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Resume Writing:

The Ideal
Spare-Time Business

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How to Make a Fabulous Living

On the Internet
Imagine making $30,000 $50,000 $70,000 even $150,000
per year or more in just a few hours per week with a system
thats as simple as turning on your computer.
(Plus, youll be providing a good, honest service that more than
50 million people need and want right now!)
This could be the easiest way youll ever find to start a profitable home business
once you learn the fundamentals, its as easy as tapping a few keys on your computer

Resume Business Success A Money-Making Blueprint for

Independence and Financial Success

Just listen to some of the people whove had success:

When I retired from government service I needed a job something to do
to keep me busy and bring in the money. But I didnt want to go into the
mainstream workforce. So I saw this AWAI resume program and decided
to give it a whirl. After going through the program completely, I decided to
target government jobs, since I knew so much about that sector.
The program was extremely easy to understand. Im recommending
it to anyone who wants to start their own business quickly and without
spending a fortune.
My resume-writing business is exploding with over $750 in sales for one
week and its not even Wednesday yet (not to mention $500 for last week)!
I now have eight testimonials in my file already!

Resume Writing: The Ideal Spare-Time Business

This is in an economy where jobs here are TIGHT! (I have also sent out
solicitation letters advertising my copywriting and awaiting responses!)
Im looking outside my window from home watching the snow fall on
the lawns and Im working from home!!!!!!
Thanks, AWAI You folks helped make it happen. I dont miss my old
job at ALL!

John K., Lexington Park, MD

Ive been extremely surprised at how easy and fun setting up a resume
business has been. I placed one ad and Ive gotten more calls than I
ever expected to get.

Sharon O., Oakland, CA

I purchased the program about a month ago. I got my first client thru
word of mouth. He is a photographer. It was great! I was a bit skeptical
about how to build the resume, but it was really easy. The client loved
it! I did not even have to do a cover letter for him; he got a job almost
immediately. He had been struggling for months, but when he took his
new and improved resume to a job fair, he got three appointments for

Janice L., Houston, TX

As a copywriter, I sometimes need to fill in the gaps between gigs.

Recently I needed an infusion of cash to pay off Christmas bills. I picked
up the phone and called the local newspaper. After placing one of the
classified ads contained in the program, my phone started ringing.
Just 24 hours later, I had three resumes jobs ranging from $138 to
$260, plus a couple of cover letters at $45 a pop. A few days later, I had

Resume Writing: The Ideal Spare-Time Business

another client on board who needed two resumes (one each for separate
markets), plus cover letters and other add-ons to go with them. Its true
theres a huge need out there for people needing quality resumes.

Vicky H., Denton, TX

This program gave me everything I needed to get my resume business

up and running fast. I appreciate the keywords and action phrases big
help when Im creating a resume and not quite sure what the job is all
about. Its a great job for stay-at-home Moms and Dads or anyone who
wants a real money-making home business with flexibility. This is the real

Ralph C., Ft. Wayne, IN

The program was thorough, but it was easy to learn. It gave me the
info and resources I needed to be writing resumes professionally within
one week. I used the powerful ads and immediately started bringing in
clients. One ad brought in an average of 4 clients a week for over a year
three months past the time the ad ran out!
This is a low-overhead business so I make good profits. It really is a
business-in-box and I had everything I needed to get. The program
makes writing a resume whip-quick! It helps me get resumes cranked out
at least 50% faster. Ive recommended it to a couple of friends who are
thinking of starting a home business.

Kammy T., Laurel, MT

When I bought the AWAI resume program, I was both surprised

and impressed. The quality and information is top-notch. The creator
definitely knows what shes talking about. It also gives first-rate advice
on effective marketing strategies for your business.

Resume Writing: The Ideal Spare-Time Business

In my opinion, this program prepares you for a workable and lucrative

career. The techniques are simple to use. I used to spend a lot of time
reformatting my candidates resumes before forwarding them on to client
companies. When I started using this program, my productivity increased
100%. I feel this program is well worth the price. It is truly a business-ina-box. Ive recommended it to several people already.

Frank W., Atlanta, GA
Today, were going to give you an action plan on how to start your own resume
business. Starting with

Why Resume Writing Is the Ideal Home Business

According to the Career Mobility Index, compiled by the consulting firm Lee
Hecht Harrison (Woodcliff Lake, NJ), there was an increase in job-hopping for the
fourth quarter in a row between April-June, 2004. Combine this fact with a rising
unemployment rates, and this means a lot of people out there your prospective
clients need a revised or completely new resume!
Fortunately for you, most people literally hate the idea of creating their own
resume. Experts in this field, those who really enjoy preparing resumes, are in the
minority and thats a very good place to be if you are looking for clients!
Whats even better is that resume writers judging from the others Ive met are
usually quite happy with their jobs.
It makes sense. After all, how many other jobs offer you the chance to earn a steady
income, full or part-time, from the comfort of your own home? Many people are able
to grow their business into a six-figure income! In fact, at times the benefits to this
line of work seem almost endless
High income potential
Low start-up and on-going expenses
Freedom to design your own workspace

Resume Writing: The Ideal Spare-Time Business

Filling a true need during times of high unemployment and corporate

The ability to set your own fees
The ability to set your own hours
Control over your own schedule
No need to report to a boss or supervisor
No chance of being fired or denied a raise you deserve
Short learning curve
Constant high demand for your services
The status of being a recognized professional
Opportunity to be creative and exercise control over a project
Meeting and working with people from all walks of life
Freedom to move to a different part of the country and take your business
with you
Potential to grow your business
Freedom to take a vacation whenever you want or to take time off work
when family needs are pressing
Never having to miss your kids school plays or sporting events
Customers come to you you dont do any cold calling
No commuting
Freedom to dress as you choose most days
The ability to work online so you can have virtual clients from all over the
And so on
One of the nicest things about being a resume writer is that you spend your days
helping other people escape from dead-end careers or jobs that dont fulfill their
dreams and ambitions. You are providing a valuable service that has a true impact on
every other aspect of their lives. Its a service your clients will be grateful for.

Resume Writing: The Ideal Spare-Time Business

Although were focusing on creating a business writing resumes, there are several
other related products you will be able to market and produce for your clients.
Many clients will come to you for a new resume, but there will always be a few who
just want a simple update or retyping of their old resume. (Charge them less for this,
since its less work for you.)
Of course, your main business will be consulting and designing new resumes.
Its this added value that lets you charge the higher fees. You will be providing a
professional service designed to highlight your clients talents and achievements in
the best possible way, giving them the best chance at getting the job they want.
But a resume is not the only document a person needs to get a job. Each resume
that is sent out by mail or email also needs a cover letter. Your client should also
have a reference sheet to take to an interview. And after each successful interview,
your client needs to send the interviewer a follow-up letter.
All of these materials should also be as professional looking as possible, as well as
have a consistent look and style.
Your client may also need a resume that can be scanned into an employers applicant
tracking software or can be transmitted electronically. And he or she may want help
looking for potential employers and mounting a successful job search campaign.
Each additional document or service you can offer your clients means more money
for you. Ideally, you want to sell your clients a complete job search package, including
every product and service needed to get them the job they want. Its actually quite easy
to sell packages such as this for two important reasons:
1. People dont like looking for a new job. Theyd much rather have someone else
do the work for them. While they cant avoid going to interviews themselves,
there are many other aspects of a job search they would gladly turn over to a
2. If a client is happy with the first product you sell him (such as a resume), he is
much more willing to buy other products and services from you. This is whats
known as a back-end sale.

Resume Writing: The Ideal Spare-Time Business

Back-end sales are great for you because

They are usually less work to produce since you already know all about your
client and you can often use sub-contractors to do the work.
There are lower marketing costs associated with back-end sales, since the
clients already know you.
Clients are more likely to buy a resume from a business that offers a full range of
products and services, on the grounds that such a business looks more professional and
For now, lets focus on learning about writing a blockbuster resume that gets
your clients results!

Why YOU Can Become a Great Professional Resume Writer

1. You dont necessarily need to be a great writer. If you have basic writing
skills and a resume software program, you can create winning resumes. You
simply plug in some power-charged action words and some specific information
about your client.
2. You dont need a lot of start-up money. You dont need to worry about
paying a printer, a graphic artist, or a proofreader to create a perfect resume.
With your high-tech software, youll be able to churn out professional,
attractive, error-free resumes at no cost to you.
3. You dont need a lot of time. It is possible to write a one-page, blockbuster
resume in less than an hour.
4. You dont need any qualifications or experience. You dont need a college
degree, certification, or any professional training to succeed at this business.
(Ive found that people with backgrounds in English sometimes write the worst
resumes. Theyre used to writing long, wordy sentences and tend to take up too
much space talking about personal details instead of focusing on why a client
is the best candidate for a position.)

Resume Writing: The Ideal Spare-Time Business

5. You dont need to be a computer whiz. Once youve installed a resume

software application, the only computer skills you need are clicking, pointing,
and typing. Its that simple. You dont need to know how to use any fancy
design or layout programs to get professional-looking resumes and you dont
even need to know what the World Wide Web is in order to be able to put your
clients resumes on the Internet.

The Real Purpose of a Resume: Getting Interviews

Secret: A resume is an advertisement designed to get your client an interview.
Nothing more. Nothing less.
A resume has one primary purpose. That is, to convince an employer to invite your
client for an interview. If this happens, it is an effective resume.
Many people think of a resume as a summary of a persons entire life and career
or as a vehicle for self expression or even as their own personal statement. When
people write their own resume, they often stick in everything theyve ever done and
every bit of information about themselves as if to say, Hey, Ive done a lot, Im nice,
and Ive had an interesting life. Why not help me out by giving me a job?
This is an unfortunate mistake because employers are not in the business of
helping nice, interesting, or busy people by handing out jobs. When it comes to hiring
staff, an employer has only one thought in mind: how to make his business more
It is important to prepare a resume with the intention to create interest, to
persuade the employer to call. A resume written with that in mind will look very
different from a piece written merely as a catalog of your clients job history.
Secret: Every resume must strongly demonstrate that your client will help fulfill the
employers needs usually by helping him make money or by helping him save money
(depending on the position).
A resume must clearly and concisely demonstrate that your candidate will help
a potential employers business be successful. It must contain all the best evidence

Resume Writing: The Ideal Spare-Time Business

supporting that claim. And it must not contain any excess or irrelevant information
that distracts from that claim.
Some of the techniques you will use to create a resume that gets your client
interviewed include using
White space to focus the readers attention
Bullets to help the reader zero in on your clients most outstanding
Specific numbers and details that add credibility to your clients
Action words and phrases that make your client sound like a doer and an
The more you make your client look like someone who can achieve results for her
employer, the more interviews she will get and the more referrals you will get!

Knowing Your Client

Every person has had unique experiences and offers a somewhat different set
of skills. You just need to find out whats special about your client and state it
convincingly. So youll need to encourage your client to be as specific as possible
during the interview to make sure that important information is not missed!
Be sure to ask your client about accomplishments in each phase of the interview

Three Master Secrets to Writing Powerful Resumes

Here are the three most important secrets to writing effective resumes
Master Secret #1: The Keyword-Oriented Skills Summary
The first important secret to writing a superior resume is a skills summary. This
summary, taking advantage of keywords that the employer will most likely be
Resume Writing: The Ideal Spare-Time Business

looking for, should appear at the top (or at least in the top 1/3) of the page. The skills
summary quickly tells the employer whether the resume is worth reading.
Remember also that the use of online submission has greatly increased in the 21st
century. Many in fact, most major employers now only accept resumes through
their online job submission services their recruiting function is virtually paperless!
Many of your clients will want to submit their resumes to an online job search service,
such as www.monster.com or www.careerbuilder.com. All of these online resume
submission services work the same way through keywords. It is vital that the
keywords are found in the top one-third of the page.
Master Secret #2: The Objective-Tailored Resume
Let me ask you a couple of questions: Do you think you should include every
job your client has ever held? If your client has three different degrees, should you
always list them on his resume? Should you always mention all of your clients
The answer: No, no and no!
Your job is to tailor your clients entire resume to support his specific objective.
And there is absolutely no reason to include information that doesnt do this. In
fact, youll come across many situations where you can make a client much more
marketable by omitting certain details from his resume. (Remember: The resume is a
strategic marketing piece, not a tell-all autobiography.)
Master Secret #3: Power-Packed Action Words
Heres where you get to put on the gloves and POW! Knock out a prospective
employer with the power of language. This is what we call up-selling a client.
Secret: It is vital to use measurable outcomes in your clients resumes otherwise you
are running the risk of merely typing a job description, rather than highlighting your
clients contributions to their past employers!


Resume Writing: The Ideal Spare-Time Business

Getting Your Feet Wet: Your First Resume

Now its time to get your feet wet and design a new resume (using a family
member, a friend, or even you as the client).
Every resume you ever write, including this one, will contain the following
components. So make sure you have this all information on hand before you start

Basic Components of Every Resume

Job objective (or Summary of Qualifications)
Experience (employers, dates of employment, job titles)
Accomplishments (what the person achieved on the job, including exact
numbers if available)
Capabilities (skills the person brings to the job sought)
Education (schools, diplomas, honors, majors, thesis topics, etc.)
However, remember that it is not just that you have the above components, it is
how you use them each client will have a different level of experience or education,
or they may be coming to you with a more challenging need (i.e., a gap in employment
or perhaps wanting to change careers completely).

A Note About Style

Never use more than two fonts on a resume. Use sans serif fonts only for headings
never body text. And dont make the point size too small (12 is ideal).

Spell Check
The last thing to do before printing and/or saving the resume is run an automated
spell check from your word processor. I also recommend printing a draft and reading
through the hard copy. Some typos have a way of showing up easier in print.
When printing the resume, use high-quality paper in a conservative shade. The most
effective colors are white, ivory, or light stone gray. Dont use paper with flecks in it since
Resume Writing: The Ideal Spare-Time Business


its harder to scan or photocopy. No other colors should be used. Make sure to have
matching envelopes large enough that the resume can be mailed flat never folded.
You should always save a clients resume, and keep it on disk for at least a year, in
case he or she wants additional copies or updates made. If a resume is more than a year
old, drop a note to the client reminding him or her that its time to update it. You can
gain repeat business by charging a fee for updates (charge less than the price of a brand
new resume, since there is less work involved and it encourages the client to keep
coming back to you).
Since this is the first time youve written a resume, it may have taken you a little
more time than average to complete it. Youll get faster with practice. Also, the better
you get at interviewing clients, the faster the resume writing process will go.
You should invest in commercially available software to produce resumes for your
clients. Some of the major packages have samples and resume templates built right
into the program, and some will even provide additional templates on the Web. It
really comes down to a matter of choice!

Practicing for Cash:

The Easy Way to Hone Your Resume Writing Skills
Now that you know a little about writing great resumes, why not get in a little
practice by offering to update the resumes of your family and friends?
You can start with your spouse or significant other (offer to do his or hers for free).
Then approach a few other people you know and offer them a discount on a new or
updated resume. It doesnt matter too much what you charge them, as long as you get
a chance to practice. The money is just a nice bonus.
If you happen to know someone who works in human resources or a student career
center, doing a new resume for him or her can reap additional gains. If he likes it,
he may recommend your services to many other people. And that will go a long way
towards establishing your reputation as a foremost resume writer!
Some seasoned professionals honed their skills in their early careers by volunteering at shelters, senior centers, or other such facilities, where they helped people develop

Resume Writing: The Ideal Spare-Time Business

their resumes. They did their part for society, plus got great practice in writing oftenchallenging resumes and picked up some great testimonials along the way from their
clients and the staff of the centers!

To Your Success!
Alright, weve given you the basic blueprint for how to do this business. Its simply
a matter of knowing what the resume does and making sure the writing does its job.
However, if youve decided you want more guidance to really commit to success
with this simple business, we offer even more help.
So for you, Im proud to present The Pro Resume Writer Program the remarkable work-from-your-home business that will be all those things for you and more

Youll Get Everything You Could Possibly Need

The Pro Resume Writer Program makes it easy for you as easy as any business
can possibly be.
Charge what you like from $95 for the most basic resume (about an hours work)
to $300 for a professional resume (about 90 minutes work). Plus, youll be able
to charge from $75 to $100 per hour for a long list of add-ons your clients will be
happy to pay for! You can also decide how many clients you take on. For most people,
its finding a balance between how much time they want to spend and how much
money they want to make.
The Pro Resume Writer Program sells for just $99. And that price includes all
the tools you need from the three magic bullets to sample ads, to information on
where to advertise for free. Everything including a complete, comprehensive business
plan and marketing guide which practically assures your success in the resume
business. Youll learn about all the add-ons you can offer your client extras he or
she is happy to pay for because it virtually assures job-hunting success. Youll learn
how to use the Internet to offer value to your clients (and make them happy to pay you
for it) and grow your company, if you so choose, into a multi-million-dollar operation.
Resume Writing: The Ideal Spare-Time Business


Plus, if youre not 100% satisfied with the program or if the resume business
just isnt your cup of tea simply let them know, and AWAI will refund every
penny of your purchase price.
Cant get much fairer than that!
The important thing to remember is youre getting more than a business for your
Youre getting more than a very real opportunity to make over $60,000 part-time,
working at your own pace while helping hundreds of people achieve life-long dreams
for less than the cost of a few good dinners at a decent restaurant
Youre getting a business that has the very real potential to grow into a milliondollar business and all the tools and information you need to make it happen for
what youd pay for your morning coffee over the course of a year
Youre getting a good, honest business with a product that most everyone, at some
point of their lives, needs and wants a product that can help them achieve their
dreams and life goals!
So I urge you act now!
There will never be a better opportunity to have the kind of part-time income
youve always dreamed about. There are thousands of people in your area who need a
resume to get their first job to get a better job to make more money or to get
that dream job.
You can help them succeed and help yourself to big profits along the way.
Order The Pro Resume Writer Program today!
To enroll right now, simply call Barb, Pat or Debbie toll-free at 866-879-2924, or
visit AWAI online at http://www.myresumebiz.com/resumecareer/.
To your success!


Resume Writing: The Ideal Spare-Time Business