not acceptable because it
interferes with other students right to learn. This includes disturbances due to electronic
devices. Consequences for this type of behavior may vary according to the situation. (See
student handbook)
Materials: Students are expected to bring a notebook in order to take class notes, a supply
of paper that can be removed from a notebook without damage for homework and classwork
assignments, a composition notebook for laboratory work, a blue ball-point pen, a pencil
with an eraser, and their chromebooks to class each day.
Assignments: Papers that are not handouts must have a heading and should be done on
undamaged paper. To earn full credit on a typical homework or classwork assignment, every
problem must be seriously attempted in pencil and completely corrected with a blue pen. If
papers (or any work) are suspected of being involved in cheating, it will result in loss of credit
for that assignment for all individuals involved. Late assignments are not accepted unless
you have an excused absence or have made arrangements with me in advance.
Make-Up Work: You should make every effort to be in class, especially on laboratory days.
Whenever you are absent it is your responsibility to ask for, to correct, and to turn in all work
that you have missed. The time allowance to have work turned in is the number of days
absent plus one. Students who know of an absence in advance are to get their assignments
from me before they miss class and are to turn in their work on the day of their return. Missed
quizzes are not made up and are excluded from a students grade. However, it is
recommended that students ask for the quizzes they missed and take them on their own

Tardies: Students are expected to be in their assigned seats and ready to learn when the
bell rings. When a student is late it is disruptive to others in the class.
Substitute Policy: Substitutes are considered guests in the classroom, and as such, it is
expected that students treat them that way. If, for any reason, a substitute tells me that a
particular student was disrespectful, that student will receive a conduct referral when I return
to class.
Grading System: Your grade in this course will be based on Homework _20__%, Classwork
and Laboratory Activities _20__%, Quizzes __5__%, Tests/Unit Assessments _40__% and
a Final Exam/Assessment _15__%. Letter grades will be awarded according to the following
scale: A = 90-100%, B = 80-89%, C = 70-79%, D = 60-69%, F = 0-59%. Pluses and minuses
will be affixed respectively to grades in the top two and bottom two point of each range. A
student whose final exam and homework score are higher than their semester score will
have their semester score raised to his final exam score, but not higher than his homework
Helpful Hints:
Set a goal for yourself in this course below.

My goal is to help you be successful in this course and on the Advanced Placement Exam.
If you ever find that you do not understand something in class, please dont hesitate to ask
for help! I encourage you to ask questions in class, and I am also available for extra help
outside class (almost every single day at brunch/lunch). In addition, feel free to
communicate with me through my email address which is I really hope
we both can achieve our goals in this course.


Mrs. Kudela