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What is the name of your school?

3rd Gymnasium of Elefsina

How many teachers are there in

your school?

How old are the students

in your school?

ears old

When was your school founded?


How many students are there in

your school?
270 students

What other staff members do you

have in your school besides
A lady that cleans the school
and a caretaker when school
is closed

What subjects are compulsory?

English, Physical Education
Home Economics, Language,
Religious, Music, French or German,
Ancient Greeks, Epic,
Biology, Mathematic, Geography,

History, Technology, Art,

Information technology,
Chemistry, Physic,
Project Based Lesson, Social Political
and School Vocational Guidance

What subjects are optional?

All subjects are compulsory, except
the second foreign language.
We can choose between French and
German but once we choose we

What kind of printed materials do you

have, eg. course books, handouts?
We have course books and many
teachers gives us handouts

can not change

Do you have a lot of electronic

course materials?
Yes, we have a lot of electronic
course materials

How is your school year divided (do

you have periods, modules, terms,
Our school year is divided to 3

What kind of holidays do you have?

We have 2 weeks at
Christmas holidays,
2 weeks at Easter
and the summer vacations
during July and August.

What kind of computer and internet

based tools are used in lesson?
We have PCs and some laptops.
We usually use Ms office and Web

How often does your schedule change

during the school year?
Almost every week, until November
which become fix for the rest of the

Also we have 2 days during

Carnival and
3 days of national celebrations
28th of October, 17th of November,
25th of March

What is the structure of a
typical school day like?
A typical day starts at 8 past 10.
A bell rang and we all gather
in front of our teachers lounge.
We say the morning pray and
then we start the lessons

What is your school lunch like?

We have some things such
as donuts, toasts, pizzas etc

We have seven
lessons of 45 or 40 minutes each
and six breaks in between that last 10
The school ends and at 2 p.m.
when we go home

Do you have WiFi access to computers?

What do you use them for in school?
Yes, we have but we
use it only in computers class.
We use it only for our projects

What kind of groups do you have?

Do you always study with the same
We have 3 or 4 groups in every grade.
Every group consists of 22-27 students.
We study in the same group all the
subjects except Foreign Languages and
the Project Based Lesson

What are your classrooms like?

In every classroom there is a computer
to the Internet,
a projector and in some of them a digital
so we have any information we want

What do you do during breaks?

How long are your breaks?
During the breaks we eat our
snacks and is a good way to relax
from the lessons.
The brakes last about 10 minutes