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Geometry Novato High School 2016-2017

Email: bmay@nusd.org

Mr. May
Room # 3702
Website: www.bmaysmath.weebly.com

Welcome to Geometry
All the Novato High teachers use the College Preparatory Math (CPM) curriculum. Three research-based principles of the
curriculum are:

Students should engage in problem-based lessons structured around a core idea.

Guided by a knowledgeable teacher, students should interact in groups to foster mathematical discourse.

Practice with concepts and procedures should be spaced over time; that is, mastery comes over time.
CPM is different from traditional Math classes; students work mostly in groups, solving problems and figuring out
concepts themselves to get a deeper understanding than listening to a teachers lecture. The homework is also different
from tradional books: instead of doing 20 problems like the ones you did in that days class, the Review & Preview
section of each lesson includes a mix of problems from previous and even future lessons. Practicing skills over time
(spaced practice) helps to better transfer skills to long-term memory.
The curriculum is based on the California Common Core State Standards for Geometry. The standards document is
located at http://www.cde.ca.gov/be/st/ss/documents/ccssmathstandardaug2013.pdf
Course Objectives

Geometric transformations (reflection, rotation, translation, dilation) and symmetry

Relationships between figures (such as similarity and congruence) in terms of rigid motions and similarity

Properties of plane figures

Proofs of geometric theorems (investigating patterns to make conjectures, and formally proving them)

Using coordinates to prove geometric theorems

Modeling with geometry

Measurements of plane figures (such as area, perimeter, and angle measure)

Theorems about circles, including arc lengths and areas of sectors

Measurements of three-dimensional solids (such as volume and surface area)

Tools for analyzing and measuring right triangles, general triangles, and complex shapes (such as the Pythagorean
Theorem, trigonometric ratios, and the Laws of Sines and Cosines)

Geometric constructions (with compass and straightedge)

Using algebra to formulate and solve equations arising from geometric situations.
Probability (independence and conditional probability, compound events, expected value, and permutations and
Text: Core Connections Geometry by College Prep Math Author: Dietiker, Kysh, Sallee, Hoey
Online Resource: www.cpm.org

Suggested Supplies

3-ring binder (at least 1.5 size) with dividers (5-6 tabs) for math only
Graph paper & white college-ruled paper (8.5 x 11)
2 pencils, an eraser, red pen, & a blue/black pen (white-out optional)
Glue stick, scissors, colored pencils and highlighter
Scientific calculator with Trig functions for homework (we recommend graphing calculator TI-84)

Progress Reporting (from Board Policy)

Grades shall be reported at the end of each progress reporting period for all students. Progress reports will be mailed
home and are accessible to parents online approximately every five/six weeks. Whenever a student falls below a Cafter the second Progress Report for either semester, the teacher shall arrange a conference with the students
parent/guardian and/or send a written report. (Board Policy 5121)

Behavior Expectations: To ensure that we have the best environment for a successful year of learning, the following
rules will be followed and enforced.
1. Involved: Be prepared to think, try, and work hard individually and in groups for this class
2. Timely: Bell to bell learning (be in class before the bell rings, use your time in class to accomplish your math
goals, and do not get out of your seat until I dismiss you. No door crowding in the last minutes!)
3. Respectful: Treat all people and their belongings with respect (no foul language or put downs), and do not
disrupt or interfere with others learning.
4. Clean Environment: Keep the classroom clean: No Food, No Gum, No Drinks (capped water is okay)
5. Follow all school rules (i.e. NO ELECTRONICS unless the teacher instructs you to use them at that time! Show
academic integrity, dress appropriately, no hats, etc.)

Grading Categories & Weights

20% Assignments (CW/HW/Participation Quizzes), Participation, and Organization
80% Assessments (Tests, Projects, Performance Tasks, Quizzes and Final)
Category Details
Assignments (20%):

Expect math homework every night! Mathematics is a subject that needs practice and in our new books you will see
concepts old and new (spaced practice). Homework will be graded on Completeness (showing your work), Neatness, and
Organization. It will be collected or checked using a HW Quiz at the beginning of class. No Late Work will be accepted!

Participation/Classwork: Points will be given or deducted weekly for participation in class and group activities.
Organization: Everything you turn into me needs to be labeled, neat, work shown, and organized with your full name,
date, and period. You will need to keep an organized binder with the following items separated.

CLASSWORK Assignments (recorded papers; these can also be stored elsewhere after the chapter test so that you
can use them to study for your final, do not throw assignments away!)
HOMEWORK Assignment (current chapter)
ASSESSMENTS (passed back graded tests and quizzes)
MISC/Paper: graphing and lined. (optional tab)
THINK BOOK. You will be given a composition book to keep notes (Think Book) and it will be checked and graded
after each chapter. You will get a rubric during the first two weeks of school

Assessments (80%):

Every Chapter will include assessments. Assessments will be spiraled (including old and new material). Points for
assessments will increase throughout the semester. Projects may be given throughout the year. There will be a
comprehensive final at the end of this semester (December) and at the end of the year (June) worth 20% of this section.
This category is weighted heavily (80%) so do take it seriously.

Make-Up Work- (for excused absences only)- It is your responsibility to get your make-up assignments/notes. There will
be a procedure for obtaining any handouts or think book entries. It is best to try not to miss class. When you are
absent, you miss out on the lesson information that you must do on your own.
Unexcused absences and cuts will not be allowed to make-up anything missed and will take a zero in the grade book.
Do not miss class!
Study Buddies- I am not your only resource: As a precaution you should get 2 other students numbers from this class
for assignment information, notes, and/or a study sessions.
Student #1 ______________________________________

Student #2 __________________________________

Tardiness- Be on time! Have all your supplies, and sit in your assigned seat, when the bell rings. I believe students
benefit from being in class from start to finish. I will follow the school policy on tardiness.
Extra Help TimesFeel free to contact me by email (preferred) or schedule a meeting with me in person. Preferable times would be lunch
on Monday or Thursday.

Mr. May

Email: bmay@nusd.org

I reserve the right to change these as necessary for optimal learning in my class.

2016-2017 NHS Geometry with Mr. May

Student Information
Print the Students Full Name

Birth Date

Period of Algebra 2

Student Email and cell#: ____________________________________________________________________________

Any information that may help me to guide you in your learning:
Parent Information
____________________________________ __________________________________________ ___________________
Print Parent/Guardian Name



____________________________________ __________________________________________ ___________________

Print Parent/Guardian Name



(Please include the best times to reach you):

Acknowledgement Signatures
I have read and understand what is expected of me in this Geometry course.
Student Signature: _______________________________________________ Date: ___________________
As a parent/guardian, I have read and discussed these policies and expectations with my child and agree to
support Mr. May and NHS.
Parent Signature(s): ____________________________________


Thank you for your time, I look forward to a successful year.


Mr. May
Your Assignment Read and acknowledge the expectations and policies with your parents/guardians. Return this following sheet
completed and signed by you and a parent/guardian. Bring your supplies to class. Put the rest of this document in your binder.