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Minaam Baseer

Period 1
Jefferson vs. Hamilton
In the new economy, information, education, and motivation are everything.
This quote from William J. Clinton puts the audience of this essay into the mind set of
Alexander Hamilton and Thomas Jefferson who were both trying to help create a new
country. They needed to focus on many aspects of government, but one of the most
important aspects that apply to creating and sustaining a brand new nation is the
economy. So back in the late 1700s when Hamilton and Jefferson were thinking about
creating economic plans for the United States they had to think about what policies they
could enact to create an independent and thriving nation. Since Thomas Jefferson was
from the south and the local economies there were thriving because of agriculture he
wanted to focus on that, and since Hamilton was a resident of the northern colonies he
wanted to have a balanced economy that not only focused on agriculture, but also trade
and manufacturing. Although, the main economy was reaping great benefits from
agriculture it is clear that this route would not be a great choice since it does not plan for
the future and it doesnt incorporate all aspects of the economy and focuses only on
one. Alexander Hamilton votes for urbanization and economic development in many
different industries which creates diversity and fuels the economy more than just
focusing on one industry. Alexander Hamilton wanted to establish a national bank and
Jefferson didnt. The better option in this situation is Hamilton since a national bank can
regulate a unified currency and economy for all the states. Without a unified currency a
new nation could have many problems. This national bank can also provide credit and

stimulate the economy. Alexander Hamilton wanted internal taxes and Jefferson felt no
need for them. Internal taxes are crucial to run a country since external taxes are never
steady and this provides a steady income for the government so that they can provide
services for the populous. These services will not only make people happier, healthier,
and safer, but they will help the government run its day to day operations and keep the
country afloat. Thomas Jefferson wanted to pay off the national debt and Alexander
Hamilton wanted to use the national debt to establish credit. While paying off the debt
sounds amazing, that money can be used to actually establish the country and stabilize
the unstable government rather than just focusing on being debt free. However, on the
other side of the argument it can be seen that establishing credit is just creating more
debt, but if the United Sates pays it off after it has established itself fully then there is
nothing to worry about. The U.S. is basically paying interest on their debt so that they
can develop more which seems like the more logical idea. Through careful evaluation of
the economic plans of Thomas Jefferson and Alexander Hamilton, one can assume that
Alexander Hamiltons economic strategy was better suited to help the fetal government
and economy of the United States.


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