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Energy Healing...
and Channeling Energy
As a spiritual being, you are made of energy. Energy healing involves creating flow
through your aura, energy channels and chakras. When your energy is flowing and
balanced, there is a state of well-being. When your energy is blocked or out of balance,
there is a lack of well-being, or dis-ease. Energy healing supports you in restoring the
flow of spiritual energy through your system. When your own energy flows freely, you
can heal yourself.
Main Sources for Channeling Energy
As spirit in body, you draw on two main sources of raw energy: earth energy and cosmic
energy. These blend to form your
life-force and healing & creative
Earth Energy
Earth energy is generated by Planet
Earth. Human beings are much more
energetically connected to Earth than
they realize. Earth energy is a rich,
denser vibration that supports you in
feeling real and grounded in your
physical body. A lack of earth energy
can result in feeling spacey,
fantasizing and being ineffective in
physical reality. One of the basics of
energy healing is channeling earth energy up through your feet chakras and up through
the channels in your legs into the area of your pelvic cradle. The best way to learn how
to channel energy is through energy-based meditation.
Cosmic Energy
Cosmic energy is generated by the stars in the cosmos. Cosmic energy is a fine, lighter
energy that supports you in raising your vibration and handling change. A lack of cosmic
energy can result in feeling weighed down, stuck in old ways and unaware of yourself as
spirit. Cosmic energy flows down through the back of your head and down through
channels in either side of your neck and spine into the area of your pelvic cradle.
Life-force Energy
Earth and cosmic energy come together and blend in the area
of your pelvic cradle. You combine this blend with your spiritual essence to create a lifeforce vibration that is unique to you. Life-force energy supports you in having a healthy
sense of who you really are and how you want to live. A lack of life-force can result in
feeling weak, uncertain and lacking energy to live fully. Energy healing involves
increasing the flow of life force up through channels in the front of your body.
Healing & Creative Energy
At the base of the neck, about one third of your life-force energy branches off in either
direction. It becomes your healing & creative energy as it flows down through channels

in your shoulders, down through the arms and releases out your hand chakras. Healing &
creative energy supports you healing yourself and creating what your really want in
life. Being afraid to let go and allow changes to take place can result in a lack of healing
& creative energy.
When earth, cosmic, life-force, healing & creative energies are flowing freely through
these channels, there is a state of well-being. If you have blocks to the flow of these
energies, there will be a lack of well-being on some level.Aura readings are an exellent
way to find out more about possible blockages in your personal energy system...
Trauma and Defense Mechanisms
We all experience different types of trauma in life. Even if something doesn't seem like a
trauma to our rational adult brain, it may still have been traumatizing to us as a child.
When we go through difficult experiences, we often create internal defense
mechanisms. These defense mechanisms block us from feeling emotions around painful
experiences. But they also block the flow of our spiritual energy system.
Energy healing supports restoring flow through our energy channels. But we need to find
the courage to face our experiences and feel our hidden emotions in order to allow
energy to flow and truly restore well-being.
Unwanted Foreign Energies
Your energy system is designed to run on your unique vibration. When your own energy
is flowing freely through your system, you feel well. But when energies from other
people come right into your energy system, it creates many problems. Unwanted foreign
energies interfere with the flow of your own energy. Other people's energies in your
system can create blockages, confusion, internal conflict and all kinds of health
problems. Energy healing supports you in releasing unwanted foreign energies from your
It is possible to receive distant assistance in releasing unwanted energies. Find out about
Distant Healing in the section on Aura Healing.

Auras...Colors, Shapes, Sizes and More

This site offers a wealth of information on auras, chakras and healing your spiritual
energy system. You will find unique insights on everything from colors and cleansing, to
hidden emotions and psychic reading, to chakra healing and kundalini energy.
Color Meanings
There is a common misunderstanding that your energy field is only one particular color.
But the many parts of your energy system can change colors often. Find out about the
different auracolors meaning.

Different Shapes
How you respond to life's experiences affects the
shape of your energy system. Possible shapes
include being fuzzy, walled-off from others, spiky in
shape, and a healthy neutral stance. What is
your aura shape?
Is your energy field large, small, absent, or healthy
and balanced? Find out about sizes.
Are you putting your energy out in front of your
body, out back, up above, or are you being present
and centering in the now? See common energy
field positions.
Energy Dynamics in Relationship
Common energy patterns between people include
having blurred boundaries, playing power games,
being emotionally enmeshed, and having healthy
boundaries. Learn more about relationship dynamics.
Hidden Emotions
Your own emotional energies can also build up in
your energy system. It is key to find healthy ways to express and process hidden
emotions which are stored in your energy field.
Kundalini energy is a powerful part of your energy system which is sometimes activated
through life crisis. You can also learn to harness this powerful kundalini energy to
promote healing and spiritual awareness.
We all have the ability to channel energy through our spiritual energy system. In daily
life, it is common for people to channel energies without realizing it. As you develop
awareness of what you're channeling, you can learn to bring in high vibrations that are
healing for you and others. Find out more about channeling.

Aura Readings...
Aura readings look at your spiritual energy system as represented in the seven layers of
your aura. Along with colors, a reader may see memory pictures, symbolic images,
spiritual beings and usually energies belonging to others--like friends and family
members. Readings can help you identify and release blocks. Readings also help you get
in touch with your own energy, so you can know your own truth and make the highest
choices for yourself.
In our opinion, the best readings are not fortune telling: the reader does not focus on
telling you, "...you're going to meet a tall dark stranger etc..." Our Auras Expert aura
readings are not predictive.Rather, our readings look at your spiritual energy system: the
layers of your aura, your energy channels, chakras, etc.

In an aura reading, the reader

looks for what is your energy and what is not your
energy. In each layer of your aura, the reader sees
different colors and identifies which colors represent
your own energy and which colors are unwanted
energies. Often just by recognizing that something
is not your energy,you can begin to release it.
By looking at your aura, a reader gets a sense of
who you really are, where you're coming from, and
how you're wanting to grow as spirit. They may see
past experiences which have affected you. They
may also get insights into next steps you're wanting
to take in future. But the best readers respect free
will. They will not tell you that, "You will do this..."
or "You should do that..."
The future is not fixed. You have the ability to
create healing and change your course of action at
any time. The future is determined by the choices
you make in the present. So reading the aura
focusses mostly on your energy system in the
present. Having someone else seeing and validating
your energy in the present moment is very healing and empowering.
When you receive a reading, it's useful to stay out of your analytical mindas much as
possible. Some things a reader says will immediately make sense to you. Other things
you hear won't make any sense to you at the moment. This is natural... Readings often
take a while to sink in and digest. Sometimes it will take a couple of hours, sometimes a
couple of weeks, sometimes a few months, and sometimes even a few years!
Ideally, readings are not primarily advice-giving sessions. The best aura readings are
healing, empowering and support you in getting in touch with your own

Aura Healing...

Releasing Blocks, Creating Flow

Aura healing is also known as spiritual healing, energy healing, or psychic healing.
Energy healings are an excellent way to release blocks and unwanted energies, and get
your own energy flowing, so you can heal.
Spiritual healing works from the perspective, heal spirit and spirit heals the body. Rather
than focusing on body levels, aura healings focus on your spiritual energy system: your
aura, energy channels, chakras, etc.
Many physical problems have their root cause on an energy level. In other words,
physical problems can be a symptom of energetic, emotional, psychic, or spiritual issues.
Rather than focussing on the body symptom, spiritual healing can work with problems at
their energetic root cause.
Aura healing also works from the perspective, all healing is self healing. Certainly, a
healer can support you in getting grounded, being more present, releasing blocks and

creating more flow of your own energy. But they cannot do it for you. You need to be a
willing participant.
As spirit, you are in charge of the healing. It is up to you how much
you release from your space. If you don't want to let something go, no
one can force you to. In the end, it is the flow of your own energy
which creates healing. So a healer can support you, but you are in
charge of your own healing process...
1. During a healing, the first step is to help
you get grounded to become present as spirit in your body. You
can also learn to do this for yourself.For more info, see Aura Meditation in How to
2. The healer then combs through your aura to support you in releasing foreign energy
and psychic debris. For more background information, also see page on Aura Cleansing.
3. The healer goes on to help you increase the flow of earth, cosmic, life-force, healing &
creative energies through your major energy channels. For more info on energy
channels and common causes of energy blocks, also see the page on Energy Healing.
4. You are also assisted in releasing blocks and creating flow of energy through your
seven major chakras, or energy centers. For more background info, also see page on
chakra healing in Chakras.
5. If there is a specific health issue, a trained healer can address that special focus as
well. A healing finishes with the healer helping you redefine the boundary edges of your
Distant Healing/Remote Healing
As spiritual energy is not limited by time and space, distant aura healing becomes
possible. Distant healing is especially useful when there are physical or geographic
limitations. Distant healings are calming and promote the release of stress. They can
also be revitalizing and help speed up recovery times for physical, mental, emotional and
spiritual issues. For more information on remote healing, also see the page on Distant
Phone Healings
Healings by phone are a convenient way to release energies and create a healthy flow in
your aura...all in the comfort of your own home. Healing and Readings sessions by phone
take about 1 hour and cost $75CAD. These quality healings are offered by caring
practitioners with a minimum of 5 years training in energy work and clairvoyant reading.

Distant Healing...
Spiritual Healing from a Distance
Distant healing, or remote healing, offers the unique benefits of supporting others and
receiving healings beyond geographic limitations. Distant healing works due to the
difference between spiritual and physical reality...

Difference between Physical Reality and Spiritual Reality

Physical reality and spiritual reality operate under different laws. Your body is dense,
heavier, and functions within the limits of time and space. As spirit, you are a much
lighter, finer vibration and you are not limited by time and space. For example, if you
want to move your body from point A to point B, you need to move it through space and
it will take some length of time.

The spiritual world is not limited in this way. Spirit operates through clear intent.As spirit,
if you want to go to point B, you can be at point B in an instant...simply through clear
choice and intent. In this sense, as
spiritthere is no time and space.

Healing beyond Time and Space

As spiritual energy is not limited by
time and space, remote healing
becomes possible. A trained healer
can set their intent on someone far
away. The healer can be aware of the
distant person's energy. The healer
can help the distant person remove
blocks and unwanted energies from
their system. The healer can also
support the distant person is getting their own spiritual energy flowing, so they can heal
themselves. Distant healing can be calming and promote the release of stress. It can
also be revitalizing and help speed up recovery times for physical, mental, emotional and
spiritual issues. These and other benefits can all happen from a distance.
Unique Benefits of Distant Healing
Remote healing is especially useful when there are
physical or geographic considerations. If you are sick, bedridden, or would rather not
leave your home for some reason...distant healing can support the healing process-without you having to leave the comfort of your own home. Or, if you live far away and
transport is an obstacle for some reason...distant healing provides an alternative way to
support healing--beyond the limits of location. It is also reassuring to know you can
support your loved ones' healing process, even at a distance.
Simple Technique for Distant Support
Sit in a quiet, comfortable place. Relax and prepare to focus on spiritually supporting
someone at a distance. Bring your hands in front of your heart, palms open, facing
outward. With your eyes closed, see the person out in front of you. As spirit, set your
intent to support them by sending them clear white light. With your eyes closed, see
transparent white light coming in through the back of your hands and releasing out the
front of your hands. Breath, stay relaxed and maintain your focus for a couple of
minutes. Inwardly affirm, "For the highest benefit of all..." Release the image of that
person out in front of you. Finish by bringing your hands together in front of your heart
and inwardly say, "Thank you."

Professional Distant Healings

A professional healer is trained in advanced techniques of distance healing... The healer
focuses on the distant person's spiritual energy system. The healer begins by assisting
the distant person in getting grounded in their body. The healer then combs through the
person's aura, to support them in releasing any build up of psychic debris. The healer
goes on to help the distant person increase the flow of energy through their energy

channels. The distant person is also assisted in releasing blocks and creating flow of
energy through their chakras. If there is a specific health issue, a trained distant healer
can address that special focus as well. Find out more about Aura Healings by Phone.
Book a Distant Aura Healing.
Just like with distant healing, it is also possible to do readings from a distance. You can
learn more about your energy system and healing blockages through a Psychic Reading
by Phone.
Realistic Miracles!
Indeed, spiritual healing is miraculous. The ability to receive healing from a distance is
also a little miracle. But issues and problems have often taken years to develop and are
rarely 'cured' in one go. As with any therapeutic process, a single session is better than
no session at all. Typically a series of healings provides more benefit in supporting and
easing the whole healing process.