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2016 - 2
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August 26, 2016




Welcome back to Tech from the Technique

The Souths Liveliest College Newspaper

Vidya Iyer
Nick Johnson
Evan Gillon
David Raji
Jonathan Long
Jamie Rule
Harsha Sridhar
Brighton Kamen
Sara Schmitt
Kripa Chandran
Ross Lindsay
Alexis Brazier
Brenda Lin
Founded in 1911, the Technique is the
student newspaper of the Georgia Institute of Technology, and is an official
publication of the Georgia Tech Board
of Student Publications. The Technique
publishes on Fridays weekly in the fall
and spring and biweekly in the summer.
ADVERTISING: Information can be
found online at nique.net/ads. The deadline for reserving ad space is Friday at
5 p.m. one week before publication. To
place a reservation, for billing information or for any other questions please email us at ads@nique.net. You may reach
us at (404) 894-2830, Monday through
Friday from 10 a.m. to 5 p.m.


coverage and tips should be submitted to
the Editor-in-Chief and/or the relevant
section editor.

Copyright 2016, Vidya Iyer, Editorin-Chief, and the Georgia Tech Board
of Student Publications. No part of this
paper may be reproduced in any manner without written permission from the
Editor-in-Chief or from the Board of
Student Publications. The ideas expressed
herein are those of the individual authors
and do not necessarily represent the views
of the Board of Student Publications, the
students, staff or faculty of the Georgia
Institute of Technology or the University
System of Georgia. First copy free for
additional copies call (404) 894-2830


I would like to extend the
warmest welcome to Techs incoming class. Some of you must
be excited to start college while
others are dreading the start of
copious amounts of work that

comes with each semester.

If dread and anguish are what
youre feeling, its time to feel
otherwise. You are among the
best and brightest students in the
nation, and that can be intimidating. But the only thing that
can hold you back from achieving greatness is yourself.
Tech provides students with
the best resources to succeed. We
are surrounded by distinguished
faculty and professors who are
always willing to help. We have
state-of-the-art technology readily available to use. We have a
community that fosters cooperation instead of competition.
So dont be afraid to challenge yourself because theres no
better time to fail than when you

are surrounded by people who

want to help you up. It doesnt
matter if you dont know how
to do something. These are the
most formative years of your life,
and the lessons you learn will last
throughout the years.
But remember that college
is about the experience, not just
the degree. Getting through 127
hours of course work is definitely
important but so is enriching
your life with extracurriculars
and hobbies. Tech is home to
more than a hundred organizations from underwater hockey
to intramurals and, of course,
the newspaper. Not only are organizations a great way to meet
people, but also they provide you
with the opportunity to focus on

something besides academics.

Regardless of how you choose
to utilize your time, its always
important to take care of yourself mentally, physically, and
emotionally. Be sure to get an
adequate amount of sleep each
night and work out when you
can. If you ever find yourself
feeling stressed or depressed
consider visiting the counseling
I would be lying if I said my
time at Tech has been smooth
sailing. Ive faced several challenges, but I dont regret a single
one of my experiences.
Your time at Tech will be gone
before you know it, and I hope
each and every one of you makes
the most of your time here.

The Souths Liveliest College Newspaper

The Technique, lovingly nicknamed by the staff as Nique,
printed our very first issue on
Nov. 17, 1911.
Our preoccupation with our
football rivalry with u[sic]GA
was apparently already realized
as the front page previewed an
upcoming game against our old
foe (which, unfortunately, we
lost) and featured an article by
legendary coach John Heisman.
At the time, we were Techs
second student newspaper, preceded by The Georgia Tech.
When the papers eventually
merged in 1916, our name survived, so we like to pride ourselves on being Techs longest
running student newspaper.
We try our very best to live
up to our epigraph, The Souths
Liveliest College Newspaper,
and aim weekly to put out content that students will be excited
to read and meet the highest
standards of quality and ethics.
On occasion, part of our
liveliness does mean using our
role as a college newspaper to
conduct thorough investigations
to properly inform the community and to keep certain groups
and people in check by providing
coverage and analyses of news
and events both on- and off-campus that affect the student body.
In such situations, we represent the student opinion by writ-

I simply couldnt depart your web site prior to suggesting that I
actually loved the usual info a person supply for your guests? Is
gonna be again continuously in order to check up on new posts.
Corgis _are_ awesome!
Theres a bee on my lunch box. I guess my strawberries belong to
the bees now...
Just wrote giggles instead of jiggles. My maintenance request
is going to be pretty confusing
One two three four I declare a sliver war!
Reintroducing fiber into my diet is NOT going well.
Rain rain go away...just kidding keep pouring for the whole
f***ing week.
How is it the first week of school, and Im already stressed and
not sleeping.
Starbucks lovers? Im more like like ex-lover. Y U CLOSED AT
Oh, Chick Fila, I missed you so.
Skiles is probably flammable. It is hurricane proof but not fire
Why isnt ther escalators in any of the buildings on campus.
My class collectively sighed at the mention of the blue umbrella
short from Pixar.
13 days until DragonCon, DragonCon, lets all go to Dragon Con, come on now, take my hand, lets all go to Dragon

Photo by Kyle Peninger Student Publications

The Editorial Board poses in the office during the first Deadline of the year. Deadline is when
the staff assembles the weekly paper. It takes place every Wednesday night in the Flag building.

ing thought-provoking editorials

and providing a vehicle through
which other members of the
community can do the same.
We have chronicled everything from the first appearance
of George P. Burdell on Techs
rosters in 1920 to the peaceful,
voluntary desegregation of the
Institute in 1961. And, of course,
we have kept up faithful cover-

age of Tech sporting events, including the 222-0 whopper of

a football victory (the largest
college football victory in history) over Cumberland College
in 1916.
Currently, we publish monthly during the summer and weekly during the fall and spring
semesters, with the exception
of Dead Week, Finals Week

and Spring Break. We also have

a website, nique.net, where the
staff posts unique online content
in addition to digital versions of
our weekly publications.
About 30 students keep our
paper running, and we always
welcome new writers, photographers, designers and editors, so
please swing by the Flag building
if you are interested.

every rst and third tuesday
6:00 PM - 9:00 PM
September 6
September 20
October 4
October 18
November 1
November 15
November 29

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Bring your Student ID for awesome treats, live music, and more!

Business Speaker Series

A Hermann Brown Lecture

Your direct access to top leaders from the corporate and social sector.



Aug 31 David Levin
President and CEO, McGraw-Hill Education

Oct 5 Gary Smith

President and CEO, Ciena

Sept 7 Sam Williams

President Emeritus, Metro Atlanta Chamber &
Professor, Georgia State University

Oct 12 Kathy Walters

Executive Vice President of Consumer
Products Group, Georgia-Pacific LLC

Sept 14 Teresa Finley

Chief Marketing and Global Business
Services Officer, UPS

Oct 19 Steve Voskuil

Senior Vice President and CFO, Halyard Health

Mon, Sept 19* Tom

CEO, Kimberly-Clark


Mon, Sept 26* Moira Vetter

Founder and CEO, Modo Modo Agency

Oct 26 Steven Carse

Founder and CEO, King of Pops
Nov 2 Bill Nuti
Chairman and CEO, NCR Corporation


Get course credit for all talks. Hear organizational leaders talk about innovation,
entrepreneurship, and leadership. No pre-reqs, Open to all majors.
Wednesdays at 4:30 p.m.
LeCraw Auditorium | Scheller College of Business
*Unless otherwise noted all sessions are on Wednesday.

FREE and open to the public


4 August 26, 2016 technique




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August 26, 2016Volume 102, Issue 4nique.net


News 2


On-time arrival
Opinions 7

p16 Goo Goo disappoints

Life 12

Entertainment 18


Sports 28




Coming Fall 2017, West Campus

will have a new place to eat, study and
relax. This three-story, hybrid building known as the West Village Dining
Commons will have seven dining concepts and reservable meeting rooms,
classrooms and study spaces.
West Village will be located in front
of Caldwell and Folk residence halls,
in place of what once was a parking
lot. The building will be accessible by
a bridge between Folk and Caldwell,
Curran St. Parking Deck and ground
level. Techs Parking and Transportation Services will be changing the
Stinger bus route to stop right in front
of this location. The building is in
Phase II of construction and is set to be
completed in Summer 2017.
This is really a significant change
to the whole neighborhood of West
Campus. West Campus has never had
a communal space where students can
gather, says Richard Steele, senior director of Auxiliary Services. According
to Steele, this project is a real game
changer: This will not operate like a
traditional dining hall.
Until now, students have only had
dining options like Woodruff dining
hall or the Westside Market. West Village will have the look and feel of the
Student Center but will offer dining
options accessible to students on a meal
plan. Additionally, the space will have
classrooms for GT 1000 courses and
School of Music classes as well as multiple indoor and outdoor seating areas.
There will be roughly 600 seats indoors
and about 250 seats outdoors. Outside, students can enjoy outdoor seating and fire pits. The second and third
floor will have large outdoor terraces
with a view of the Midtown skyline.
Top L: Photo courtesy of Amazon; Top R: Photo courtesy of Warner Bros. Records; Above: Photo courtesy of Cooper Carry | Lake Flato Architects

See VILLAGE, page 3


Feminism should be the norm, not some radical idea


There was a study a while back
that suggested that most, if not all,
women are human beings deserving
of respect. The findings of that research are not widely accepted.
If you do not identify as a guy
who hates women, feel free to continue reading, but thats my target
audience for today.
Guys. Its time to start respecting
women. Stop rolling your eyes, asshole; Im serious. Its time we had a
talk about the f word. Feminism.

Ugh, you grunt, looking for

something else to read. What is it
with the Technique and these social
and political posts lately?
Shut up. Feminism is not about
oppressing men like you think it is.
Its also not about killing all men.
No, its not. That is called misandry, and its bad too. Look it up
in your favorite dictionary. Feminism is about equity: empowering
women and removing the barriers
in their way. Hopefully not by
killing all men.
But I didnt put the barriers
there, you say without reading
the whole editorial first. I am be-

ing oppressed. YOURE sexist for

writing this.
Sure, ok.
Women on the whole get paid
less than men, minority women in
particular. Hijab-specific self-defense is a thing now and is growing in popularity. A high-school
girl got suspended for not wearing a bra to class, even though
it wasnt a violation of the dress
code. Women are blamed for
abuse inflicted upon them, and
it has happened to women you
know. A convicted rapist got three
to six months instead of 1525

See FEMINISM, page 10

Design by Brighton Kamen Student Publications

Feminism is not so much a radical idea as it is common sense.

Men should be feminists and encourage others to be as well.



Maura Currie

Evan Gillon


friend not contact him by any

means other than Facebook.
Following this, the Connecticut student began a barrage of
Facebook messages, threatening
the Tech students life multiple
times before being blocked. The
Tech student is not interested in
pressing charges.


A student contacted GTPD
on Aug. 15 to report that he had
received death threats over Facebook Messenger from a student in
The Connecticut student had
Friend Requested the reporting
Tech student in December of last
year and upon the requests approval began contacting the Tech
student over Facebook incessantly. The messages were never responded to, but on Aug. 15 of this
year, the Tech student received
a text from the friend and
promptly classified the number as
spam, further requesting that the


A vehicle improperly parked on
the bottom level of the Wardlaw
parking deck had a boot placed
on its wheel, in an altogether unsurprising occurrence. More surprisingly, the boot was removed
and stolen by the vehicles owner,
prompting a call to GTPD by
Techs Parking Services. In what
was either the most or least surprising occurrence of them all, the
owner of the vehicle was arrested
for larceny of government property, and the boot was returned to
its rightful owners.
An officer directing traffic at
the intersection of 10th Street
NW and Techwood Drive NW at
4 p.m. on a Monday indicated to a
red Ford Escape that they were to
stop. The Escape, however, rolled
past the officer, prompting a colleague to take action by initiating

Tech Green remains fenced

The project to improve the campus landmark's drainage and lawn health will be
extended through the winter months46

a traffic stop as the Escape headed

west on 10th Street. On pulling
the Escape over, it was found that
the vehicles driver was intoxicated
and had a child in the vehicle with
her. The driver was arrested on
one count of DUI, one count of
endangering a child by DUI and
one count of disobedience to an
officer directing traffic.
GTPD responded to a report
of a verbal dispute in the Student Center on Aug. 13, ascending to the Sodexo offices on the
third floor. A Human Resources
manager there explained to the
responding officer that an ongoing dispute between two female
employees had led one to suggest
that she was going to punch the
other in the face. This statement
was not made directly, but rather
overheard by two other employees
in the womens restroom.
The employee threatening aggression claimed that her target
had something to do with her recent eviction, but offered no further details.
No fisticuffs were exchanged,
and seeing as no charges were
pressed, there were no further actions taken after statements were
received from all involved.


August 26, 2016

Peterson approves task

force recommendations

During President Petersons Institute address on Aug. 25, it was

announced that the Black Student
Experience Task Force made eleven recommendations last spring,
all of which have been approved
and will be implemented in the
next three years.
With the aid of an outside
consulting firm, the ultimate goal
of the group was to issue recommendations to President Peterson
regarding ways to improve the
experience and wellbeing of black
students at Tech. One-on-one discussions and focus groups with
students were cornerstones of the
task forces activity.
Several new programs are to
be implemented and expanded to
facilitate the inclusion and success
of diverse campus communities.
The Office of Minority Educational Developments Challenge
Program will be expanded as will
intercultural student programs

and FASET sessions highlighting

the accomplishments of underrepresented groups on campus. A
new system and data infrastructure will be established to anonymously report incidents of racism.
Training programs will continue to be rolled out for faculty, staff
and students. Diversity and inclusion modules will be rolled out
in GT1000 courses in addition
to sessions for campus leaders. A
committee of Greek students will
be established to plan informational sessions on discriminatory
Safe Spaces will be established,
including a Multicultural Center
and spaces designed to support
... students overall adjustment
and wellbeing.
Finally, diversity initiatives
will continue to be worked into
Techs long-term Strategic Plan.
Student advisory groups and independent campus climate assessments will be conducted, and an
implementation team will monitor the progress of new initiatives
as they roll out.

Phased Buzzcard upgrades and redesign begin



In the coming months, Techs
BuzzCard will be replaced for the
first time in 13 years, featuring
new technology upgrades for all
students. With this improvement
in the credential technology on
student IDs, the university has
also taken advantage of the opportunity to change the graphics
of the card as well. The new card
is blue and yellow, with a honeycomb design on the top.
Lindsay Grooms, IT Service and Delivery manager, described the redesign as an easy
way to differentiate between
new and old BuzzCards and
know immediately which technology was included on both.
The new layout for the cards
will also include a space for students preferred names, a feature
Grooms says is becoming more
popular amongst universities.
Theres a movement within
higher education right now to
look at incorporating preferred
names on student identifications,
whether that be a campus card or
even on a class roster within the
academic area, Grooms said.
While the visual design of the
cards is a noticeable difference,
the most notable upgrade will be
the shift away from the current
proximity technology to smart
contact-less technology.
Smart contact-less enabled
cards operate similarly to credit
and debit cards which contain a
security chip in them. However,
in the new BuzzCards, the chip
is embedded within the card itself
and is not visible.
Grooms said that the new
technology will both simplify the

BuzzCard system and increase security. Its a similar technology

[to chip technology], and it allows
for enhanced security, more encryption for the transactions that
are being processed, and it also allows for tap-and-go, so theres no
insertion of the card into a reader, Grooms said.
The new enhancements to the
BuzzCard will allow for a higher
level of security and a reduction in
transaction time, which in turn
will lead to shorter lines. At this
time, swiping the card is the only

way to complete transactions

around Tech, but the contact-less
technology allows for the possibility of faster, tap-and-go transactions, as the Institute upgrades
the hardware in its shops and restaurants. According to Grooms,
the BuzzCard credential is technologically advanced as far as card
readers on college campuses go.
We went ahead and upgraded
the technology to where we think
all of the readers technology is going to be in the next couple of years
on campus, Grooms said. So

well prepare for that transition

when it happens.
The new technology will also
optimize the physical access systems around Techs campus. The
campus currently has three different systems that control door
access on campus, and we are
consolidating into one, Grooms
said. The new credentialing technology is the foundation for the
consolidation upgrade for physical
access across campus.
Tech has launched a pilot of
the consolidated system in the

Scheller College of Business, but

it will take around two years to be
implemented campus-wide. Current BuzzCards will still function
properly, but will eventually be
replaced by the new cards in the
next 18 months, beginning this
fall. Students in the newest incoming class, among several other
guinea pigs in previous years,
will be the first ones to officially
be issued the new cards.
Card reissuing will come at no
cost, and the price to replace a lost
or stolen card will remain at $30.

Photo courtesy of Buzzcard Services

A mockup of the new BuzzCard design featuring a new blue color design, contactless technology and space for a preferred name.
Freshmen students were issues the new cards during their FASET sessions; all students will be issued new cards starting this fall,

technique August 26, 2016 3




West Village will accessible to

all students, even those not on a
Tech meal plan.
Along with this years restructuring of meal plans, the entire
structure of on-campus dining
could be changing in the next few
years. West Village symbolizes
Tech trying to get ahead of an important shift in on-campus dining
The direction of campus dining is not all-you-can-eat dining
halls, Steele says. We see the direction as higher-quality and nutritious food.
The lower level of West Village
will house a Panera Bread as well
as a view into Techs commissary pastry kitchen, where students can watch campus ptissire
Katherine Benson and her team of
10 prepare all of the pastries for
the campus dining.
The top level will have a full
Starbucks, like the one currently
in Clough Commons.
The second level will be similar to the food hall structure,
like popular Atlanta food hall
locations like Ponce City Market or Krog Street Market. The
five restaurants on this level will
include Olive, Farmhouse, Spice
Trail, Simple Servings and a Local
Chefs Station.
Olive is a Mediterranean restaurant heavily influenced by Italian Cuisine, with a cooked-to-order station for foods like macaroni
and cheese, risotto and personalized and personal-sized pizzas.
Farmhouse will keep it local,
with locally sourced vegetables

and all-natural, grass-fed, hormone-free meats.

Spice Trail is inspired by the
trail that Marco Polo took from
the Mediterranean to the Far
East, with Thai, Lebanese, Greek,
Japanese and Chinese food. Simple Servings provides a safe zone
for students with allergies, serving
foods free of common allergens,
like peanuts, shellfish and gluten.

The Local Chefs Station will

feature a different Tech or local
Atlanta chef weekly, who will
prepare lunch and dinner for students based on their expertise.
Techs own Executive Chef
Jonathan Elwell will likely be
featured for a week at the Local Chefs Station. Elwell is the
Southern Regional National Association of College and University

Food Services (NACUFS) champion and recently won second

place in the NACUFS national
Elwell has big plans for preparing his first meal at the Chefs
Station: Molasses-glazed pork
tenderloin with ... [an] apple gastrique over local sweet potatoes
pureed with molasses and then
braised local grains.

Students will be able to try this

dish and many others as soon as
next fall. Until then, West will
have to endure a few months of
Itll be troublesome for people
living on West Campus, and we
certainly apologize for the inconvenience, Steele said.
Most major inconveniences
were addressed over the summer.

Photo courtesy of Cooper Carry | Lake Flato Architects

An official rendering of the interior of the West Village Commons depicts students enjoying an open-concept dining and social area.
The West Village project has broken ground at the Folk-Caldwell parking lot and is expected to open to students in early Fall 2017.

September 1st // 3:455:15 pm // Klaus Building Atrium
(GT map building #153)

Women in Electrical and Computer Engineering // For more information, contact nirvana.edwards@ece.gatech.edu

Visit the Tech Green area on 9.8.2016 from

9 am - 4 pm to join SAA or renew your
membership for 2016-2017

Receive freebies from Chick-l-A, King of Pops,

Blue Donkey Coee, and more!

sponsored by

technique August 26, 2016 5


Stingerette service receives app, vehicle upgrades


The Stingerette ride request
system is Techs premiere Uberesque service, offering rides to
anyone from students studying
on campus at the wee hours of
the night to those who can typically be found at the library seven
nights a week. The Stingerette has
run for nearly a decade, providing
students with a quick, safe and reliable option for on or off-campus
transportation throughout the
Running from 6:00 p.m. to
7:00 a.m. every night, the service was created to ensure the
safety and welfare of all students
on campus. Over the summer semester, the Georgia Tech Police
Department (GTPD) and Parking and Transportation Services
(PTS) quietly rolled out a series
of upgrades to improve the Stingerettes utility and ease of use for
students and drivers alike.
Given that the Stingerette system is a late-night service, many
steps have been taken to address
concerns for safety on campus.
Not only is the Stingerette clearly
marked and labeled, but there are
also gold lights at the top and back
of the vehicle, making it abundantly clear to the student that
their ride has arrived. The lights
also help students to find the Stingerette in darker areas, like offcampus housing, and can be very
useful in illuminating students
path to their destination.
In addition, the Stingerette
mobile app now lets users track the
vehicle and make multiple stops
on the way. Users can track their
driver from the moment they are
assigned one, to the time their ride
has arrived. Additionally, a new
estimated time of arrival range is

presented to students waiting for

their ride. For those who are next
in line, an approximate pickup
time is now displayed.
The app allows users to adapt
their trip as necessary. For example, a student who knows their
roommate is leaving the Student
Center can request that their driv-

er pick them up as part of the initial journey. The apps new theme,
designed in part by PTS, encompasses the principle of making a
ride more personal and enjoyable
through the deployment of these
new features.
Riders are also able to find
information about their assigned

driver, as well as details about the

vehicle they will be picked up in,
all through the redesigned app.
The Tech Parking and Transportation Services welcomes feedback from students and allows
them to leave comments about
their experience with the system.
Feedback can be given on the

Stingerette website, which can

also be used to ask questions and
request rides.
Students will be required to
create a new Stingerette account
before they are be able to use the
new services. Further instructions are also available on the
Stingerette website.

Photo by Ben Keyserling Student Publications

An older Stingerette vehicle, prior to the system upgrade of new lights, makes its way down Ferst Drive with passengers inside.
The Stingerette system was upgraded this summer to implement new personalization features and a revamped mobile application.

Drugs destroy and ruin millions of

lives every year.
What should YOU know about them?

6 August 26, 2016 technique


Chancellor of the University
System of Georgia (USG) and
leader of the Board of Regents
Hank Huckaby has announced
his impending retirement.
Huckaby will remain Chancellor through the end of this calendar year, capping off five years
of leadership in Georgias public
higher education system. Prior to
being appointed in 2011, Huck-



For the first time since the
end of apartheid in South Africa, the African National Congress (ANC) has sustained heavy
losses during the election season.
Perhaps the most notable upset
was the election of the Mayor of
Johannesburg from the Demo-


aby served in the state House of

Representatives as well as in the
Governors Office of Planning
and Budget. His appointment as
Chancellor marked the first instate hire for the position in more
than 20 years.
Steve Wrigley, currently executive vice chancellor of administration, has been appointed by
the Board of Regents as interim
Chancellor beginning Jan 1.
Wrigley has worked closely with
Huckaby throughout his career
in USG leadership, which also
began in 2011.
Prior to his current position,
Wrigley worked in external affairs and government relations at
the University of Georgia as well
as under Governor Zell Miller as
his chief of staff.
The Tech Square Express will
run from Clough Undergraduate
Learning Center to various locations on Tech Square, providing
the first direct service from main
campus to buildings on Fifth

Street. The Express will stop at

Global Learning Center first, before stopping at the Scheller College of Business and then making a left turn at the Biltmore
which was recently purchased
by Tech. It then loops around the
block to Spring Street.
The final stop on Tech Square
will be at the Tech Square Research
Building before the vehicle returns
to Clough.
The new route is serviced by
traditional Stinger buses displaying T/S Express Monday
through Friday from 7:30 a.m. to
6:30 pm. The service is currently
only slated for fall and spring semesters.
A survey conducted in early
2015 indicated that 63 percent of
undergraduates were willing to
pay $2 more in mandatory fees to
implement a Tech Square express
route, in addition to a $3 fee to
preserve current service.
The transportation fee for students has not increased since fiscal
year 2013, when it increased from
$152 to $162.

cratic Alliance (DA), an opposition party focused on the accusations of corruption facing top
ANC officials.
The ANC has faced virtually no opposition in politics for
19 years, due largely in part to
its legacy as the party of Nelson
Mandela, responsible for the end
of apartheid. Following Mandelas
death and stagnation in the economy, accusations of corruption
and low employment has led to
the formation of multiple opposition parties to the ANC.
The two parties responsible for
the election of the DA candidate
to Mayor of Johannesburg are the
aforementioned Democratic Alliance and the Economic Freedom
Fighters, the latter of which staged
a protest during the election process. After 11 hours, the election
finally closed with the appointment of Herman Mashaba as the
citys new mayor.

Interestingly, neither opposition party has many similarities to

the other, representing fundamentally opposed ideologies.
The perseverance of the ANC
in South African politics is indicative of many African governments
which liberated or overthrew a
previous government.
Typically, the leaders or parties associated with such a radical change tend to stay in power
for many years even among allegations of corruption, as seen
with the persistence of the political leadership in Zimbabwe
despite a severe and ongoing
economic depression.
The ANC currently holds 249
seats in the South African government while the DA holds 89
and the EFF 25. All other parties
within South Africa hold 10 or
fewer seats. Jacob Zuma is South
Africas current president and is
associated with the ANC.

Tech Green reopening delayed,

nearby construction continues

The reopening of Tech Green

has been delayed until after the
winter months, according to
new information posted on the
original Facilities Management
announcement page for the construction project.
Despite the construction being
scheduled to finish in May, Facilities originally elected to delay the
reopening of Tech Green until
Aug. 15 in order to allow the new
grass to take root. Though construction is now complete, fencing will remain to protect the new
grass throughout football season
and colder weather.
The construction on Tech
Green was designed to allow the
field to recover more rapidly following periods of rain thanks to
improved drainage underneath
the greenspace. The delay of is
reopening will push construction
time into spanning four semesters
over a period of nearly 12 months.

In conjunction with the Tech

Green project, construction began
on Feb. 15 to complete improvements to Cherry St. and Atlantic
Dr., which remains heavily fenced
along its duration.
Fencing around Atlantic Dr.
has also cut off all pedestrian traffic from the Free Speech Plaza to
Howey along the road itself. Atlantic Dr. is scheduled to finish
construction in October of this
year and is still closed to nonconstruction traffic. Ferst Dr. is
under construction with an anticipated end date in October, with
traffic being rerouted or detoured
depending on the phase of construction.
Current construction is taking place primarily on the section
of the road between Howey and
State St, with the sidewalk closest
to Howey partially closed as a result. Additionally, the intersection
between State St. and Ferst Dr.
has undergone numerous changes, including the removal of a
number of trees previously located
in the center of the intersection.

Photo by Sara Schmitt Student Publications

Fences around Tech Green protect the growing grass from feet.
The Tech landmark will now remain fenced off through this winter.

Complete Professional Nail Care for Ladies & Gentleman

Gift Certificates available

Located at 950 West Peachtreet Street
NW #270
Atlanta GA, 30309
Monday-Saturday 9a-8p
Sunday 12p-6p

OUR VIEWS | Consensus Opinion

Get your facts first, then you can

distort them as you please. Mark Twain

The state of internal communication

More information needed to keep students up to speed

This semesters first week has brought

to the fore what is lacking in communication between the administration and students. To be exact, the student body needs
to be informed, especially when there are
changes that affect ease of access to various parts of the campus.
For example, there was no announcement sent to the student body regarding
the fact that there would be no way to walk
along Atlantic Drive, potentially making
many people with classes in buildings like
Howey late. Another case of this would be
the Folk-Caldwell parking lot, for which
there was no notification of construction
work beginning there.
Restrictions on access to certain areas
of campus can be particularly confusing
to freshmen, especially since the work is
taking place just as they are beginning at
Tech for the first time. Delaying some major projects, even for a single week, could
help to alleviate confusion.

The lack of communication also affects

students experiences in other areas. Office 365s clutterbox feature was never
explained when the email transition was
occurring and can result in missing any
number of crucial emails.
One other possibility would be an increase in the use of the Georgia Tech
Message email alert. In contrast to the
Georgia Tech Daily Digest emails, these
are seldom sent, and as such students naturally feel they will contain more information. Therefore, they should be used in any
case of potential inconveniencing.
For schools or departments, implementing a routinely updated blog would work
wonders. BME has such a feature to keep
its students up-to-date about registration
as well as jobs. A dedicated staff member
for internal communications at Tech could
also go a long way to help lessen the chance
that students would be unaware of any inconvenient circumstances.

The Consensus Opinion reflects the majority opinion of the Editorial Board of the
Technique, but not necessarily the opinions of individual editors.

technique editorial board

Maura Currie NEWS EDITOR
Jonathan Long LIFE EDITOR
Harsha Sridhar SPORTS EDITOR


Brighton Kamen DESIGN EDITOR
Kripa Chandran ONLINE EDITOR


si gh...




August 26, 2016


To the tochnique: I am wrirting to you today to

inform of a incident which has occurred to me. I was
picking one of you papers when my hand was cutted.
Please email my lawyer. Thank you.
Urban Tree Cidery is dope but not old enough to have
its own merch
Other than that Mrs. Lincoln, how did you like the
What do you get when you combine a joke and a
rhetorical question?
slivers are so dumb honestly
Chilis chips are way better than Willys

Voting Third Party: An Exercise in Futility

Until people stop saying this, it encourages a selffulfilling prophecy. It doesnt help that third party
continues to be the term of choice (as if the other two
are primary and that one is somehow less). Gary
Johnson polls #1 among youthful voters. College
students have historically been responsible for
major societal shifts, and I find it abhorrent that this
collegiate writer perpetuates a broken system...

Scott Schwann
The Cowardice of Vichy Republicans
trump certainly misspoke addressing the parents
of the fallen hero but were electing a president for
the united states, not handing out miss congeniality
awards. not all muslims are terrorists but all the
terrorists seem to be muslim. until we get a handle on
whos coming into this country, i believe trump to be
correct. the first duty of any government is to protect
its own citizens. when it fails that, it desrves to be

jeffersons words
Write to us:

Got something to say? Then let
your voice be heard with the Technique. Sliver at nique.net, tweet us
@the_nique or check us out on Facebook at facebook.com/thenique. We
want to hear your opinion and want
to make it known to all of campus.
We also welcome your letters in response to Technique content as well
as topics relevant to campus. We will
print letters on a timely and spaceavailable basis.
Each week we look for letters that

are responses to or commentaries on

content found within the pages of the
Technique. Along with these letters,
we are open to receiving letters that
focus on relevant issues that currently
affect Georgia Tech as a university, including its campus and student body.
When submitting letters we ask that
you include your full name, year (1st,
2nd, etc.) and major. We ask that letters be thought provoking, well written and in good taste. We reserve the
right to both reject or edit letters for
length and style.
For questions, comments or concern, contact the Opinions Editor at

8 August 26, 2016 technique

takes in drug-fueled contestants and churns out

spectacle and advertising
slots. But can you really
The Olympics are blame the athletes for
nominally a time of doing whatever they can
connection and union to gain any advantage?
for and of all peoples There is a distinctly toxic
all across the world. Yet culture of winning being
the spectacle they have emphasized at expense of
evolved into provides a all else and also being the
stage for the exact antith- only opportunity for athesis of that.
letes to indirectly be paid
Doping has become (through eventual spona la rm ing ly
sor sh ips).
commonIt is naive
place among
not to exathletes
Olymdistinctly toxic pect
competpians to do
culture being a n y t h i n g
ing in the
games, call- emphasized at the in order to
achieve vicexpense of all tory.
abilefelse ... fectsTheof the
ity of many
competicomprotors. There has even been mised integrity of the
evidence that some coun- Olympics reach beyond
tries agencies encour- the sports themselves. A
aged their own athletes to generation of children is
use drugs, as was the case learning that cheating is
in Russia. This did result OK as long as you are not
in quite a large scale ban- caught. And that lesson
ning, but the underlying reaches into areas outside
problem is that the pur- of sporting. In schools
pose of the Olympics has across the world, a new
been distorted.
age of cheating will be
It has fundamentally upon us. How can this
changed from a contest culture be changed? That
of natural human abil- is unclear, but it must be
ity into a machine that changed soon.


Realistic dieting in
pursuit of living green

You never know what small coli all day? I liked Indian food,
conversation or phrase can trig- but generally I wasnt exposed to
ger a change within you.
many vegetarian meals.
This summer I resolved to
More recently, as I have destop eating red meat, not be- veloped a passion for cooking,
cause I had a heart attack in the I know that meat brings such
family, or because I personally delicious, savory, umami flavors
watched a cow be slaughtered or to a dish and adds body to a
anything traumatic such as that. stew or soup. My brother works
I decided to stop eating red meat in charcuterie, specializing in
because Kat Von D had a feud preparing meat products like
with Jefree Star. As odd or hu- salami and prosciutto. So even
morous as that
though I may
may seem, its
have realized I
true. When the
didnt like to kill
... plenty of people animals, I knew
makeup celebrities had their
loved the flavor
live happy, fulfilled lives Iand
famous falling
texture that
out this sumwithout eating meat. cooking with
mer, I watched
meat brings.
their respective
videos attacking
each other. One
of the things
Tw e n t y - s e v e n
that Kat Von D
percent of humentioned was how Jefree Star man methane emissions are
is hypocritical about his vegan from livestock (mostly cows),
status, and how veganism is im- and most livestock do not live
portant to her and her values.
full lives and are not slaughtered
So, I looked more into her in a humane way. Plus, even
Youtube channel, and, lo-and- though I enjoy cooking, plenty
behold, she had a video about of people live happy, fulfilled
her veganism. I dont know why culinary lives without eating
it was Kat Von D of all people meat (including much of India).
who struck a chord within me,
I know that I am not yet
but for whatever reason, after ready to eschew eating meat
watching her veganism video entirely. To become completely
I realized that I would like to vegetarian, I will have to learn to
mostly stop eating meat.
cook entirely new meals, which
Ive always known that I is more than Im mentally and
dont like that I eat meat, but socially ready to take on at this
Ive always excused it as the moment. So for the time being,
way of the world. Growing up I have decided to cut out red
in a fairly stereotypical Ameri- meat, which creates the most encan household, burgers and vironmental impact. However, I
steak were everyday meals. In am still uncomfortable with the
all the cooking I grew up with, circumstances that the animals
meat was the main dish and I still choose to eat are raised in,
anything else was an optional and will be actively trying to eat
side. How do you not eat meat? a more plant-based diet. Plus, its
Do you just eat steamed broc- healthier!


to achieve global prestige

and tourism. However,
little changed in Sochi
after the games ended.
Brazil opted for host- The countries often end
ing the games hoping up spending over their
to attract investors and budget. The Brazilian
tourists. However, Brazil government predicted the
is facing one of the worst Olympics to cost just uneconomic crises in its der $3 billion. In the end,
history at the same time the games cost more than
that the games are tak- 150 percent of the initial
ing place. Rather than prediction. The emphasis
allowing a country that is on the spectacle is threatbetter able to
put up with
Olympics as
the pressure
they are now
of the Olym- ... the games will seen as a burpics based on
den on the
do little to heal economy and
existing infrastructure economic turmoil few cities still
host, the Inwant to host
[in Brazil]. them.
ternationa l
The Los
CommitA ngele s
tee (IOC)
Olympics of
let Brazil continue to 1984 is often seen as the
host the games. The IOC most financially successpresident claimed that ful Olympics game, and
the games would bring a no public funding went
message of hope to every into the project. But the
corner of its territory, an 1976 and 1980 games left
inspirational but imprac- their host cities in tretical message. With the mendous debt. The 1984
stadiums spread far apart Olympics prove that it is
and construction rushed, more unifying for a comthe games will do little to munity to host the games
heal economic turmoil.
within themselves, rather
Russia spent more than have countries spend
than $50 billion on their billions on new infraWinter Olympics, hoping structure.


Staying motivated and

being prepared to vote

After such a draining and didate who is more aligned with

drawn out presidential cam- your views?
paign cycle, one can be extremeEven if you are a blue voter in
ly wary about actually voting a predominately red area, or any
on Nov. 8, 2016. However, now other situation where your vote
that we are approaching the might be in the minority, your
homestretch, focusing on the vote can still make a difference.
actual voting day is more im- How much someone wins by
portant than ever.
also impacts which policies are
It is very easy to be discour- passed through, as the margin
aged from voting after a year of of victory can limit the mancandidates bashing each other dates a candidate can claim
in the news.
when they are
elected to office.
candidate is a
Change is going to Four years
liar. So-and-so
ago, when I was
happen no matter a wee first-year,
is bigoted. All
what, so you might as I was trying to
does not foster
register to vote
an environment well have a hand in it. in the 2012 prespeople want to
idential election.
BRENDA LIN Because my perapproach, and
too many opt to
EDITOR EMERITUS manent address
stay home inwas and still is
stead. While it
in New Jersey, I
is within ones rights to abstain was not able to register to vote
from voting in an election, I ad- in Georgia and therefore had
vise going against this route.
to request an absentee ballot. I
There are many reasons why quickly turned to the internet
eligible citizens, especially stu- to see how I could vote. Turbodents such as ourselves, choose vote is a website I used to figure
not participate in the process. out if I was registered and how
They dont want to chose be- I could vote absentee. To this
tween the lesser of two evils, day, the page still sends me an
or dont feel they are informed email every election in my area,
enough on the candidates, or reminding me to apply for my
feel like their votes dont mat- absentee vote.
ter or simply dont know how to
Change is going to happen
register to vote. There are a lot of no matter what, so you might as
donts, all of which can be easily well have a hand in it. You can
comment as much as you want
Voting for the lesser of evils online on Facebook, Twitter, or
seems like a no brainer. By not even Reddit, but those in charge
selecting the candidate you may are going to go off what happens
consider less evil, you are essen- in the polls.
tially equating the candidates,
As Hank Green, part of the
when in reality candidates all How to Vote video project said,
are complexly different from Democracy does not work if we
each other. Even if you do not do not participate. So go forth,
like any of the candidates, why be heard and be a part of our
would you not vote for the can- wonderful democratic system.

What new things are

you interested in
this semester?



Take my first steps towards becoming a helluva



Im really excited about

co-oping this semester.



Try the swimming pool at

the CRC.


Getting to know the

campus and Atlanta as a

10 August 26, 2016 technique




years because his little feelings got

hurt (hes being released on Sep.
2). Women get drugged, stabbed
and shot for saying no to guys. If
you think any of those things are
not good, you might be a feminist.
No Im not, you retort in 0.1
seconds. Women dont try hard
enough at work and lie about being raped and feminazi and ...
you go on for 15 minutes in the
Mens Rights subreddit.
Considering guys are the cause
of each of those things, maybe
men are to blame and not women.
If she wasnt wearing that
outfit, shed be fine, you victim
blame with scary conviction. Let
me translate: if she had dressed
differently, he would have assaulted someone else or maybe her
anyway. Yeah, men are definitely
not to blame here.
Women are judged for their
decisions on almost anything:
makeup, tattoos, children, food,
hair length, weight and 500 other
things probably.
Last I checked, women were allowed to make decisions without
your input. Yes, I am including
transgender women, because they
are women and Im talking about
women. Non-binary people are
included too. Regardless, no one
has ever wanted to hear your bigoted opinions. If you have to be
judgemental in order to survive, at
least keep it to yourself.
Youre an SJW shill, you include in a death threat in the comments section (please dont actually). If you make death threats, you
are human excrement reincarnat-

They arent damsels in

distress, but theyd probably
think it was neat if we did
something helpful.

ed. Its not funny, pretty sure its

psychopathic, and you could just
not do it. Responses like thats
just how things are online only
serve to reinforce the status quo,
which sucks for non-straight, nonwhite and/or non-males. Women
in particular have been getting
death threats for years on social
media, made worse by harassment
reporting tools that consider individual death threats as acceptable.
It has led to SWAT hoaxes and
even suicides, yet only recently has
it registered with law enforcement
and policy-makers in general. Before you say cops are behind the
times, just remember that they
figured out Twitter mighty quick
when they were the ones being
threatened recently, leading to
actual arrests. Before you say that
women need thicker skin, rhinos
dont have thick enough skin to
deal with dozens or hundreds of
losers getting off on sending them
threats. And their skin is up to
two inches thick, fun fact.
Death threats are horrible,
sometimes women arent treated
with respect, and wow rhino skin
is pretty thick, you admit. But
Im still not a feminist.

Alright fine, maybe you dont

send death threats, maybe you
have a few molecules of distaste
for the treatment of women in
society, and a group of rhinos is
called a crash, which is amazing.
Maybe you realize feminazi is
something you heard from your
dumbass friends. Admit it: the
reason youre not a feminist is because it has the word feminine
in it. If the word were descended
from anything other than femina (or if it were called common
sense), youd be down. Well, Im
sorry that our Latin roots did this
to you, but youre either a feminist
or a terrible human being.
I suggest some introspection
here, in your own voice, because
a fragile masculinity can be a
dangerous thing. It makes some
men want to buy whiskey-scented
mandles and extreme dude milk,
which is hilarious. But it makes
other men need an outlet for when
their friable egos are shattered and
violent ids unleashed.
The result is domestic violence,
death threats, stabbing fans of
the opposing sports team, an unhealthy obsession with 2A rights
and probably at least several wars

throughout history. Less violently,

its the anti-women language in
the workforce that keeps them
out; its why sons are taught how
to keep the juices inside of roasted
meat before being told women deserve respect; its the reason Teen
Titans and Young Justice were
cancelled if you care about nothing else. At the limit, its the patriarchy that we live in today.
Now, my past editorials have
been criticized for being one-sided
in believing that racism is bad, so
Ill consider the other side of the
argument this time around. Umm
... OK, yeah, no, the other side of
this argument is stupid too.
Empowering women benefits
us all. The opposition is societal.
Women can only do so much
alone. They arent damsels in distress, but they would probably
think it was neat if we did something helpful. So what can we
men do to help?
Shut up. For real this time. Its
not about you anymore, or me.
Listen to women, respect women
and support women. Treat them
like human beings. It turns out
they are human after all.
I hope zero misogynists ever
read this sentence. I hope its because I converted them all by
this point and not because they
stopped reading to leave angry comments online. Its OK,
though; those comments are usually hilarious. As incredible a writer as I am, I cannot convert everyone from being a terrible person.
I need your help.
We need your help.
I think rhinos are cool, and
thats why Im a feminist.



Try out for the VIP

team at Georgia Tech.


Create a Tech bucket

list of everything I want
to do before I graduate
this year.
Photos by Sara Schmitt Student Publications


Showcase, Present, and Inspire



technique August 26, 2016 11


A look back on one of

HOT or NOT Mirandas first projects

Move-In a Breeze

Those returning to Tech

this semester might have noticed the large amount of
student staff from the housing department. They could
be spotted sporting bright orange garb and provided help
to those trying desperately to
locate their apartments and
dorms. The parking situation
was also made very easy this
year because of the ticket system used to allow cars to park
in normally restricted lots.

Olympic Alumni

Seven Tech alumni participated in the Summer Olympic

games in Rio de Janiero this
month. Five different countries were represented, including the United States, Israel,
Malta, Nigeria and Trinidad
and Tobago.
In addition, Tech will be
represented by two competitors at the Paralympic games,
which take place in early-mid
September. They will both be
on the U.S. Paralympic team.

Sbucks cuts Sweet Tea

I waited in line at Starbucks

today, thinking I would treat
myself to a refillable sweet tea
as a tasty treat for making it
to all my first classes. But alas,
when it was my turn to order,
the barista informed me that
they no longer served it. My
heart sunk. Their sweet tea had
been with me through many a
finals week, and I did not even
get a chance to say goodbye.
Ill miss you dearly, Starbucks
sweet tea.


The new semester has

brought with it almost 3,000
freshmen, and a consequence
has been the severe crowding of
many buildings that typically
have several classes, including
Howey and the instructional
center. Students have, in some
cases, been forced to take seats
on the ground due to lack of
available chairs. A few classes
have even been moved to exotic locales, such as the library
and the flag building.

Veritable national treasure LinManuel Miranda has a catalogue

of brilliance so large Id be remiss
if I tried to discuss it all in one
editorial. Instead, Id like to draw
attention to one specific work: his
magnum opus, which melds an
art form beloved by generations
of Americans with modern style
and diversity. Its been viewed
by thousands of fortunate souls.
And, perhaps most importantly,
it features a small Muppet sheep
who raps in Spanish.
Murray had a Little Lamb is
a criminally underrated Sesame
Street segment that struck me
as artistic genius from the moment I first experienced it. It was
a regular feature in 2008, when
my brother was three and at peak
Sesame Street consumption, and
though I was well past the target
age range, I knew the premise
alone was special: Murray, an orange monster who mostly yells in
some sort of Midwestern accent,
spends his days with Ovejita, a
tiny and shockingly-cute sheep
who speaks exclusively Spanish.
The theme song for their segment is described by Muppet
Wiki as Caribbean-esque
[with a] rap variation on the classic nursery rhyme Mary Had a
Little Lamb, performed by none
other than Miranda. Its as phenomenal as it sounds.
People close to me are acutely
aware that I have an inordinate
appreciation for Sesame Street;
I found an excuse to write about
it in my first Public Policy class
and will likely do the same again
because I find the programs influence and history endlessly
fascinating. Diversity was a cornerstone of Sesame Streets philos-

Public programming is
the closest thing American
children have to a universal



ophy long before it was expected

in mainstream television, much
less in a childrens show, and it
has long relished the challenge of
adapting challenging topics for
their audience without dumbing
things down.
Like most people in 2016 who
possess ears and a heart, I also
have an inordinate appreciation
for Hamilton, and had just fallen in love with In the Heights
when I had my Murray/Miranda
Lin-Manuels work is aligned
with the unapologetically Hispanic sheep and her hip-hop spitting friend, in that they reflect the
real world and leverage real music to teach their lessons.
There are no milquetoast 4/4
time melodies and baby-fied stories but interesting sounds and
clever wordplay made with a wink
at the audience who is assumed
to be smart enough to keep up.
Sound familiar?
In a way, Murray had a Little
Lamb is a more effective deployment of diverse music and casting
than Hamilton, which is inherently constrained by its existence
as a broadway musical. Those
lacking the resources to even hear
music like Hamiltons, let alone

scrounge together the money to

see it in person, are barred from
appreciating its uniqueness.
Its important to understand
that diverse casting does not
necessarily equate a diverse audience, particularly in a world as
isolated to a certain race and class
as Broadway.
Contrast this with Murray
had a Little Lambs platform on
Sesame Street. Public programming is the closest thing American children have to a universal
experience. Regardless of their
neighborhood or their school, a
child with access to a television
can see the same Muppets doing
the same things as their peers can
see. Ovejita will speak Spanish
to a child who speaks only that
just as she will to a child whos
never heard a word of a language
besides English.
Those childrens parents can be
thrilled about the representation
or irrationally irritated that an
adorable creature made of foam
and fabric isnt speaking English.
Ovejita and Murray, for lack
of better words, keep it real by
reflecting many cultures for each
other in ways that dont demean
or bastardize to accommodate
for bias.



Jon Long


Samira Bandaru


Amazon Comes to Tech Square


The Technique analyzes Amazon's new Locker service and

the impacts it could have on campus.416


August 26, 2016

Startup Summer hosts third annual Demo Day



This past Tuesday evening,
the Fox Theater was bustling
with activity in anticipation of
the 21 startup teams who, in a
few minutes, would be presenting their four minute pitches on
the products and services they had
been working on for the past four
months. The mission of Techs
Startup Summer program is to
provide students with the opportunity to launch startup companies from their own ideas, prototypes and inventions.
Now in its third year, Startup
Summer has helped launch 42 different startups. This year, Startup
Summer received 120 applications, of which only 21 were accepted. These 21 teams then went
on to participate in 12 weeks of
developing their product, with up
to $20,000 in funding, mentorship, workspace and intellectual
property protection.
Demo Day was comprised of
two hours of startup pitches followed by demonstrations. During
the presentations startup founders discussed the purpose of their
products, the target audience and
why their products are important.
A few of the startups presented
include a medical information database, a database of revolutionary
guitar tutorials, a sports focused
multi-medial relational database
community, a drone designed fly
longer than existing drones using
biomimicry to emulate the natural flapping pattern of birds, a location tracking dog collar and an
all-natural energy drink.
The event itself is the culmination of the entire summer startup program, so its the 12 week
program and its really intense,
said Raghupathy Sivakumar, executive director of Create-X, the
organization that runs student
entrepreneurship initiatives like
Startup Summer.

We have a tagline give us

a summer, well give you a startup but in reality, these startups give more than the summer,
because theyre lodging the grain
that involves a lot of hard work.
Todays event is the snapshot that
you get into that journey, Sivakumar said.
Startups like FitGenie, a fitness
tracker powered by artificial intelligence, are working on pitching
their product into the market.
We really want to build a
great product for our initial market and provide significantly more
value in a free app than other fitness trackers, said Obi Anachebe,
CEO of FitGenie.

From there well look to implement premium features that

make use of the artificial intelligence algorithms weve built
and allow us to go head to head
with the big fitness trackers on
the market. Long term, wed like
to be an end-to-end nutrition
solution where a button click
would get you everything you
need determined by our algorithms and delivered to your
door, Anachebe said.
The process of applying for
startup summer and idea development is thorough and intense.
Students apply as a team with a
clear startup hypothesis. The initial proposal includes students

presenting their prototype, why

they think their idea would be
successful, and how they came together as a group.
The single most important
ingredient that weve identified
of the three years is how strongly
committed the team is, Sivakumar says. You would think that
it is the product, but that actually doesnt matter as much as
how committed and close knit
the team is.
The idea is then presented
to a panel who initially provide
the team with guidance, before
moving onto the selection of the
21 teams who participate in Startup Summer.

However, after getting into the

program, the rest of the journey is
by no means easy.
The greatest challenge that we
are currently facing is connecting
with the right people in the beverage industry that understand
what we are trying to do, said
Charles Lankau, founder of Synapse, an all-natural synaptotropic
energy microbeverage. We are on
the cutting edge of a new wave of
functional beverages and we are
facing the burdens of being first.
It is our responsibility to educate
both consumers and potential investors about a new market that is
set to take off.
See STARTUP, page 15

Photo by Samira Bandaru Student Publications

Tyler Sisk speaks about his startup, FireHUD, a wearable device that monitors real-time biometric information for firefighters. Twenty-one teams participated in this summers Demo Day, the culmination of three months of product development.

Different ways to get involved on Techs campus


College will be the best four
years of your life. A phrase often
repeated by adults with jaded eyes
and failing bodies. As students
make their way from the lockerladen halls of youth to Bobby
Dodds unforgiving hill, these
words may begin to seem like
nothing more than empty promises. And that may very well be the
case if one chooses to surround
themselves solely with books
and their apartment walls. If one
wishes to avoid this fate, however,
Tech provides a myriad of options
to balance out the rigors of its academic curriculum.
First and foremost is exercise.
Physical activity produces endorphins that combat built-up stress,
leading to better mental and physical health. Thankfully, all Tech
students are given access to the
CRC, a state-of-the-art exercise

facility with everything from free

weights to ping-pong tables.
On top of that, organized
sports provide a more competitive

atmosphere in which to be active.

Several organizations field intramural teams in sports ranging
from football to bowling. These

sports allow for a fun, social way

to stay active, while still being
casual enough to accommodate
busy schedules.

Photo courtesy of Jamie Howell

Tech students participate in a game of intramural flag football on the SAC Fields.
Flag football is one of many sports offered in the fall rotation of intramural sports.

Club sports on the other hand,

usually involve a more significant
time investment. Many of these
teams practice multiple times a
week and travel to compete with
other schools, making them perfect for students looking for something akin to high school athletics, albeit on a larger scale. Some,
such as Techs Mens Lacrosse
team, have traveled as far away as
California to compete in national
Aside from sports, Tech is
home to a seemingly endless list
of clubs and organizations always
eager to take new members. No
matter where ones interests lie,
virtually every major has a whole
slew of associated clubs that are
both fun and beneficial for building a resume. Dont be afraid to
go all out and attend meetings of
every organization that might interest you. You wont regret it in
a couple years when you see your
friends struggling to find positions
See INVOLVED, page 15

3347 MIDTOWN GaTech ad_Layout 1 8/23/2016 12:04 PM Page 1


12:00-3:00 PM AND 5:00-7:00 PM

Stop by and See What Were All About!
1 Baltimore Place NW

Midtown Atlanta
Functional Neurology
Vitalistic Nutrition
Functional Kinesiology
Positive Psychology

What is health? Can it be found in a pill bottle or fixed at a doctors office?

At Life University Health Systems Midtown Atlanta, we believe that true health means removing
interferences from the body so that you can live to your greatest potential. True health means giving
your body the tools to succeed in the classroom, in the game, in your relationships and in your career.
Our innovative clinic takes a comprehensive view of health care, with services tailored to maximize
every aspect of health. Where do you want your health to be? Let us take you there.

Find out how good your life can be. Initial visit only $20.

1 Baltimore Place NW, Atlanta



technique August 26, 2016 15



Applications for Startup Summer open during the spring semester and are quite competitive.
Start working on the idea
as soon as possible, said Sheena
Patel, fourth-year EE and cofounder of Catalize, a mobile
application that makes personal
and professional introductions
and networking easier.
Assemble a team, assign roles
and then begin making it. When
you have the most basic version
of your idea built, put it in front
of people and get their feedback.

If you are doing all of this even

before Startup Summer, youll
really stand out from the other
teams applying and will have a
great shot at getting into the program, Patel said.
In this age of entrepreneurship
and with the amount of talent and
knowledge in college, having an
active startup culture is becoming
increasingly relevant and important. Referencing Johns Hopkins,
Sivakumar said, University was
where you went to gain knowledge and then Johns Hopkins
came along and said universities
can be research institutions as

well, where you can share knowledge, but also discover knowledge
as well. I think universities are going through a phase of evolution
where in addition to being learning centers and discovery centers,
theyre also becoming impact centers. How can I put what I learn
to use? How do I impact society?
In an environment of hardworking and ambitious people,
Tech is the perfect place for the
critical thinkers who drive an entrepreneurial spirit.
To learn more about Startup
Summer or to get involved, check
out startupsummer.gatech.edu.

Photo by Samira Bandaru Student Publications

Sanjay Parekh, associate director of Startup Summer, speaks enthusiastically about previous summers startups during a break between the 2016 summer pitches at the Fox Theatre.


in organizations around campus
and youre settled and working up
the ladder in an organization that
youve been in for three years. Go
to orgsync.com for a wide database of all organizations and clubs
on campus.
While Tech is known for its
engineering program, many of its
students find time for more artistic endeavors on the side. Organizations such as Under the Couch
and many LMC clubs offer students a means to pursue side passions and balance out the barrage
of numbers faced in classes.
Campus jobs also provide a
way to get out of the dorms and
classrooms while providing an
always welcome cash supply. The
CRC and Student Center provide
close, decently paid jobs that usually involve little more than sitting behind a desk. One can also
participate in tutoring and TA-ing
through Techs Center for Academic Success.
While it may seem counterproductive to the goal of countering
Techs stress, student research can
also be an enriching and productive way to spend ones time. Most
majors have a research option that
can offer a look at a wide range of
disciplines. Research looks great
on a resume, provides a deeper
look into the students field and
even gives some students the
chance to become published.
Perhaps the biggest and most
impactful plunge one can take at
Tech is joining the Greek community. Tech, like many larger state
schools, boasts a diverse and active

group of fraternities and sororities. As such, students of all backgrounds and interests are virtually
guaranteed to find a good fit.
Greek life not only fosters
strong relationships with likeminded brothers and sisters, but
it also gives students the opportunity to participate in numerous
social events, philanthropies and
schoolwide competitions such as
Greek Week and Homecoming.
While many see Greek life as too
much of a distraction from Techs
busy schedule, the academic
support provided by most groups
can prove to be invaluable, and
it has created a trend of Greek
GPA being higher than the Institute average.
Techs Greek population is
made up of 32 fraternities and
nine sororities, as well as a large
selection of professional and multicultural groups. While many
groups have already undergone
formal fall rush, most will offer
spring rush once school begins
next January.
Most of these options share
one common thread: social interaction. Far too many people take
Tech on as a solitary endeavor,
carrying the weight of the Institute on their shoulders for a
full five years. When that load is
shared, it becomes clear that the
Tech workload is something suffered by all.
These clubs and organizations
certainly provide both personal
and professional enrichment, but
their most important aspect is undoubtably the social connections
forged by following a passion outside of the classroom.


Secure, convenient order pickup for the Georgia
Tech community
FREE Same-Day Pickup on millions of items for
Prime Student & Prime members
Free returns on Amazon orders


G E O R G I AT E C H . A M A Z O N . C O M

16 August 26, 2016 technique

Advice to

First week of college. The sun
is shining and the skies are blue,
with clouds that look like fluffy
blankets to be slept in, not collections of water vapor. The table is
set. This is Tech. We are a school
of bright-minded individuals,
innovative thinkers and skilled
As the start of the new school
year gets us back into the day-today grind that we here at the Institute know to be life, let us be
reminded of this fundamental
truth: The students at this school
will one day graduate and become
CEOs, investors, scientists, astronauts, athletes, doctors, lawyers
and pretty much any other career
you can imagine.
Right now, however, there
are thousands of freshmen at


this school and at other colleges

around the world who share the
same sad, sad plight: What am I
going to do with my life?
To the freshmen who feel like
the world has suddenly ceased
spinning and the walls are caving
in, I have some sage-like advice for
you: Take a deep breath and relax.
Whether youre from across the
globe or across the street, you belong here. You are one of the best
students your high school had to
offer. You are meant to be at this
school. If you dont believe me,
ask anyone who is a sophomore
or older. For we too experienced
the trials youre enduring now.
We have all had those dormroom breakdowns, Freshman Hill
freak-outs, feelings of futility and
flustered phone calls home, but
look at us now. Weve survived.
The same can be said for Techs
alumni. Yes, although it may be
hard to believe that these Nobel
Laureates, astronauts, engineers,
etc. were once afraid of their 9
a.m. English class or late afternoon chemistry labs, take heart in
the fact that they too were at one
time in your shoes, fearful freshmen at the Institute.
Rather than stress, take care
of that which you can control,
and dont worry about anything
else. Like the great Ferris Bueller once said, Life moves pretty
fast. If you dont stop and look
around every once in a while, you
may miss it.
And with that, soak up that
shining sun, enjoy that deep blue
Atlanta sky and get lost in those
fluffy blankets. Youre a Yellow
Jacket now. Go be one.

Amazon Store comes to Tech


In 1860, the Pony Express
revolutionized the American mail
system. Western pioneers were
able to receive their packages,
mail and Harambe memes in a
matter of days rather than weeks.
Today, in an age of largely nonhorse-based delivery services, the
standard for speed has remained
largely stagnant with delivery
times of around two to five days
at a wide range of price points.
Retail giant Amazon recently decided that two-day shipping, as
well as sometimes heinously expensive overnight option, simply
wouldnt cut it.

To remedy this, the company

recently released a self-pickup option called Amazon Locker. These
pickup locations, popping up all
across the country, allow packages
to be ready for pickup within a
few hours as long as the purchased
item is in stock at the local Amazon warehouse.
The current selection of items
is admittedly small at the moment, but the services speed still
has the potential to bring desperate students to Amazon rather
than an actual store.
Amazons decision to bring a
location to Tech is simply one in
a long series of student-focused
efforts to bring in collegiate business. The company recently gave
a free year of its Prime service to

all customers with a valid .edu

email address, as well as a $50
annual price cut should they continue use the service.
The pickup location, located
just across the 5th Street bridge in
Tech Square, has the potential to
do more for students than just expedite the shipping of school supplies. In bypassing the traditional
post system, Amazon should theoretically reduce traffic in Techs
student center post office. It is
also positioned to serve the many
startups operating in the Tech
Square area, an intentional move
by Amazon.
To see if an item is available
for free overnight shipping to
Tech Square, look for the Amazon
Locker option during checkout.

Photo courtesy of Amazon

The Tech Square Amazon Locker location held its grand opening ceremony Friday, Aug.
19. The service promises overnight delivery on items held in Amazons Atlanta Warehouse.

presenting the 2016-2017 25th anniversary professional artists series

From traditional art forms to new immersive arts experiences,
prepare to be amazed at the work in the 25th Anniversary Season.
Music, dance and theater at the forefront of creative expression await you!
by Stein/Holum Projects
September 15-17



September 30 FREE




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November 11

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February 11

October 27

March 17

March 24-25

April 15


New! Georgia Tech Students

pick 4 shows for $30!
Single shows $10 each

All shows now on sale at the

Box Office in the Ferst Center


See show descriptions and find

more arts events on campus at


Students, dont miss this opportunity to celebrate the Georgia Tech Family!


This exciting weekend of activities
includes a special presentation
Register Your Family Today!
by President Peterson, stimulating
Register online now at
presentations by faculty and staff,
College and School receptions,
er 15th at 11:59 p.m.
Registration closes Thursday, Septemb
for events.
GT Family Night at the Aquarium,
or when capacity is reac
student performances, a special
performance with Arts@Tech,
our annual Family Weekend Tailgate prior to the GT vs. Miami football game, community service, a
Jazz Brunch with John Stein, Vice President for Student Life and Dean of Students, and much more!




Kara Pendley


Monica Jamison



August 26, 2016

Twenty One Pilots soar above expectations


Emotional Roadshow
DATE: Aug. 6


Everything about Twenty One
Pilots is different. From their ski
masks and body paint stage personas to their unique combination of musical genres, the band
refuses to be defined. With only
two members, the band certainly
does not lack energy.
Tyler Joseph leads vocals, bass,
the piano and the ukulele alongside Josh Dun, the drummer who
also plays the trumpet. Played
on pop and alternative stations,
Twenty One Pilots signature
sound has influences of alternative, punk rock, reggae, and rap.
Twenty One Pilots consistently
delivers an authentic, genuine
voice in every song. Josephs lyrics
are relatable to all fans with words
of defeat, vulnerability and insecurity but also positivity, motivation and determination to be true
to oneself.
With the release of the bands
newest album, Blurryface, Joseph belts out impressive notes,
punching listeners with powerful
and relatable words on insecurities with lines such as, My names
Blurryface and I care what you
think. Twenty One Pilots Emotional Roadshow tour hit Duluth
on Aug. 6, captivating a sold-out
show at the Infinite Energy Arena
and featuring a set list that included songs from all four of the
bands albums.
In response to thousands of
fans chanting TOP, Joseph
and Dun took stage and led with
Heavydirtysoul. Both wore ski
masks and suits and the song ended with Joseph making a disappearing act, going from the stage
to one of the top sections of the
arena. Within seconds of the start
of the song, fans sang along to the
lyrics and Joseph incorporated
fans into the track, We Dont

Photos courtesy of Fueled by Ramen

Josh Dun (featured) plays the drums at the beginning of Twenty One Pilots sold out show. The duo begins their performance wearing red suits and ski masks before accelerating their concert to a whirlwind full of hamster balls and drumming on audiences.

Believe Whats On TV, by yelling 1,2,3, followed by the arena

shouting, Yeah, Yeah, Yeah, as
he strummed his ukulele.
Dun and Joseph poured their
souls into each song, somehow
bringing more energy and life with
each subsequent song. Dun dared
to drum on top of the crowd, having fans in the pit lift up a board
carrying his drums as he slammed
to the pinnacle of the hit Ride,
and throwing his drumstick into
the crowd at the end of the song.
Twenty One Pilots paired incredible vocals with theatrical antics, as
Dun backflipped off of the piano.
Later, Joseph climbed into a giant red hamster ball and ran over
the pit. Throughout the show,
the band came on and off stage
wearing multiple outlandish costumes, from Duns red eye make-

up and white shorts to Josephs

red beanie, long floral shirt and
white sunglasses.
The performance was marked
with astounding lighting effects
throughout the entire concert.
With strobe and disco effects,
the lights added to each song.
The lighting gave a very eerie atmosphere to Josephs epic bass
during their latest single, Heathens, which hit the top spot on
Billboards Hot Rock Chart, and
made the band the first to have
three successive songs top the list,
with Ride and Stressed Out
previously reaching this position.
Joseph and Dun called out
their opening acts, ChefSpecial
and Mutemath, to join them on
stage, and proved that they are
as captivating with covers as they
are with their original songs.

First they treated the audience to

Twist and Shout, followed by
Justin Biebers Love Yourself.
Twenty One Pilots is extremely
versatile and equally soulful, as
was shown with Elvis Cant
Help Falling In Love, while the
crowd sang along and waved their
phones in the air making a dreamy
light show. Dun then took up his
trumpet for their rendition of
House of Pains Jump Around,
having thousands of fans jumping
and waving to the beat.
Nearing the end of the show,
Joseph and Dun treated audiences to fan favorites, Stressed
Out and Tear in My Heart, as
Joseph played the piano. The duo
closed the show and left stage only
to give into the fans requests for
more, coming back on stage with
two songs.

They ended the show with

Trees, and both headed for the
center as fans lifted them up and
they again drummed on top of the
pit. With each bang on the drums,
red and white confetti exploded.
Joseph and Dun dared to be different and gave fans a truly interactive experience to be remembered by.
After opening in May in Cincinnati, Ohio, the band plans to
hit cities around the U.S. and in
Europe, closing in Perth, Australia. When around Tech and stuck
in Midtown traffic, check out
Radio 105.7 to listen to the latest
Twenty One Pilots hits. There is
still a chance to catch the Twenty
One Pilots ride at Music Midtown
on Sep. 17 and 18 at Piedmont
Park, where fans can see the duo
stress out.


Aug. 2629 Interested in
seeing one of the top ten emerging music festivals, according
to USA Today? Head to Hampton, Georgia, to see five stages
worth of electronic musicians
and DJs, including Adventure Club, Zeds Dead and The
Disco Biscuits.
In its third year, the aquaticfairy-tale-themed festival outgrew its former home in Historic
Fourth Ward Park and moved to
the Atlanta Motor Speedway. The
three day festival also includes
circus performers, art, workshops
and an amusement park.


Aug. 2728 Celebrate the
eminent end of summer in Atlantas oldest park. The outdoor festival includes a 5K run on Saturday
morning, the Grant Park Farmers
Market on Sunday morning, two
stages of live music, over 180 artists, both food trucks and traditional festival food, and activities
for children.
Alternative transportation is
encouraged, and the Atlanta Bicycle Coalition will be providing
a free bike valet. The event supports the Grant Park Conservancy
which takes care of the park.

Atlanta festival lineup livens up the fall semester



Photos courtesy of Summer Shade Festival

Visitors at the Grant Park Summer Shade Festival relax in

the sun. The festival concludes the final weekend of summer.

As summer fades into fall, Atlanta offers a variety of entertaining events, from neighborhood
festivals to nationally famous
music festivals to cultural celebrations. This fall will feature bluegrass, EDM, chili cook-offs, a lantern parade, street art and more.
Students are encouraged to experience Atlanta during their time
at Tech, and festivals are the perfect way to immerse themselves in
the Atlantan culture. Some festivals are even free to attend.

See FESTIVALS, page 22

technique August 26, 2016 19


DCs Suicide Squad fails to marvel audiences


Suicide Squad
GENRE: Action
STARRING: Margot Robbie
DIRECTOR: David Ayer


The Suicide Squad consists of

an ex-psychiatrist turned Joker
sidekick, a perfect marksman, a
government official, a deadly boomerang wielder (Jai Courtney,
Divergent), a special forces officer (Joel Kinnaman, RoboCop),
a human fireball, a swordswoman
(Karen Fukuhara) and a reptilian
villain (Adewale Akinnuoye-Agbaje, Lost). The movie directed
by David Ayer (Training Day)
was a disappointment for many
comic enthusiasts.
The adventure woven for the
audience lays down a tale of an
off-the-books government organization comprised of super villains.
These evil-doers are roped in with
the promise of reduced sentences
in exchange for saving the world
under the cover of darkness.
It may already be easy to tell
that there is a large collection of
characters with compelling stories
who make up most of the key roles
in this film. The movie attempts
to do justice to the characters
backstories while it juggles the
scales of justice.
The villains and government
officials intentions and methods stumble between good and
bad often, making the audience
question the integrity of Amanda
Waller (Viola Davis, The Help),

the government official who created the Suicide Squad, and the
seemingly more honorable and
loyal capabilities of the criminals
branded as the most evil villains
available for action.
Throughout the press coverage before the movie premiere,
the articles and trailers promised
a much different version of the
film from the final product. The
most notable difference is the
role, or rather the absence, of the
Joker (Jared Leto, Dallas Buyers
Club) in the plot. Although with
the sub-par representation of the
Joker, the audience does not feel
quite as snubbed.
The number of scenes with his
character are small, and his canon
obsessive and abusive relationship
with his sidekick, Harley Quinn
(Margot Robbie, The Wolf of
Wall Street), as told through
the comic books was quite different from the somewhat romanticized portrayal on the screen.
Although we can get a minuscule
glimpse at the horrific manipulations Joker inflicts on Quinn,
their relationship was still painted
with a thin film of twisted mutual
love and longing.
The movie emulates the recent Marvel films in their need
to include such a large number of
complicated characters with not
enough time to properly explain
the intricate stories that bring
them together. The audience is
treated to flash backs to show a
short version of the histories of
most of the characters.
The movie starts with Waller
dropping a binder of the criminals rap sheets, and launches
into a series of shocking intros for
each, plunging us into the cycle of
flashbacks intermingled with the
present. This pushes acceptance of
the team as a whole on the audience, without enough reason and
backstory as to why the criminals

Photos courtesy of Warner Bros.

Deadshot (Will Smith) and Harley Quinn (Margot Robbie) ready to jump into the fray. Smith and
Robbie have the majority of the screen time as they try to make the most of the sub-par dialogue.

and officials are paired together

for better or for worse.
Getting brief glimpses of Harley Quinn and El Diablos past
(Jay Hernandez, Takers) among
others leave the audience grasping
for more as the central mission for
the Squad is forcibly pushed to
the forefront of the plot between
memories of the past. The switch
between the past and present is as
harsh as Wallers methods, creating a ping-pong match feeling
during the movie.
The main story line involves
the first mission of the Suicide
Squad the first time they have
to save the world. This feels like
the corniest portion of the plot,
and it was far more interesting to

see Harley Quinn in action and

the progression of her story.
The movie is pulled together
by Robbies portrayal of Harley.
She is a refreshing spot in a sea of
writing that tries much too hard
to lighten the grittier, more interesting comics the film pulls from
to become more palatable to a
wider audience.
In fact, corniness is an undercurrent throughout the movie
beginning with Amanda Wallers
binder of the Worst of the Worst
to form a criminal team doing her
dirty deeds to save the world. As
mentioned before, the main plot
line centered around the Enchantress (Cara Delevingne, Paper
Towns), and her evil machina-

tions could not have been more

meaningless in the scheme of the
movie. In general, the script of the
film was lackluster, although Robbies acting managed to rise above
the mediocre lines.
That is not to say that there
is not good acting in the movie,
such as Hernandezs representation of El Diablo, and Will
Smiths (Men in Black) masterful Deadshot.
The movie had so much potential, but ultimately without Harley Quinn and her trusty baseball bat, it would have been more
of a suicidal opening, than the
alluringly grim and engaging fantasy that Suicide Squad should
have been.

technique August 26, 2016 21


Former iconic style eludes The Goo Goo Dolls


The Goo Goo Dolls
LABEL: Warner Bros. Records
GENRE: Alternative Rock
TRACK PICKS: Boxes and
So Alive


Alternative rock icons, The
Goo Goo Dolls are touring for
their 11th studio album, Boxes,
and will be performing at Chastain Park Amphitheater in Atlanta
on Sep. 4. The Goo Goo Dolls
is now a duo comprised of lead
singer/guitarist Johnny Rzeznik
and bassist Robby Takac, after
drummer Mike Malinins departure from the band. Boxes was
released in May of 2016.
Over and Over opens the album with a clean, modern alt rock
anthem. The song rides a simple
melody and is filled with basic, repetitive lyrics. Johnnys voice has
changed little since the days of
hits like Iris and Name. The
track makes use of a softer electric
guitar riff layered over acoustic
guitar and a rolling bass line in
classic Goo Goo Dolls style.
The title track, Boxes, has
a little more soul than the other
songs on the album. Its a song

Photo courtesy of Warner Bros. Records

Johnny Rzeznik (center) and Robby Takac (right) turn it up with their hit Over and Over at their Aug. 7 show in Detroit. The Goo Goo Dolls are back touring to promote their 2016 album, Boxes, and will perform in Chastain Park on Sep. 4.

about family and memories with

loved ones. It has a simple stripped
down sound for the verses but fills
out for the chorus.
The single from the album, So
Alive, is one of the better songs
on the album. It fits right into the
current alternative scene in music,
with happy lyrics and plenty of reverb for the chorus. It is driven by
a bobbing drumbeat in the verses
that, again, fills out into the full
band for the chorus. The vocals
are clear and smooth, and backup

singers nicely fill out the background of the track.

Strangely enough, two songs
sound remarkably like Bon Jovi
songs circa the 2005 album Have
A Nice Day. Free of Me and
Prayer in My Pocket both have
rougher, lower vocals with echoing backup vocals. They both have
mildly distorted acoustic guitar
and the modernized rock ballad tempo that Bon Jovi brought
into the early 2000s. The duo has
certainly adapted their sound to

100s ces

Student Center Commons
The Piedmont Room
Mon. Sept. 12 thru Fri. Sept. 16
9 A.M. - 6 P.M.

match the current generation of

music, but they seem to have lost
the soul that gave their music the
heartfelt effect that made them
famous. Their melodies and lyrics feel commonplace and interchangeable with just about any
other given band that puts out
an alt-rock ballad. It feels like the
whole album was written to be
a run-of-the-mill track backing
some sappy graduation video, or
a modern Christian praise song
minus all of the religion.

However, they have been filling out their venues, even selling out in a few cases. They have
a known reputation for putting
on fun shows, and much of the
music on this album is good for
swaying and holding a lighter to
at a concert.
The Goo Goo Dolls are very
talented musicians and sound
great at live shows. And at their
worst, fans still have the opportunity to sing along with and relive
the classics they are known for.

22 August 26, 2016 technique


Aug. 28 Experience the
largest multicultural event in the
Southeast, complete with musicians, dance performances, a heritage parade, exhibits, food, and
arts and crafts. In its 16th year,
the festival will overtake Piedmont Park from 9 a.m. to 8 p.m.
Alejandra Guzman and Richie
Ray & Bobby Cruz headline the
live music. The Atlanta Community Food Bank will receive five
percent of the festival proceeds.
Sep. 910 Head to the Beltline Lantern Parade early to enjoy
this extension of the festivities in
the Historic Fourth Ward Skate
Park. Friday night features food
truck happy hour and live music,
including The Whiskey Gentry,
Blookin and The Atlanta Funk
Saturday starts with free yoga
and continues with lantern making workshops and a full bar
showing college football games.
As the sun sets, find a seat in the
grandstands to watch the main
event of twinkling, whimsical lanterns passing by.
Sep. 1718 Atlantas premier music festival returns to
Piedmont Park with four stages
of rock, pop, hip hop and electronic artists. The Killers, Twenty
One Pilots, Beck and Deadmau5
headline the weekend, and the
full schedule is now available online. General Admission two-day


tickets are $125, but the price increases to $135 on Sep. 2.

Sep. 22 New to Atlanta?
Attend this sampler of crowdapproved culture. Bringing their
Best of Atlanta issue to life, Creative Loafing hosts a celebration
featuring former and current winners under one roof at the Georgia Freight Depot. The Thursday
night includes samples from winning restaurants and the citys best
art, music, comedians, circus performers, spoken word poets and
even mystics. General admission
tickets are $20 through Sep. 1, after which they are $30.
Sep. 25, Oct. 23 The streets
of Atlanta will come to life twice
this fall when the Atlanta Bicycle
Coalitions initiative closes streets
to cars for a few hours and opens
them to pedestrians, cyclists, and
local businesses. The Sunday afternoon events have the atmosphere of an extended block party
and realizes the vision of sustainable, vibrant streets in different
Each event kicks off with a
themed bike parade. On Sep. 25,
the route connects the eastside
neighborhoods of Virginia Highland, Little Five Points and Old
Fourth Ward; on Oct. 23, the
last event of the year runs down
Peachtree Street from Downtown
to Midtown.
Oct. 12 In its 16th year,
Candler Park celebrates fall with

two days of live music, over 200

artist vendors, food trucks and
family activities.
Saturday begins with a 5K
race and has a lineup of tribute
bands, and Sunday offers a Tour
of Homes in the neighborhood
and music from local bands. Over
15,000 people are expected to attend each day.


Nov. 5 Cabbagetown offers
a late fall festival called Chomp &
Stomp Chili Cookoff & Bluegrass
Festival with unique twists. Besides attending the typical 5K run,
artist market and food vendors,

one can compete in brussel sprout

bobbing, cabbage shredding and
slaw eating.
Sample individual and restaurant competitors chilis while
listening to four stages of bluegrass music.

Oct. 89 Tracing its roots
to a march in 1971, the weekend
long celebration of the LGBTQIA community is based in Piedmont Park. The festivities kick off
with a cocktail party at the Georgia Aquarium. Other events include a cultural exhibit, yoga
class, comedy showcase, car and
motorcycle show, and an amazing
dance party.
The main pride parade on Sunday at noon requires registration
for participation but can be seen
along Peachtree Street between
the Civic Center MARTA station
and Piedmont Park. The Trans
March and Dyke March are on
Oct. 1321 Hosted by
the Mayors Office of Cultural
Affairs, the sixth annual public
art festival will take over South
Downtown. Focused on the Microcosm theme this year, the
temporary program aims to stimulate the neighborhood with free
performances, cultural events and
visual art. The American for the
Arts Public Art Network ranked
Elevate in the top 50 public art
projects in the nation.

Photo by Monica Jamison Student Publications

At Atlanta Streets Alive in Oct. 2015, Imperial OPA Circus performed as cyclists proceeded down car-free Peachtree Street.

technique August 26, 2016 23







24 August 26, 2016 technique








5041 full page double NP ad-students teachers.indd 1

7/25/16 1:13 PM

26 August 26, 2016 technique


For Johnson and staff, recruiting optimism


Remember the Tech football

program that was forced to make
competent collegiate starters out
of three-star recruits? The team
that was lucky to snag one or two
four-star players in a single cycle?
It might be time to do away
with that notion.
The past two weeks have been
historic for Tech football as the
program has picked up three
straight four-star football recruits
headlined by the Swilling brothers. This week, Tre Swilling and
Bruce Jordan-Swilling gave their
pledge to Coach Paul Johnson.
The two brothers hail from New
Orleans, La.
Their surname holds a special
place in school athletic history.
Their father, Pat Swilling, is one
of the greatest football players to
play for Tech, a member of the
College Football Hall of Fame
and a teammate of current Tech
defensive coordinator Ted Roof.
The Swillings uncle Ken was an
All-American for Tech in their
memorable 1990 national championship winning campaign.
Tre was recruited as a defensive
back and Bruce has been recruited
as a possible BB/LB. According
to 247Sports, Bruce is the second
highest rated recruit in the Paul
Johnson era. Both brothers were
pursued heavily by other major
football schools, from Alabama to
Michigan, but getting a chance to
continue the family legacy at Tech
pushed them to choose the Flats.
With very careful consideration, I have decided to commit
to Georgia Tech and continue the
Swilling Legacy that my father
and uncles started. There was no
other place that could give me

more motivation then playing

in their shadows and working
to standout as they did in their
time, Tre Swilling posted on his
Twitter account after committing.
Being able to run out on the field
and look up to my fathers name
on the HOF banner will serve as
a constant reminder of the hard
work and effort it takes to be great
on and off the field.
Both Swillings have been very
vocal for recruiting for Tech and
getting other top level players to
join them next season.

Legacies have been hard to

come by for Tech recruiters as of
late. Defensive end Carl Lawson,
Jr., chose Auburn over his fathers
alma mater three years ago, for
example. The Swillings choice
could serve as an example for other young players in a similar situation to play in The Flats.
The third four-star commit
was safety Gentry Bonds from
Murfreesboro, Tenn. Bonds chose
Tech over Tennessee, Duke and
UNC. Bonds junior season was
remarkably productive; he made

49 tackles, break up 13 passes and

snag four interceptions.
Tech now has 13 commits
in this class and will look to get
about 20 by next February.
Tech has an average star ranking of 3.15 which ranks 27th in the
nation, courtesy of rivals.com.
Tech usually signs smaller classes
than most power five schools, so
they are generally never that high
in overall recruiting rankings.
The frenetic pace of the 2016
17 recruiting cycle evokes memories of the 200708 haul, the last

Photo by John Nakano Student Publications

Paul Johnson looks on during a game. Johnson and his staff, who are better known for developing players than recruiting them, have gotten off to an impressive start for the newest cycle.

of head coach Chan Gailey. That

group included stars Jonathan
Dwyer, Josh Nesbitt, Morgan
Burnett, Roddy Jones and Derick Morgan. While it is much too
early to assess the impact of the
newest set of Tech players, history
is on their side.
The influx of higher rated recruits has been a surprise given
that Tech is coming off a season
where they went 3-9. That is good
news for the program that the
down season has not seemed to affect recruiting. The class currently
has seven defensive players, four
offensive players, one punter and
one kicker. Tech has no wide receivers or A-backs signed for this
class, so the recruiting staff will
address that before signing day.
Compared to previous classes,
this class has a chance to be Techs
best class under Coach Johnson.
The last few classes havent had as
many highly rated recruits, and
the ones who did commit did not
stay for long.
Coach Johnson always says
that recruiting stars do not matter
and that the staff trust their evaluations, but there is no denying
that teams with top-rated classes
win more games than others.
For years, Tech coaches have
made more with less, fitting players uncoveted by other teams into
a unique scheme to produce remarkable results. Despite a prolific running attack and a sometimes
opportunistic defense, Techs unremarkable talent level is often exposed against the highest level of
Perhaps this is the year that
begins to change. Fans have seen
what coach Johnson can do with
typical talent. He may have the
beginnings of more: a team that
compete in earnest for national
relevance year after year.

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technique August 26, 2016 27




Tech will kick off the 2016

football season against Boston
College in an electric atmosphere.
Proud Jackets fans and Eagles enthusiasts will line the streets outside of the stadium, concessions
will sell at absurdly high prices
and fight songs will roar after each
big play.
However, the venue will not
be the friendly confines of Bobby Dodd Stadium, nor will it be
BCs Alumni Stadium. The Jackets and Eagles will square off in
Dublins Aviva Stadium, the first
time in program history that Tech
has played a game outside of the
United States.
Its a win-win scenario. The
first win is the financial sweetener
that Techs athletic department
gets for crossing the Atlantic.
Courtesy of the Boston Globe,
Boston College will pay the Jackets a cool $900,000 to defray
certain expenses associated with
travel and lodging for the Aer
Lingus College Football Classic.
That doesnt even include the revenue share Tech will get from the
games proceeds. Yes, uprooting a
group of college students, some of
whom have never left the country,
and asking them to play in a competitive football game thousands
of miles away is difficult. But even

Photo by courtesy of Wikimedia Commons

Aviva Stadium in Dublin, Ireland, will host Tech and Boston College in the Aer Lingus College Football Classic to start the teams seasons. The game will bring revenue and international attention.

as the so-called visiting team in

Ireland, Tech will reap appreciable
financial rewards.
Moreover, a solid performance
by the Jackets could provide a solid long-term impression to European football fans. Not everyone
watching the game in Europe will
have a strong allegiance; there will
no doubt be fans in attendance
who might be easily swayed by an
impressive run or a beautiful pass.
If Tech makes a statement against
Boston College, it will likely endear itself to a base of potential
fans in the millions.
Instead of traveling into enemy territory, Tech trades an away
game for one that may well be a
toss-up; while Boston College gets
a lions share of the tickets, the
Jackets are set to have a strong fan

presence as well. Competitively,

this can be nothing but an advantage for the team.
Whats more, this game is a
win for the expansion of football
across the world. In combination
with Cals kickoff against Hawaii
in Sydney, the Aer Lingus continues a trend of evangelizing Americas most popular sport.
Since 1998s Emerald Isle
Classic between Boston College
and Army, the first game played
in Europe, courtesy of the New
York Times, eight college football games have taken place on
the continent. These have ranged
from minor contests between
Holy Cross and Fordham to a Navy-Notre Dame game that began
the latters quest to a national runners-up bid. And European fans

have responded with sellouts, impressive given ftbols dominance.

Professional football has not
been nearly so generous to the rest
of the world. While a few teams
go abroad each year, the contests
generally feature a pair of relative lightweights or end in blowouts. While the Redskins-Bengals
game scheduled for Oct. 30 at
Wembley Stadium looks promising, Tech might take a bigger step
in winning international fans over
than the NFL could.
Make no mistake, the Jackets
opener is more than a spectacle
or a symbol of a sports evangelization. Both teams must prove
much. However, as they begin to
ascend from the Atlantic Coastal
Conferences cellar, the world may
actually be watching.

she is 20 digs away from earning

a coveted spot on Techs all-time
top ten list.
The Jackets get back on the
court with four tournaments to
start the season. The Jackets take
on Auburn, Pacific and Furman
at the War Eagle Invitational this
weekend. Next weekend Tech is
off to Manhattan, Kans., to take
on Tennessee State, Michigan
and Kansas State. Tech will then
host Georgia, Georgia State and
Kennesaw State for the Georgia
Challenge on Sep. 89 and end
four weeks of tournaments at the
Coastal Carolina tournament on
Sep. 1617.
The Jackets do not see many
ACC matches during the first
few weeks, but theres no doubt
that the conference competition
will be tough this year. Looking
to rise from the ninth spot, Tech
will need consistent, superb performances on the court.
They have all season to prepare
for their matches against Louisville and Florida State, the first
and second ranked teams in the
ACC, but that doesnt mean that
the season will be easy going until
that point.
Matches against North Carolina and Pittsburgh, both teams
also ranked above Tech, are scheduled for mid-season along with
many other ACC competitors. Rivals Virginia Tech and Duke will
also meet the team on the court
this season.
The Jackets defeated the Hokies
and the Blue Devils on the court
last season with at least a solid two
point lead in each match. After a
spring packed full of team building at home and abroad, the Jackets have an arsenal of new tools to
help them go further on the court
this year.
The home campaign for the
Jackets starts versus Pacific, an
Oregon college, on Aug. 27 at
OKeefe Gymnasium.



Harsha Sridhar

Casey Miles


Help on the Way

With promising players interested in

Tech, has Paul Johnson figured out
the recruiting trail?426



August 26, 2016

Van Gunst sisters lead volleyball in final charge


It is not often that two siblings
excel at the same sport. It is rarer
still that both are good enough
to merit the attention of top-tier
athletic programs. And for both
to commit to the same school is
nearly unheard of.
It is the story of sisters Teegan
and Annika Van Gust, Fayetteville, Ga., natives who have led
the Jackets in a variety of statistical categories. Entering their final
year, the stakes are high.
With head coach Michelle Collier at the helm for her third year,
the Jackets have spent the spring
preparing for a fall season full of
broadcasted games. Tech volleyball will be televised 18 times this
season, 10 of which will be home
Collier was an incredibly successful player in her own right.
As a collegiate athlete at the University of South Florida, Collier
ranked fifth all-time in Division I
with 2,729 kills, courtesy of ramblinwreck.com.
The Gold/White Scrimmage
was the first chance that Tech fans
got to see the Yellow Jackets in
action. Coach Collier explained
to ramblinwreck.com that she
was pleased with the performance
at the scrimmage with the Gold
team winning all five sets with five
different lineups.
This season, every member of
Techs starting lineup is return-

Photo by John Nakano Student Publications

Senior Annika Van Gunst prepares in between points. Van Gunst and her sister are the heart and
soul of Techs volleyball team, one that has taken significant strides and raised expectations.

ing along with some new talent.

Freshmen Emily Becker, Kodie
Comby and Simone Spencer made
their debut at the scrimmage and
seem to be meshing well with the
rest of the team. That bodes well
for their chances of earning a
significant role on a team loaded
with experienced athletes.
The group got in a bit of bonding time on their trip to Brazil

this spring where they competed

against some of the Brazilian club
volleyball teams. The benefits
of this trip were apparent at the
scrimmage, with Techs teamwork
solid throughout the match.
Tech ended last year in the
middle of the pack, No. 9 in the
ACC. The Jackets finished 18-14
with nine ACC victories, the first
winning season since 2012. With

a record of eight straight victories

last season, the Jackets also tallied
the longest winning streak since
their 2006 season.
In addition to excellent performances on the court, Tech
volleyball earned exemplary academic marks, contributing to
the schools high ranking among
NCAA athletic programs in terms
of classroom success. To close out

such a successful season, three

team members went to tryout for
the US Womens National Team:
Teegan Van Gunst, Sydney Wilson and Gabby Benda.
Senior Teegan Van Gunst is
quickly becoming a household
name in collegiate volleyball. Selected to play for the U.S. Collegiate National Team, Van Gunst
has made a name for herself in
the ACC. She is first in the ACC
in kills, and kills per set, second
in the ACC in points per set and
started in every set last season.
Teegan and her sister Annika,
who is second on the team in kills
and kills per set, are two of Techs
most powerful players.
In addition, Simone Spencer
will look to join the top ranks of
Tech volleyball, joining Annika
on the right. Learning alongside
one of the two team leaders will
no doubt play a key role in Spencers development.
After leading the team in
blocking with 126 blocks total
and breaking Annie Czarneckiss
2012 record of 123 blocks in a
single season; junior Sydney Wilson is returning as middle blocker.
Wilson will look to earn a spot on
Techs single season record list
with 130 blocks this season. Senior London Ackermann is also
close to claiming a spot in Techs
record books; last season Ackermann led the team in digs and
digs per set, earning her the sixth
spot in the ACC in digs per set
with 4.16 digs per set. This season,
see VOLLEY, page 27

Bye, Bobinski: reviewing a polarizing tenure



On August 9, 2016, it was officially confirmed by Tech President G.P. Bud Peterson that
Athletic Director Mike Bobinski
would be accepting an offer to go
to Purdue University for the same
position he held at Tech.
Bobinski was originally named
the eighth Director of Athletics at
Tech on Jan. 16, 2013. Under his
guidance, Tech athletics continued to develop, albeit in a tumultuous manner.
Although last year wasnt the
best year for football, Bobinski
increased Techs presence in the
world of college football. In his
three years presiding over Tech
athletics, the Jackets reached two
bowls, with one of them being a
coveted Bowl Championship Series (BCS) Bowl in 2014.
For his second season as Athletic Director, the Jackets went
11-3 overall, barely losing to eventual national champions Florida
State 37-35 in the Atlantic Coast
Conference Championship game.
They then went on to defeat South
Eastern Conference powerhouse
Mississippi State in the Capital
One Orange Bowl. Most importantly of all though, Bobinski
stopped the losing streak against
the University of Georgia by winning on the road in a thrilling

overtime game, one that will hold

a place in Techs annals.
In addition to his contributions to football, Bobinski has
made sure that the swimming and
diving team has constantly improved. In his first two years, the
Mens Swim and Dive team finished 7th at the ACC tournament,
but just this past year they managed to climb up to 5th. Further-

more, Tech swimming and diving

has produced many All-Americans over his tenure and even
an Olympian in Andrew Chetcuti who represented Malta at the
2016 Summer Olympic Games
in Rio. Bobinksi also added new
members to the coaching staff
with assistant coach Neil Versfeld
and Andy Robins in 2015, providing new perspective to the staff.

Photo by John Nakano Student Publications

Mike Bobinski addresses a crowd at the Georgia Tech Hotel

and Conference Center. Bobinski has left Tech for Purdue.

For Track and Field, Bobinski

helped recruit new field star Bria
Matthews who won the triple
jump at the ACC Outdoor Meet
in 2016. Matthews also went onto
win the long and triple jump at the
Junior Nationals this past summer. While the Jackets havent
seen the most success on the track
these past few years, Bobinski has
continued the tradition of having
several athletes make the All-ACC
Academic team every year, an impressive feat.
Moving into winter sports, Bobinski has overseen the resurgence
of both the Mens and Womens
Basketball teams. The Mens team
recently made it to the quarterfinals of the National Invitation
Tournament (NIT) while the
Womens team made it through to
the second round of their equivalent tournament.
Bobinskis most important decision in regards to the basketball
team, though, has been the recent
hiring of former Memphis Tigers coach Josh Pastner to coach
the Mens team. Furthermore,
he added former Portland Pilots
head coach, Eric Reveno, former
Georgetown and Northwestern
assistant Tavaras Hardy and Tech
grad Darryl Labarrie as assistant
coaches to Pastner.
Under Bobinski, both the
Mens and Womens Tennis
Teams saw success with the Womens team reaching the National

Collegiate Athletic Association

(NCAA) tournament all three
years and the Mens team reaching the tournament this past
year. Over those three years, the
Jackets have also seen success in
the individual NCAA tournament with athletes such as junior
Christopher Eubanks receiving
invitations to all the prestigious
national tournaments while juniors Paige Hourigan and Johnnise Renaud received bids to the
2016 NCAA Singles Tournament.
In addition to simple athletic
success, Bobinski saw what was
perhaps a tough time in the Tech
athletic department when sanctions were imposed by the NCAA
for recruiting violations; the sanctions were the result of improper
recruiting violations across three
sports. Bobinski took the sanctions in stride and helped guide
Tech through tough time that will
continue through June 13, 2017,
courtesy of ESPN.com.
Not all fans and employees
admired Bobinski. He was nicknamed Sasquatch by his colleagues; he was never to be found,
courtesy of AJC.com. At a major
ACC program, Bobinski was often content to retain his existing
cast of characters rather than aggressively seeking new coaches.
Overall, Bobinskis short three
years with Tech have been a controversial whirlwind. The search
for his replacement now begins.