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The one thing that is true about the collapse of fiat money is that
people need to stock up with basic supplies to comfortably last a
month of market disruption, and in some places social chaos.
BUT things will quickly reform organically, as long as fear and
panic by doom and gloomers don't achieve their own fear, which
occurs by acting out in despair. History has proven many times
that people in most communities will share in a time of burden,
and things work it out sooner than later. This short article will
try to show you that this collapse is a short term pain for a long term gain.
OPENING PREMISE: Fiat money is based on debt, not assets,
[and as in] when the Fed goes insolvent, it means the printed bills
[3% of money supply in circulation ] and silver /gold coins, in hand
are still negotiable issues in commerce /trade. Any money from
ABMs will simply stop, after all the bank is insolvent, because the
Federal Reserve went in default. BUT they'll soon re-open under
credit union /state run trusts that are not under the Federal system
[caveat here] over 90% of us are Federal debt slaves that live from pay
check to pay check; we're not saving, we're only servicing debts [like] a
mortgage, car loan, student loan, credit cards, this license fee, that ticket
[Please think outside their box] The moment the Fed defaults, means
everyone and every corporate body is debt free. You own your home,
you own your business. All City bonds are as if paid in full. It's actually a
great new start and opportunity for almost everyone. [except the top 2%]
This goes back to when this BIRTH CERTICATE racket called the
C'estui Que Vie Trust [1666] Back then, there were more people
dead [from the plague] than alive. This trust was created to give
those who lived their house back debt free, because the debt holder
was dead [just like this Fed owner is soon] = All their homes are free for the taking
FOR EXAMPLE: In Paris, there were 17,000 vacant homes, and 100s
of closed mills /shops. All anyone had to do was go to City Hall, pay
the taxes on the property, and promise to fix and improve on the real
value, and it was yours. Today, there's more foreclosed homes than
homeless; they can all just freely move back in a home. Just like then,
under due process, with this taxes paid receipt, it's now your 'trust'.
You can take it to a credit union, and ask for a living trust, until
things settle, by using your new home, as capital /security, because
this local credit union /state bank can use this as a lean on this landed
property. This trust can then be used as collateral, and in so doing these
screwed victims can afford and finance a fresh new start to better their lives.


The very function /intent of any fiat economy is to eventually fail.
This C'estui Que Vie trust can actually be used to fix the world,
once this fiat money scheme collapses - It really is an ancient
Sumerian racket by the rich and powerful to enslave us all. AND
from this evil will inevitably lead to the rebuilding of Paradise on
earth/ AND equally so: A 'just gold and precious metal standard' for backing
currency is still bad, because it's still controlled by the same powerful elite.
This C'estui Que Vie concept of: improving the value of real estate
is how this trust fund originally operated, and society prospered.
It's intent was to break the Royalties control. Everyone prospered under
this concept of 'improving the value of a trust estate', and the children of
these self made individuals [newly liberated] free thinkers insisted on
the American and French revolutions within a couple of generations.
In actuality - this C'estui Que Vie Trust holds gazillion of dollars
secured with mega tons of gold and jewels that were all horded
with this dead corporation racket with your BIRTH CERTIFICATE
This trust has been apparently twisted into this condition of; they
need to destroy the world, before this C'estui Que Vie Trust can
pay for all repair bills. I ask: Why wait till after they've nuked the
planet before using these funds? Why can't we use this trust to repair what the
ECONOMY has done to destroy the natural health and prosperity of this planet?
By using the incredible wealth of this trust fund to improve
this planet [now] is how everyone in society can prosper.
The wealth of nations [all the way down to the individual] is
primarily based on the increased value /productivity of land.
Think about it. [in practice -small scale] let's say you want to
turn around a farm with depleted soil; you draw up a 10-year
plan /budget outlining what you will do, and a bank opens a
trust account. When the project reaches maturity, the value
of this property and its increased productivity continues to pay more than the cost.
Every body wins, by funding large projects [like] the cleaning
/revitalizing of the Ganges River, where the cost is insignificant
compared to the overall good that would naturally occur to a
billion people along its banks. We would literally be adopting
the mindset of Paradise on earth, by being caretakers the Garden.

What's stopping this from happening? ANSWER:

Fiat money has not collapsed yet its devise is imminent.
When it does, all debt in the world can be paid by this
C'estui Que Vie Trust account, and fund the world's repair
bill. It literally has all the money in the world to create, and
fund the return of Paradise on earth. It's the solution too:
What if they did evil so that good could result? [Rom 3]