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16 Support & Movement

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Time: 35 min
Marks: 20

Choose the most appropriate option. Cutting / Overwriting is not allowed (12 marks)
1 Cramp is also known as:
A) Tetany

B) Tetanic contraction

C) Tetanus

D) Muscle fatigue

C) Tactic

D) Tropic

2 Spontaneous movements due to internal causes are called:

A) Autonomic

B) Paratonic

3 Twisting around the actin chain there are two strands of another protein:
A) Myosin

B) Tropomyosin

C) Troponin

D) Creatinine

C) Lumber

D) Sacrum

C) Osteocytes

D) Osteoclasts

C) Pubis

D) Clavicle

4 The fusion of four posterior pelvic vertebrae is ______

A) Cervical

B) Coccyx

5 Bone dissolving cells are called:

A) Osteoblasts

B) Stem cells

6 A bone which connect scapula with sternum:

A) Humerus

B) Ischium

7 Leaves go to sleep position when turgor pressure decreases in the lower side of:
A) Pelvis

B) Pulvinus

C) Callus

D) Pubis

C) no definite number

D) varied with size of neck

C) Hyponasty

D) Photonasty

C) Reptiles

D) Mammals

C) Cartilaginous joint

D) Fibrous joint

C) Crow

D) Eagle

8 Number of cervical vertebrae in a male camel (mammal)

A) 7

B) 11

9 Action of venous fly trap is an example of:

A) Nyctinasty

B) Haptonasty

10 Most efficient way of supporting body is seen in ___

A) Fishes

B) Aves

11 The joint that allows movement in two directions is ___

A) Hinge joint

B) Ball & socket joint

12 Which animal has long narrow wings?

A) Gull

B) Own

Give short answers of any four of the following (08 marks)

1 What is sciatica and its causes?

2 What is difference between ligament and tendon?

3 What is herniation of disc?

4 What is rickets? Give its causes and cure.

5 Differentiate between fibers and sclereids.

6 Differentiate between phototactic movements and phototropism.

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