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Q1. What are the discoveries that help us to understand early human
history? 2Marks
Q2. What is a fossil? How can it be dated? 2Marks
Q3. Why many scholars were reluctant to accept the evidences of
fossils etc. for the origin of modern human? 2Mark
Q4. Define Primates? 2Marks
Q5. Describe various stages in the evolution of modern human with
examples. 8 Marks
Q7. Describe the methods of obtaining food by early humans? 8Marks
Q8. List the Evidence through which you can prove different types of
residences used by Early humans ?2 Marks
Q9. What are the different advantages of fire? 4 Marks
Q10.What were the features of tool making ?4 Marks
Q11. Discuss several views on language development during prehistoric time? 4 Marks
Q12. Write an account on cave painting? 4 Marks
Q13. How can you say that the Hadza community it believed in
equality? What are the advantages of this kind of living? 4 Marks
Q14. Explain two opposing views on the theory that information about
todays hunter gatherer community can be used to learn more about
past societies? 8Marks
Q15. The shift from foraging and farming was a major turning point in
history. Explain. 8Marks