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If You Are In The IN GROUP None of This Is News To You.

What Do We Really Know About NOOR?

NOOR presented a romantic version of their genesis in the Valley Press that may be truthful wherein the
founders discovered they were MFEO and couldnt resist. Is It True? Who knows? What can be deduced
with some certainty from available public facts is that NOOR had or has a natural constituency in several
Interest Groups and some of NOORs bigshots are members of more than one of these groups. If NOOR is
to be successful, it must intensify, broaden and sustain its appeal. Heres a guess at those constituencies:
The River Nuts are a narrow but intense constituency who will never quit. For them The End Justifies
The Means as you can see on the attached debunked propaganda sheet. They are against anything being
near or even visible from the River unless they enjoy it or have a financial interest in it. Theyve built their
self-concept around being Defenders Of The River and Scream Wolf even if the river isnt threatened.
Their credibility and fund-raising prospects increase when they can find an enemyeven a phantom one--to
fight against. Its possible that they honestly believe that their cause is true and just; Science Be Damned.
Little kids sincerely believe that if the peas can see the squash on their plate it makes the peas taste yucky.
The Self-Interested Satans Kingdom Residents comprise those who wanted the Town to buy the
Borghesi Property aka the Bahre Property aka New Hartford Market Place aka 674-684 Albany
Turnpike to prevent having new nearby neighbors who would intrude on their paradise that they have
enjoyed at no cost for so many decades. For them it is a simple matter of maintaining property values and
quality of life. They think that it would be best to kill the plan to rebuild the garage at its current site because
then the Town would be forced to buy 674-684 Albany Turnpike and most of their paradise would be
preserved except for a couple of acres across from Hillside Motel. Will they stick without Paradise?
Canton Land Conservation Trust, Inc. similarly sees an opportunity to acquire land at 674 Albany
Turnpike at minimal cost because theyd hold title to the Paradise noted above. Its what theyre all about.
Self-Interested Land Speculators, Developers, and Brokers see an opportunity to sell the Town a
parcel of their land for an inflated price. Will they stick if they arent going to get rich from cheap land?
The Canton Democrat Party must be included based upon a simple review of the facts. Democrat Tom
Sevigny was the sole vote against rebuilding on the current site. The listed officers of NOOR are all
Democrats--in fact if not in registration. Perhaps they are following Rahm Emanuels advice: You never let

a serious crisis go to waste. And what I mean by that its an opportunity to do things you think you
could not do before. Our need for a Town Garage is certainly a crisis for DPW and Tom Sevigney held
meetings with groups above seeking to work that crisis to do what couldnt be done without it. Perhaps an
opportunity for higher office and more local Party clout are in the future if we play this crisis right?
CARE which could be called The Action Arm of the Progressive Wing must be included based upon
receipt of copies of organized email blasts, Toms involvement and plain old common sense about politics.
PMBC members who missed what was right in front of them. Or did they? Pride makes odd bedfellows.
The General Public who can be brought onboard if they can be won over with Waves Of Propaganda.
Thats where the Plain Folks and Band Wagon aspects of a Lawn Sign are brought to bear. Get them
onboard before they can think in the hope that they never will investigate the truth or think for themselves.

This information above was compiled from sources public and private and is repeated here for your consideration

POCD and Rebuilding Garage at Current Site

NOOR and PMBC say: Cantons Plan of Conservation and Development (POCD) recommends against
rebuilding Cantons Public Works Garage at its current site.
Whole Truth: A review of POCD Strategic Plan Section 8C at Page 59 (Shown Below) reveals that the POCD
was written based upon what we now know is inaccurate information that rebuilding the Garage at its current
site would be cost-prohibitive. In Truth the current site is the cheapest.
This false cost-prohibitive claim was believed to be truthful by the POCD Update Steering Committee
(POCDUSC) when it was supplied to POCDUSC by its then Vice Chairman Peter Reynolds who for many
years has been Chairman of Cantons Permanent Municipal Building Committee(PMBC).

Plans based upon such False Information are logically invalid and must be reconsidered. Meanwhile we can
listen to the audio recording of the April 20, 2016 meeting of Cantons Planning and Zoning Commission
(PZC) at 1:08:00 through 1:47:00 to get a sense of current PZC sentiment about this.
PZC (which is now responsible for maintaining the POCD) gave a positive 8-24 referral on the plan
to rebuild the Garage at its current site.
Jonathan Thiesse who was Chairman of the POCDUSC seconded the motion and voted in favor of it as did
POCDUSC members David Evens and Lans Perry as shown in the meeting minutes below:

Planning and Zoning issued a positive referral on the

plan to rebuild the Garage at its current site

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