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Minutes of the February 16, 2010 Board Meeting of the Pine Forest Property Owners


Aqua Community Room, 415 Old Austin Hwy., Bastrop, Texas

Present: Ed Skarnulis, President of the Board Bill Haschke, Treasurer

Clark, Chairman, Roads Committee Anne Deshotels, Member of the


Sue Lane McCulley, Secretary of the Board Nella Gravenstein, Member of the

Tom McCulley, Chair, Architectural Control Committee

Item 1 of the Agenda: The meeting was called to order by Skarnulis at 7:05 PM.

Item 2 of the Agenda: An amendment to the minutes of January 19 2010 was presented, to wit,
in item 5, change “2010” to “FY 2010.” Haschke moved and Deshotels seconded that the minutes
be approved as corrected; motion carried.

Item 3 of the Agenda: The Treasurer’s report (attached) was presented. Clark moved and
Deshotels seconded that the report be accepted as presented; motion carried.

Item 4 of the Agenda: T. McCulley noted the receipt of an application for site approval in
January; the application was approved. McCulley was requested to inspect the buildings at Oak
Shadows and McAllister and the house at River Forest and Lakeside.

Item 5 of the Agenda: The Road Committee report is the same as the one presented at the
January 19 meeting with the following addition—direction from the Board on the paving of Timber
Lane. Clark said that paving from the top of the hill to Colovista will cost approximately $20,000.
Clark will secure estimates for the other segments.

Item 6 of the Agenda: S. L. McCulley asked if there could be a neighborhood-wide wood

chipping service for those residents who wanted it. She was instructed to contact Mr. Pina and report
back to the Board.

Item 7 of the Agenda: There was no old business.

Item 8a of the Agenda: The Board went into executive session to discuss a legal matter.

Item 8b of the Agenda: Haschke said that Goodwin Management has been charging its fee on
the interest earned at a CD at First National Bank. Over time, Goodwin has collected $939. The
Board agreed that Haschke should contact Goodwin and ask for reimbursement.

Item 8c of the Agenda: Haschke will email the work he has done on the bylaws to Board

Item 8d of the Agenda: Gravenstein will serve on a committee to investigate the construction of
jogging paths. Bill and Jeannie Pawley will be on the committee, and Skarnulis will get the work
started by setting up a meeting with Aqua.

Item 9 of the Agenda: At 8:50 P.M. Clark moved and Haschke seconded that the meeting be
adjourned; motion carried.

Respectfully submitted,
February 25, 2010

Sue Lane McCulley, Secretary Date