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Ms. Bergmans Classroom Rules, Policies, and Procedures
7th Grade Reading

Classroom Rules:
Be respectful to the teacher, each other, your work, and the classroom
Raise your hand.
Dont talk when others are speaking.
Follow the rules for being a good Dolan citizen.
Always try your best!!!
The Dolan Middle School Behavior Plan will be followed:
o Verbal Redirect
o Name on Board
o Detention and Phone Call Home
o Removal From Class

Class Materials:
This year, we will be working with a multi-sensory reading program. This means
instruction will occur using different manipulatives and materials that help in
providing visual, auditory, and kinesthetic instruction. It is important that all
materials are handled appropriately and treated with respect. Any student that
cannot follow the rules put in place during instruction will be subject to the
Dolan Behavior Plan.

Class Website:
Ms. Bergman has a class website, which can help you navigate the course. The
website will be updated daily, and contains nightly homework assignments, and
other important information to help you successfully complete the course. You
can find the website at A link can also be
found on Ms. Bergmans page on the Dolan Middle School website.

Homework is an important part of your education, and you will receive
homework at times. You are expected to complete all homework, and hand it in
on the assigned due date. Unless otherwise noted, homework will be graded on
a check scale: (check plus- all work is completed to the best of your ability,
check- work is completed, but student could have put more effort into the
assignment, check minus- assignment is incomplete, and a zero will be
awarded for any assignment not turned in. If a homework assignment is not
completed, students may turn it in the following day, but receive no higher than
a check.

Spelling Tests:

Spelling tests will play a large role in our program this year. Typically, we will
have a spelling test once a week, however this may change if needed. Students
will receive several days notice prior to a spelling test, as well as information on
what to study.

When a student needs to leave the room, they must first ask the teacher for
permission. The teacher will sign a pass for the student, located in the agenda
book. Additionally, each student must sign-out on the sheet located near the
classroom door.

Writing Instruments:
Unless otherwise instructed by the teacher, all students should use pencil on
their classwork.

When a student is absent, they will be held responsible for completing all
classwork and homework they have missed. Missed work will be placed in the
While You Were Out folder, and can be found with the students classroom
reading materials.

Your final quarter grade will be determined through a variety of assessments,
and will be calculated as follows:







Behavior and Participation




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