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Franais B SL

E-mail: ktalarek.ls@lee.k12.nc.us
Mrs. Kasey Talarek
Weebly website: http://madametalarek.weebly.com/

Lee County High School: 2016-2017

Course Description: The IB French Language B program is designed for students that have
successfully completed 2-5 years of French. The purpose of this course is to enhance upon the
skills that the students have already developed in the second language and apply those skills in a
more realistic environment. Students will increase their skills in listening, speaking, reading, and
writing in the target language. Students will be instructed in the target language and will be able
to perform daily functions and respond accordingly to the context of the situation and lesson.
Various cultural topics and lessons will be included to enhance the total foreign language
experience. Please refer to Madame Talareks Weebly website for a course outline and timeline
of the units and information to be covered (http://madametalarek.weebly.com/).
Office & Tutoring Hours: Madame Talarek is available after school on Tuesday-Friday until 4
pm. Tutoring hours for the fall semester will be held at the following times:
Tuesday: 3:00-4:00 pm
Wednesday: 3:00-4:00 pm
Classroom Rules:
1. Arrive to class on time. Be in your seat, prepared and ready to learn and participate.
Tardies will be excused for the following properly documented reasons:
Medical appointments
Court proceedings
Late Lee County School bus
Being detained by an administrator, teacher, nurse, or counselor for a documented
ALL other tardies are unexcused with the following consequences:



1 tardy verbal warning from teacher

2 tardies phone call home to parent
3 tardies referral for 3 days of after school detention for 90 minutes
6 tardies referral for 1 day ISS
9 tardies referral for 1 day OSS
Remain in your seats, focused, raising your hand and participating until you are
Be respectful of others and the property of others, keeping your hands to yourself.
Cell phone use and use of other electronic devices (aside from Chromebooks) is NOT
PERMITTED unless given permission by the teacher for instructional purposes.
The use of online translators (Google Translate, Bing, Babel, etc.) is NOT PERMITTED
in class or outside of class to complete assignments. This is part of our honor code and is
considered cheating. Submitting an assignment with the use of an online translator
will result in a grade of 0 (wordreference.com is an acceptable online dictionary).
Food or drink is not permitted during instruction time.

Franais B SL

E-mail: ktalarek.ls@lee.k12.nc.us
Mrs. Kasey Talarek
Weebly website: http://madametalarek.weebly.com/

1st time a rule is broken: Verbal warning

2nd time a rule is broken: After school detention for 30 minutes with phone call home
3rd time a rule is broken: Referral to appropriate administrator with phone call home
Students Will Need (for the year):

1 3-ring binder for handouts

1 3-subject notebook (cahier interactif)
Pencils, pens, highlighters, markers, etc.
5 packs of index cards
5 glue sticks or 2 rolls of Scotch tape
2 pairs of earbuds
Pocket French dictionary

Student Expectations: Students will be expected to be prepared for class each day. Students are
also expected to study and review vocabulary outside of class every day. It is crucial to dedicate
time daily to foreign language in order to learn and retain information. If students have no major
assignments or tests to prepare, 10-15 minutes of review is advised per night. Homework
assignments and upcoming quizzes, tests, or project due dates are posted on the side board as
well as on my Weebly blog (http://madametalarek.weebly.com/).
Testing and Due Dates: IB French testing days will be scheduled on Tuesday and Thursday
throughout the school year. Large project and assignment due dates will also be on Tuesday and
Grading: Each students grade will be determined based on the following scale and percentage
90-100: A

50%: Projects/Unit Assessments

80-89: B

30%: Quizzes

70-79: C

10%: Classwork (Reading/Writing

Activities, Speaking/Listening Activities)

60-69: D
59 & below: F

10%: Homework

There will be a mid-term and final exam given for the course. These exams will count for 20%
of the final grade.
*Students will be placed on academic probation if they are failing two of their classes. The
student will be required to attend after school tutoring hours until his/her grades are passing.
1. Missing assignments (assignments that were not submitted within one week of the due date)
are not eligible for redo/retake.
2. IB students who receive a 69 or below on a major assessment (test/project) have the option
to retake it one time for a maximum grade of 70.
3. The higher of the two grades will be entered into the gradebook.
4. Students must initiate scheduling a retake with the teacher, and a plan of action will be
developed (tutorials, study session, completion of pre-assessment work, etc).
5. The retake must be within a week of the assessment being graded.
6. Retakes must be taken before or after school or during lunch. (See your teacher for a schedule
of tutorials.)
7. Failure to retake at the appointed time and place results in a forfeit of the retake, and the
original grade will stand.
Late Work: *It is expected that students will submit assignments on the due date, in the correct
format, and in the correct location assigned.
1. Late work will be accepted no later than one week after the original due date.
2. Late work will receive no higher than a 70, unless the assignment was late due to an
EXCUSED absence.
3. Pre-announced/scheduled assignments are due immediately upon the students return to
class following an absence.
Revision of Writing: *It is expected that students will write, revise, and edit major writing
assessments. These do not fall under the above policies. The number of drafts for written
assignments will depend on the standards being assessed and the individual classroom teacher.
Academic Honesty: All students are expected to produce original work and to document sources
in the correct format when used. When collaborating on an assignment, students should still
produce original work. Students in violation of the policy will receive a zero on the assignment
for the first offense.
Any additional offense will be reviewed by the IB Faculty, and consequences will be determined,
up to and including the option to remove the student from the program.
Students will sign Pledge on the top of each assignment to acknowledge the following: I have
neither given nor received any help with this assignment. I pledge that this work is my own.
*This pledge also ensures that the student did not use an online translator to complete the

Culture Days: Throughout the year, French and Spanish IB students will be collaborating to
observe cultural holidays and traditions. The following Culture Days and themes are scheduled
for the fall semester:
September 22nd (Group B) & 23rd (Group A): Traditional French & Spanish Game Day
October 20th (Group B) & 21st (Group A): Art Month and Painting
November 3rd (Group B) & 4th (Group A): All Saints Day & Day of the Dead Traditions
December 15th (Group A) & 16th (Group B): French & Spanish Holiday Traditions
All IB students will also participate in a walking tour of Sanford on October 6th (tentative
date). Students will use the findings from this trip to create a walking tour brochure in French.
Students Work: Tests and quizzes completed in class will be kept on file in the classroom.
Students will be able to review these grades in a timely manner with the teacher. Completed
classwork is available to the students as well as the parents in the form of the Interactive
Notebook. Students will be expected to share these notebooks with parents on a regular basis to
inform them of necessary items to be completed and to track progress in the class. Students will
also post completed work such as projects and assessments on their Weebly websites.
Feedback: Each students progress in the class will be measured through graded classwork,
homework, quizzes, tests, projects, participation, and other activities. Additional feedback will be
available through PowerSchool, student-teacher conferences, parent-teacher conferences, e-mails
to the parent(s), progress reports, telephone calls to parents as needed, and quarterly report cards.
Students will also receive feedback on their online portfolio Weebly websites as well as in their
interactive notebooks.
Learning a world language not only reveals how other societies think and feel, what they have
experienced and value, and how they express themselves, it also provides a cultural mirror in
which we can more clearly see our own society.Chancellor Edward Lee Gorsuch
Please fill out the information below and return the bottom portion of this sheet by 8/31.
I have reviewed the IB French B SL Weebly website and this expectation sheet with my child.
Students Name: __________________________ Signature: ____________________________
Parent/Guardians Name: _______________________ Signature: ________________________
Parent/Guardians e-mail address: _______________________________________________
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