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Himanshu Bhusan Parida.

At.-Kataramal, Po-Seckpur, Dist.: - Kendrapara, Bhubaneswar, Odisha 754215

E-mail: himanshu.parida85@hotmail.com
Skype: - himanshu.parida85
Contact No: - +91-9663766998
Objective: - To associate with an organisation where innovative ideas are welcomed and initiative is appreciated,
where I can apply my knowledge and skills to plan and executive the work for the best results and contribute to
strengthen the fundamentals of company thereby achieving the respect and satisfaction for the work done.
Total Experience: - 8 years & 9 months in Telecom Domain.
Currently Working in: - Nokia Solution & Networks India Pvt. Ltd (Aug 14 to till date)
Designation: - 3G Planning & Optimization Lead
Previous Company: - Ericsson Global India Ltd.
Work Experience:

Presently working with Nokia Solution and Networks, based at Coimbatore, Tamilnadu as 3G Performance
lead. Exposure in managing the operations & maintenance of telecom network facilities and installation of new
telecom networks; for maximum service efficiency. Responsible for maintaining the overall Network Quality of
the circle by adhering to quality specifications. Skilled in troubleshooting & problem resolution; train and
supervise technical manpower in the arena of network quality improvement and network Planning &
optimization. Knowledge of Planning, Exceptional team building, organizational and analytical skills coupled
with demonstrated relationship management and communication abilities.

As a Telecom Consultant having experience in Radio Frequency Network Planning & optimization of GSM
which included dimensioning of the network, cell planning, frequency planning, traffic analysis, interference
analysis, capacity planning,KPI Monitoring, analyze the worst KPIs according the customer requirement, field
surveys for Microwave, Link Engineering for Backbone Microwave Network Nokia Siemens, Ericssion,
Alcatel, Nortel & Motorola Systems.

And also experience in Radio frequency Planning & optimization of UMTS network, which includes coverage
& Capacity Planning ,Optimization, cluster tuning & data analysis of Poor HSDPA throughput ,Blocked call ,
call drop analysis(Missing Neighbor, UL Sync,RL Drops, SHO & Others), Handover analysis(SHO,IFHO
&IRAT),CQI,RAU Fail ,Cell change Fail, poor RSCP, ECNO & Pilot pollution & KPI Monitoring, analyze the
worst KPIs according the customer requirement in Nokia & Ericssion Systems.

Have Good Experience on the tools like,

Drive Test & Analysis Tools: - TEMS, Ascom, Nemo, Agilent, Nemo Analyzer, Actix, VMCC, MOS, Areiso
Planning Tools: - Atoll, MapInfo Mcom, Path Loss, R-L Tool, Global Mapper, TEMS Discovery
Performance Tools: - MapInfo, Mcom, Google Earth, MIPT2G, MIPT3G, Xeus, Net Act, Nokia Plan Editor,
Business Object (BO), ITK, NCS & WNCS, MRR & WMRR, FFAX, GPEH,CNA, Winfiol, WinScp, PM Browser of
Alcatel, AnaQos, Smart Tools

Nokia Solution & Networks India Pvt Ltd (Aug 14 to till date)
Domain: -WCDMA Planning & Optimization (Vodafone 3G, Tamilnadu)
Current Project: - Vodafone Tamilnadu 3G

Responsible for maintaining the overall Network Quality Index of the circle. Daily monitoring & analysis of
NW KPIs to maintain optimum network standards and also drive a team of NPO engineers to ensure quality
standards across the circle
Daily monitoring the NW Level NQI, Top10 City NQI, and Cluster Level as well as RNC level to ensure the
performance of the NW & escalating team for immediate action if any degradation observed.
Manage and assign tasks to a team for Quality Improvement. Define and implement processes and procedures
for RF tasks.
Interacting the Customer weekly/monthly review for the 3G Network & taking support/providing new proposal
to Nokia Central team like best practices, new features implementation, new process etc..
Successfully maintaining RF/Total NQI with massive rollout of new sites approx 300 sites per month.
Plan new RF sites, system dimensioning for coverage and capacity including traffic analysis, evaluating
system design and dimensioning, frequency planning and interference analysis, network optimization,
performance acceptance and monitoring.
Immediate rectification in parameter discrepancy at new sites & sites after migration related to power,
admission control, accessibility, retainalability, 2G 3G reselection/NBRs, HO parameters etc..
Identifying the island sites after migration & removal of the same. Proposing the new Iur for the Txn team for
the new migrated site in RNCs or Newly introduced RNCs.
Driving team for the completion of SCFT of new sites, escalating the concerned team for the punch point
rectification...Like Active alarm, low Iub BW, incorrect antenna Ht..
Responsible for taking the signoff from customer for monthly NQI, Site Acceptance with carried Traffic & New
site SCFT completion acceptance.
Planning new Coverage site requirement/4th sec coverage requirement as per the customer complaint & Top
City coverage requirement from the comparison drive test for the multiple operators.
Proposal for Capacity requirement of new sites/ 4th sec with & without SM /Additional NodeB as per the DBH
payload considering the DL power utilization, UL power Allocation, Code Congestion , UL RSSI,
HSDPA/HSUPA Maxuser failures & BB unit utilization.
Proposing the no. of 60W LKs,HSUPA/HSDPA PS, HSDPA128 users LK requiremt for the next quarter as per
the traffic projection.
Providing the additional requirement of RNCs or RNC BW upgradation for the projected traffic in future as per
current traffic growth so that RNC Fill Factor, ICSU loading & NPGEP loading will be normal with increased
traffic. This helps in maintaining the QOS of NW.
Responsible for check the parameter/Feature correctness in the newly introduce RNC in the NW, also having
experience in mcRNC.
Providing the Coverage/Capacity requiremt for new VF corporate accounts like Infosys, Renault Nissan, Royal
Enfield, and Mahindra City.
Parameter consistency check for the whole NW in week once.
Bi weekly Capacity augmentation done for the network for 60W upgradation, Code Congestion Optimization,
UL power allocation, HSDPA/HSUPA PS addition,R99 CE addition,4th Sec Proposal, New site requirement
Providing the capacity augmentation plan where mass gathering going to happen like Thiruvanmalai Festival,
Madurai Car Festival, Ooty Flower Show etc by the help Special Event parameters like Mass Event
Handler,FMCS/FMCG parameters,
Throughput enhances optimization by retuning the parameters & introducing new features for the customer
satisfaction. The same is confirmed by VMCC drive test.
Retainability optimization for CS/PS by retuning the parameters like FMCS/FMCG for T/NRT,missing/detective
NBR addition, one way NBRclearance, Zero att NBR Clearance.
Maintaining the Paging Success rate of the NW >98% by retuning the 24Kbps Channel, LAC Splitting,.

Tracking the new Zero Traffic (CS& PS) carrying cells escalation the BSS & RF team for the resolution.
Monthly tracking of the LK files, likes conflicted LKs, Non- distributed LKs, escalating the concerned team for
Regular Physical optimization & tracking for the High SHO over Head, Overshooting Cells & Poor Ecno
Distribution cells.
Resolving UL RSSI affected cells by Jammer or Faulty booster of VF / other Operators by Spectrum analyzer.
Keeping track of the daily stats like Cell wise KPI, RNC Level, NW Level, Cluster Level etc
Responsible for the monthly benchmarking drive test in comparison with other operators for data as well as
Voice. And proposing the action plan for the improvement of the worst KPIs.
Preparing the P3 Drive test action plan in the Top City towns, for achieving the best in comparison to other
Interacting and coordinating with senior management of the Vodafone organization to get feedback and
address network related issues within timeframe.
Plan the events with NPO, O&M and BSS teams to organize the activities to ensure completion of scheduled
tasks within fixed time frame.
Projects Undertaken:-

Ericsson Global India Ltd (Jan 12 to Aug 14)

Domain: - GSM & WCDMA Optimization (AT & T U.S 3G, Vodafone Spain 2G / 3G, Yoigo Spain 3G)

Maintaining and improving WCDMA network performance and quality in terms of Radio CS, R99, HSDPA &
EUL KPIs for accessibility, retainability, mobility (SHO & IRAT Handover Success) ,R99 Data/HSDPA
Throughputs, 2G/ 3G Traffic in the Network.
Using Business Objects/ ITK for generating variety of real time reports as a part of routine Optimization to
monitor and analyze network statistics.
Dashboard Reports, Routine daily/weekly and monthly Reports etc. involving network KPIs and worst cells
by making use of raw counters and available Performance reports.
On the 1st day parameter Consistency checkup done for newly Swapped or 2nd carrier enabled site & set the
parameter according to the customer requirement .Fine tuning of specific GSM/WCDMA IRAT parameters, idle
mode 2G-3G cell reselections and IRAT Handovers for the sites and clusters to achieve IRAT Performance
Balancing the traffic between the two carriers by tuning the load sharing parameters and parameter tuning
done for the congested cells/nodes. Marinating the 2G-3G traffic for the swapped nodes or newly 2nd carrier
activated cells.
Analyzing WCDMA Neighboring Cell Support (WNCS) to define missing neighbor relations and figure out
overshooting cells during UTRAN neighbor audits with the help of WMRR..
Processing and analysis of Ericsson OSS-RC Tools like WCDMA Measurement Results Recording(WMRR)
to figure out the overshooting cells and DL CPICH Ec/No and RSCP measurements to isolate Interference
and coverage issues in the cells.
Analyze the FFAX recording to find out the cross-feeder & faulty antenna at the Node.
Using Ericsson OSS tools and RNC traces like GPEH, UETR & CTR for worst cell analysis..
Audit and consistency check on parameters and configuration using MOSHELL removal of Inconsistencies if
Fine tuning antenna orientation and effective tilts for cell-sites to ensure Proper signal distribution and
minimal pilot pollution
Responsible for all major KPIs like TCH completion rate, TCH assignment Success rate, SDCCH assignment
Success and Completion rate, Hand over Success rate, TCH/SDCCH Congestion and Rx Quality for Uplink as
well downlink & the Traffic after swapping of the BTSs in Vodafone Spain Network.

Taking BSC Dump from BSC and Analysis. To see basic parameters check their consistency and making
changes as per requirement through CNA Tool.
Counter Level analysis done for the worst cells like Poor CDR, CSSR & HOSR cells by fetching daily report
from ITK.
Continuous redesign in the network to provide optimum coverage, minimize Cell Overlapping and balance the
Traffic Load uniformly across the network
Reports Monitoring: Study and analyze the networks performance through various reports and take necessary
steps for optimization.
Regularly endorse critical alarms to O &M team for proper handling/ Troubleshooting.
Responsible for Cluster/Node acceptance.

Alcatel-Lucent Managed Solution India Pvt. Ltd , Raigarh (Dec10 to Jan12)

Domain:- GSM Optimization (Reliance Communication, Chhattisgarh)

Day to day KPI monitoring of Top 10 towns of Chhattisgarh, worst cell case analysis & parameter tuning of the
sites/cluster also data analysis of that sites regarding the KPIs
Monitoring and Analysis OSS Statistics to maintain the network QOS benchmark such as Network utilization,
CSSR, CDR (SDCCH/TCH), Blocking (SDCCH / TCH), HOSR, DL/UL Quality.
Replanting the frequencies in problem area s, Traffic Report analysis for finding handover and drop stats.
BCCH, BSIC, LAC, MAIO, HSN and neighbors planning for new BTS site & for existing sites.
Analyzing the Drive test files and suggesting physical & parametric changes to the sites and further optimizing
the network as per GOS, Handovers, Interference (C/I & C/A), Call success/drop rates, SDCCH/TCH
congestion etc.
Preparing weekly worst cell tracker for the sites belong to other than Top10 towns & their analysis,
implementation for the improvement by physically or parametrically.
Analyzing the Drive test file of the quarterly drive test of Top10 towns & Highways, suggesting physical &
parametric changes to the sites and further optimizing the network as per GOS, Handovers, Interference (C/I &
C/A), Call success/drop rates, SDCCH/TCH congestion, Paging load etc. Also includes drive tests in critical
and problematic clusters & sites
Log file analysis by Layer 2 & Layer 3 messages to find the coverage of the network & to verify different
Parameters e.g. Rxlevel, Rx quality, Cell ID, LAC, BSIC, HSN & MAIO as per defined by the Operator to
compare the quality of service of different operators.
Handling customer complaints regarding coverage problems and providing suitable solutions

Sasken Network Engineering Ltd. (Jan 10 to Dec 10)

Nokia Siemens Network (SDC) Chennai
Domain: GSM & WCDMA optimization (Porta Ecuador 2G/3G, Digitel Venezuela 3G, Telecom Columbia
2G/3G, OI Brazil 2G/3G)

Data analysis of that sites/cluster regarding the KPIs, the scope includes the analysis of CS Call as well as PS
For CS call the analysis is done for the parameters like RSCP, ECNO, SC Best, TX Power, Pilot pollution &
event failures like Call Setup Fail/dropped, Handover fail(SHO,IFHO,IRAT), LAU fail, Call setup time, missing
neighbors etc.
For PS call same analysis is done as above & in addition to it we have check the CQI, cell change fail, RTT
throughputs like App Throughput (UL/DL).The recommendation includes the physical as well as parametrical
changes for the cluster.
Analyzing the event failure analysis like call drop, Call failure, RAU failure, Handover (SHO, IFHO, IRAT),
missing neighbors through Actix & Nemo Analyzer

KPI as well as data analysis of a new site after integration. The Scope includes replanting the frequencies in
problem area s, Traffic Report analysis for finding handover and drop stats. BCCH, BSIC, LAC, MAIO, HSN
and neighbors planning for new BTS site & for existing sites.
Analyzing the Drive test files and suggesting physical & parametric changes to the sites and further optimizing
the network as per GOS, Handovers, Interference (C/I & C/A), Call success/drop rates, SDCCH/TCH
congestion, DL/UL Quality, FER etc. .

Pyro BKP Consultant Pvt. Ltd (July 08 to Jan10)

Domain: - GSM Network Planning & optimization (BSNL- Andhra Pradesh, BSNL-TamilNadu, ALUMS-North

Analyzing KPIs and maintaining/monitoring them on daily basis

Responsible for the optimization of the Towns like Hyderabad, Vijayawada, Tirupati, Madurai, Dindigul,
Shillong, Agartala, Aizal. Diagnose all RF related problems such as interference, call failures, HO failures,
TCH congestion, bad quality, poor coverage, hardware faults, and missing neighbors.
Analyzing & rectifying Neighbor discrepancies, adjacent Co-BISC, Co-BCCH Neighbors and anomalies in HO
Cell site configuration planning BCCH, BSIC, MAIO, HSN Cell parameters (ADHOC frequency planning).
Analyzing daily and weekly basis Cell Doctor Reports & KPI trend for parameters like traffic, Call Setup
Success Rate, Drop Call Rate, Rx Quality & level for UL/DL, Handover Success Rate and Resolve problem
Handling customer complaints regarding coverage problems and providing suitable solutions (like Indoor and
outdoor Repeaters etc.).
BSS Parameters planning and verification of such parameters for successful operation of the city, Rural,
Highway and Railway networks.
Tuning BSS parameters related to Handover, Power control, Location Update, Frequency, Neighbors
Relation etc for Macro, Micro cells.
Coordinate with Drive test teams to suggest the changes in antenna orientations, Antenna height, tilt etc.
Log file analysis by Layer 2 & Layer 3 messages to find the coverage of the network & to verify different
Parameters e.g. Rxlevel, Rx quality, Cell ID, LAC, BSIC, HSN & MAIO as per defined by the Operator to
compare the quality of service of different operators.
Vender evaluation for Antennas, Repeaters, TMA, TMB and passive components base on the extensive field
trials and drive test.
Involved in the Growth Projection/Capacity Planning for the existing network based on switch Statistics,
traffic data, current loading, etc.
Responsible for Post-Swap Site Verification includes Cell Parameters, Call Setup, Handover Performance,
and TRX testing and Area drive test using TEMS 8.0.3.
Performing drive testing and data collection, using TEMS Investigation/NEMO and analyzing the results and
recommended the network changes.
Diagnosed coverage, capacity & quality related problems and rectified it by thoroughly drive tests results
analysis & BSC measurement reports

Nemhans Solution Pvt. Ltd( Sept 06 to July 08)

Domain: - GSM Planning & optimization (RCom-Odisha, Idea-Bihar &Jharkhand, BSNL-Odisha, AirTel-MP &

Physical auditing and periodic drive test using TEMS for Single site Optimization of BSNL and AirTel .and
conducting drive test for optimization, coverage improvement, reduce interference problem and to resolve
customer complains.
Check the connection of Ericssion and Nokia BTS.

Monitoring the interference in the network and solve the problem for internal as well external source of
Removing Sec. Swap and Cable Swap.
Responsible for the analysis and optimization of the network for the overall improvement of the KPIs.
Post Processing and analysis of drive test Log files on TEMS.
Monitor system performance indicators such as Rx level, Rx Quality, Dropped Calls, Blocked Calls, HO
failure and Missing Neighbors.
Cluster Test drives using Ericsson TEMS Investigation. Data collection, frequency scans and C/I scan.
Conducting RF survey and Transmission survey for Reliance sites.
Physical site survey site selection, highway, railway site planning.
Doing LOS survey between BTS Sites.
Proposing Microwave antenna heights.
Preparing path profile using RL Tool and Global Mapper.
Doing route walk and Topo map study for clearing LOS.

Professional Trainings:

RU40 RANPAR, RANOP, Features- Nokia Solution & Network India Pvt. Ltd.
W13/14 WCDMA Overview, Air Interface, Initial Tuning, Functionality & Performance Management &
optimization-Ericsson Global India Ltd,
UMTS Basics, Planning & Optimization- Sasken Network Eng. Ltd.
GSM Network Planning, Implementation and OptimizationAlcatel Technologies
RF Planning and Optimization for 2G/2.5G and 3G networks at Nokia India Pvt. Ltd
Agilent Wizard & E 6474A Tool Agilent.
Nemo Analyzer Tool

Professional Qualification:
Degree in Electronics & comm. Engineering from Majhighariani Institute Of Science & Tech.
(MITS),Rayagada, Berhmpur University, Orissa, in 2006 with, 71%.
Personal Details:
Fathers Name: Mr. Khageswar parida
Nationality: Indian.
Language Known: - Hindi, English, Oriya, Bengali & Telugu
Marital Status: Unmarried
Passport No: J8483125
Valid Thru:23-05-2022
Declaration: I do here by declare that all the statements given above are true to best of my knowledge.

Date: 30-Aug-16

Place: Bangalore, India

Himanshu Bhusan Parida