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Case 1: Parkin Laboratories: Sales Target Dilemma

1. Critically review the sales performance. Have appropriate targets been set for
the different zones?

2. What factors does Parkin Laboratories need to consider when deciding on its
sales targets?
3. Is it appropriate to revise the sales targets in the last quarter of the year?
Suggest the revised targets for October to December 2012. What factors may
impede buy-in for these targets from the regional sales managers, district
sales managers and medical representatives?
4. What sales promotion strategies can Parkin follow to help the sales force in
achieving these targets?
5. Is it the right time to launch a new product? What are the advantages and
disadvantages of a new product launch?

Case 2: Parkin Laboratories: Sales Force Effectiveness

1. What is the role of a medical representative (MR) in pharmaceutical selling?

Discuss the evolution of pharmaceutical selling in the last decade.

2. Critically evaluate the performance of Parkin Laboratories high-performing

MRs, average-performing MRs and low-performing MRs. How can the

company improve the productivity of its MRs?
3. What is sales force effectiveness (SFE)? What are the major drivers of SFE?

How can SFE help Parkin to increase the efficiency and effectiveness of its
sales force? Sales Force Effectiveness is a strategy that enables the sales force to target
bulk of its effort towards highly profitable customers and limit coverage of less
profitable physicians. It involves around sales team strategy, talent management,
What is Sales force effectiveness(SFE) in the pharma context?SFE is all about
keeping your company ahead of shifting market dynamics by rapidly developing and
evolving new sales models around physician access and detailing channels. Its very
important to develop physician trust and confidence around all aspects of the pharma
business. SFE in pharma is also achieved when cross functional departments
compliment during the critical product launch phase. This helps management review
on-the-fly performance analysis and keep up compliance with the ever-increasing
regulatory changes.

What benefits can be derived from Pharma SFE?

Ability to responds to pressures from customers, competitors & changing economy.
Management has greater control over the size and structure of the sales team.
Promotes coaching, feedback, recognition, and training to the team
Medical reps can better target, prioritize, assess physician needs and develop solutions
around those needs
First line managers benefits from listening, persuading, and closing deals
Sales reps develop their competencies according to the current market needs
Growing physician satisfaction and lo

4. What are Parkins major SFE implementation issues? How can companies

implement SFE more effectively?