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Latin Final Study Sheet

Unit 5: dea, -ae f. goddess

impedmentum, - n. hindrance
lx, lgis f. law

deus, - m. god

mles, mlitis m. soldier

fnitimus, - m. neighbor

px, pcis f. peace

liber, libr m. book

ps, pedis m. foot

tium, t n. peace, leisure

rgnum, - n. kingdom, realm

pota, -ae m. poet

rx, rgis m. king

praesidium, -d n. guard, protection

sals, saltis f. health, safety

proelium, -l n. battle

spatium, -t n. space, time

sentential, -ae f. opinion, feeling


stadium, -d n. eagerness, interest

Unit 6: ego, me - m. or f. I

ventus, - m. wind

ns, nostrum - we

verbum, - n. word

is, ea, id he, she, it

Unit 6: beneficium, -c n. kindness, benefit

exemplum, - n. example
lber, -rum children

t, tu you, of you (s.)

vs, vestrum-you, of you (pl.)
Unit 7: qu, quae, quod (relative)

perculum, - n. danger

quis, quid (interrogative)

porta, -ae f. gate


superbia, -ae f. pride, arrogance

Unit 7: dligentia, -ae f. diligence

Unit 5: commodus, -a, -um convenient

fnitimus, -a, -um - neighboring

ldus, - m. play, school, game

firmus, -a, -um hard, firm

modus, -- m. manner, way

medius, -a, -um middle of

ntra, -ae f. nature

pauc, -ae, -a a few

Unit 8: dux, ducis m. leader, general

reliquus, -a, -um - remaining

factum, - n. deed

tardus, -a, -um slow, late

fuga, -ae f. flight

varius, -a, -um- various

hom, hominis m. human

Unit 6: gregius, -a, -um - excellent

inimcus, -a, -um unfriendly, hostile

quod- what? which?

Unit 8: certus, -a, -um- fixed, sure, certain

integer, -gra, -grum fresh, untouched

ntus, -a, -um known, familiar

miser, -era, -erum unhappy, poor

partus, -a, -um prepared, ready

prmus, -a, -um - first

teritus, -a, -um- third

superbus, -a, -um proud, arrogant

timidus, -a, -um -shy

Unit 7: qu what? which?

quae- what? which?
Unit 5: affici, -ere, affc, affectus- affect, afflict with
appell, -re, -v, -tus call, name
audi, -re, -v, -tus- hear
committ, -ere, -mv, -mtus- disturb, alarm
contine, -ere, -u, -tentus- struggle, hasten
conveni, -re, -vn, -ventrus come together
convoc, -re, -v, -tus call together
dc, -ere, dx, dictus say, tell
fugi, -ere, -fg, fugitrus- run away
ger, gerere, gess, gestus- carry on, wage
incipi, -ere, incp, inceptus- take on, begin
leg, -ere, lg, lctus gather, choose, read
proper, -re, -v, -trus- hasten, hurry
redc, -ere, redx, reductus- lead back
scrb, -ere, scrps, scrptus- write
trah, -ere, trx, tractus- draw, drag
vale, -re, valu, valitrus- be well, be strong
Unit 6: absum, abesse, fu, futrus be away, be absent
adsum, -esse, adfu, adfutrus- be near, be present

ultimus, -a, -um- farthest, last

mitt, -ere, ms, missus- let go, lose

cupi, -ere, cupv, cuptus- desire, wish,want
dmitt, -ere, dms, dmissus- let go, send away
discd, -ere, -cess, -cessrus go away, depart
dubit, -re, -v, -tus hestitate, doubt
dc, -ere, dc, ductus- lead out
interfici, -ere, -fec, -fectus - kill
iube, -re, -iuss, issus
nsc, -ere, nv, ntus, learn (perf.) have learned, know
permitt, -re, -ms, -missus- let go, through
prcd, -ere, -cess, -cessrus- go forward, advance
prdc, -ere, -dx, -ductus- lead out
prpn, -ere, posu, -positus- put forward, offer
recipi, -ere, redx, reductus- lead back
redig, -ere, redg, redctus- drive back, reduce
remane, -re, remns, remnsrus, stay behind, remain
remove, -re, remv, remtus- remove, move back
retine, -re, retinu, rententus- hold back, keep
suscipi, -ere, -cp, -ceptus- undertake, take up, start
Unit 7: cognsc, -ere, -nv, -nitus- learn; have learned, (perf.) know
cg, -ere, cog, coactus- drive together, collect, compel
cnserv, -re, -v, -tus- save, preserve
d, dare, ded, datus- give
intermitt, -ere, -ms, -missus- stop, interrupt, let go
mone, -re, -u, -itus- remind, warn
obtine, -re, obtinu, obtentus- hold, obtain
permove, -re, mv,-mtus- move(deeply), upset
pet, -ere, petv, pettus- seek, ask

plic, -re, -v, -tus- fold

submitt, -ere, -ms, -missus- let down, furnish
sustine, -re, tinu, -tentus- hold up, maintain, endure
Unit 8: addc, -ere, addx, adductus- lead to, influence
antecd, -ere, -cess,- cessrus- go before, go earlier
cern, -ere, crv, crtus- discern, see
clm, -re, -v, -tus- shout, cry out
commove, -re, -mv, -mtus- disturb, alarm
cnsul, -ere, -sulu, -sultus- consult
expedi, -re, -v, -tus- set free
impedi, -re, -v, -tus- hinder, obstruct
lig, -re, -v, -tus- bind, tie
possum, posse, potu, (-) - can, be able
prem, -ere, press, pressus- press, press hard
prvide, -re, -vd, vsus- forsee, see ahead
relinqu, -ere, relqu, relictus- leave behind, abandon
rog, -re. v, -tus- ask, ask for
st, stre, stet, sttrus- stand, stand up
trdc, -ere, -dx, -ductus, lead across
trnsport, -re, -v, -tus- transport, carry across
vert, -ere, vert, versus- turn
vv, -ere, vx, vctus- live, be alive
vulner, -re. v, -tus- wound
Unit 5: ita- so, yes
Numquam- never
Unit 6: etiam- also, even, too
iam- already, now
lim- formerly, once (upon a time)

tamen- nevertheless
ubi- where
Unit 7: ante- before
cr- why
Unit 8: fortasse- perhaps
nn iam- no longer
Unit 5: cum - with
Unit 6: per (+ acc.)- through, by

Unit 7: ante (+ acc.)- before (of time or place)

inter (+ acc.)- between, among

pr (+ abl.)- in front of, before, for

ob (+ acc.)- because of, on account of

sine (+abl.)- without

trns (+ acc.)- across

sub (+ acc. or abl.)- under, close up to

Unit 5: aut- or
aut aut- either or
et et-both and
neque (nec)- and not, nor
neque neque- neither nor
-que- (joined to a second word) and
Unit 7: atque, ac- and, and even
nam - for
grtis agree- thank

memori tenre- remember

grtiam habre- feel grateful (w. dat.)

cnsilium capere- adopt a plan

vtam agere- lead a life

proelium committ- begin battle

bellum gerere- wage war

in fugam d- cause to run away

castra ponere- pitch camp

poenam d- pay the penalty

viam mnre- fortify a road

verba facere- make a speech