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Albury School

Application Form
Scale A Teaching Position Year 1-3
Given Names

Virginia Ann (Ginny)



Full Postal Address

Silverhill, 208 Limestone Valley Road, RD 17, Fairlie 7987

Telephone (Daytime)

027 238 7450

Telephone (Mobile)

027 238 7450

Email Address


Teacher Registration Number:


Registration Expiry Date:

19 March 2017

Are you a New Zealand citizen?


(If not, please attach a copy of your resident status or current work permit.)

Do you have a NZ drivers licence?


Have you ever had a criminal conviction? NO

(convictions that fall under the clean slate scheme do not have to be disclosed)
If Yes please detail

Have you ever received a police diversion for an offence? NO

If Yes please detail


Have you been convicted of a driving offence which resulted in temporary or permanent loss of
license or imprisonment? NO
If Yes please detail

Are you awaiting sentencing/currently have charges pending? NO

If Yes please detail

In addition to other information provided are there any other factors that we should know to
assess your suitability for appointment and ability to do the job? NO
If Yes, please detail

Have you had any injury or medical condition caused by gradual process, disease or infection,
such as occupational overuse syndrome, stress or repetitive strain injuries, which the tasks of
this job may aggravate or contribute to? NO
If Yes, please detail

Please state your tertiary level qualification/s:

Batchelor of Teaching and Learning

Advanced Diploma of Teaching
Higher Diploma of Teaching
Diploma of Teaching

Please state any other qualifications that relate to this position:

Advanced Classroom Expertise Teacher Award, 2015

Please outline your employment history beginning with the current or latest employment.
Start Date

End Date



Reason for Leaving

January 2014 Present


Mt Somers Springburn Scale A teacher,

2014 year 4
Mid Canterbury
2015-16 New
entrants/ Year 1

Present position, still employed.

April 2013

Ashburton College,

Head of Junior School

A permanent teaching position came

up at the school my children
attended. This gave me the
opportunity to be involved in their
school events and return to my
passion, primary school teaching.

Managing Director

My start up company was very

successful and I was brought out by
an investor. My desire was to always
return to my passion which is

January 2008 January 2011 Whareama School,


Scale A junior room

Year 1-4, fixed term,
various fixed term
positions, relieving,
Principal Release etc

My husband wished to return home

to farm in the South Island.

January 2006 December


0.6 job share (my

children were young)

My husband won a promotion to a

Managers job at Castlepoint Station
in the North Island.


January 2011 March 2013



Seddon School,

August 2003 The Correspondence Regional

School, Marlborough / Representative U3
Nelson regional office grade

January 1997 November


March 1995

Mid Canterbury

Ward School,

My eldest son was born in

September 2003. My second son was
born in 2005.

Teaching Principal, U2 Won promotion to U3 position with

I taught the junior
The Correspondence School.
room Year 0-3.

January 1997 Glenroy School,

Teaching Principal, U1

Mid Canterbury

- Sole charge Principal

Year 0-8

Won promotion to U2 position at

Ward School.


The position you have applied for requires specific knowledge, skills, attributes and personal
characteristics. These are stated in the person specification section of this application form.
Please outline below how you meet each of these attributes and abilities. Even though you are
attaching a CV, please fill this out in full.
Electronic application and evidence:

Knowledge, skills, attributes
and personal characteristics.

Which past roles have you What did you do that

demonstrated these skills, demonstrated this?
knowledge, attributes and
**Links below will demonstrate
personal characteristics?
my evidence by linking to my
professional portfolio website.

Understands the nature and

diversity of a rural community.

Glenroy School, Ward School,

The Correspondence School,
Whareama School, Mt Somers
Springburn School.

Contribution to wider schoolRural

communitites teaching practice.

All effective teachers are

required to be able to do this.
My jobs with management
experience in particular have
proven I am able to do this.

Family / whanau engagement

Is an excellent communicator who

will maintain an effective,
inclusive and collaborative
relationship with staff, students,
BoT and our school community.

Parental feedback

Information for parents

ALL communication with BOT, parents
and staff
Presentation to BOT
Motivation of students
Positive social, cultural and academic
outcomes for learners

Has a modern and forward

thinking approach to education
focused on raising student

My current position with

responsibility as Lead Literacy
Teacher has shown I am able
to do this.

Professional practice
Evidence and research
Research and theory
Assessment judgements
Appraisal from Principal
Teaching as inquiry appraisal feedback

Has strengths in Literacy and


My current position with

responsibility as Lead Literacy
Teacher has shown I am able
to do this. At Whareama I lead
the numeracy programme. My
current class programme is
very strong in literacy and
numeracy as it is a junior room.

Literacy in my classroom
Numeracy in my classroom
Photos of teaching in action
Colleague requests for support/ ideas
Analysis of childrens learning

Has experience with multi-level


Has experience and success in a

areas of responsibility.

My entire teaching career has

been in small country schools
with multilevel classes. I have
been a sole charge Principal
also. At Whareama I taught
both Junior Yr 0-4 and Senior
Yr 5-8 classes.

Teaching career outline

Photos working with children
Analysis of childrens learning Curriculum
Level 1 and 2

My previous management jobs Lead literacy teacher video, feedback

required this. I am currently
Numeracy teacher
the Lead Literacy Teacher and
have lead Numeracy and other Jump rope for heart
IT initiatives in the past.
Skiing 6 week option 2015
Associate teacher
School wide CAP - literacy


Knowledge, skills, attributes
and personal characteristics

Which past roles have you

demonstrated these skills,
knowledge, attributes and
personal characteristics?

What did you do that

demonstrated this?

Has an excellent understanding

and working knowledge of the NZ
Curriculum, National Standards
and current best practice.

All of my teaching positions

required a high level of
understanding and best practice.
My being awarded an Advanced
Expertise Teacher Award in
2015 also verified this externally.

Teaching practice beliefs

Appreciates our school values and All schools and positions - I have
vision and will continue to support always upheld the values and
vision of the schools I have
worked in.

Is dedicated to ensuring the

health, safety and well-being of
students, staff and visitors.

All schools and positions.

Professional practice examples

Engagement with families statement
Ongoing professional learning
I have always tried to ensure the
schools I have worked in have
similar values to my own this has
resulted in very successful
I always make sure I am aware of
the expectations and policies of the
school regarding these. I follow
these as instructed and help to
ensure others do the same.

Please provide the names of at least three people who could act as referees for you.
All of these referees should be able to attest to your work performance and at least two should
complete the attached Referees Report and return it direct to the address on the form.
If you have included written references from people other than those recorded below, please note we
may contact the writers of these references.




Relationship (eg

Brent Gray

03 303 9892
Mt Somers Springburn School (work)
78 Ashburton Gorge Road, RD
1, Mt Somers, Ashburton
03 308 5677

Sarah Gaskin

Teacher, Mt Somers
Springburn School

027 259 4587

78 Ashburton Gorge Road, RD

1, Mt Somers, Ashburton

Grant Congdon

Principal, Horowhenua
65-73 Weraroa Road, Levin,
PO Box 544, Levin

Darren Kerr

Current Principal, is moving on

at the end of this term so I
have included his home phone
number also.

Colleague in next door junior

room. All children from my
room move onto Sarahs class.
Sarah also taught with me at
Whareama School in 2011 I
was her associate teacher.

021 044 5352

06 368 6159
extn 703 (work)

Principal, Whareama School, 06 372 3808

84 Langdale Road, Masterton (work)

Deputy Principal at Ashburton

College (Now Principal at
Horowhenua College). Grant
was my direct report and we
worked closely together.

Principal at Whareama School

where I worked in various roles
for 4 years.

027 272 5532



I authorise the Board, or nominated representative, to approach:

my nominated referees; and
persons other than the referees whose names I have supplied

to gather information related to my suitability for appointment to the position.


I authorise the Board, or nominated representative, permission to access any information held
by the Teachers Council, including matters under investigation, to gather information related to
my suitability for appointment to the position.


Covering letter
Completed application form
At least two referees are to complete the Referees Report and return direct to the address on

the form
Other written references (optional)

Please Note:

Your C.V. / covering letter should list or include:

1. Record of service
2. Education qualifications
3. Other qualifications relevant to the position
4. Suitability for the position why do you believe you are suitable for this position?
5. Non paid experience
6. Interests

I certify that:
The information I have supplied in this application is true and correct.
I confirm in terms of the Privacy Act 1993 that I have authorised access to referees.
I know of no reason why I would not be suitable to work with children/young people.
I understand that if I have supplied incorrect or misleading information, or have omitted any

important information, I may be disqualified from appointment, or if appointed, may be

liable to be dismissed.

With regard to the Privacy Act and Vulnerable Childrens Act, I give the Albury School Board of Trustees
permission to circulate the information I have enclosed to members of the appointment committee and
to contact any previous employers. We also require Proof of Identity. (refer to attached form if you are
short listed)

Signed _________________________ Date _____________

Name of Applicant: Virginia Neal (Ginny)
Identification documents must be presented in person and from the lists above (one document from
each category). The documents must be original, current and not expired.

Category A

Tick Category B


New Zealand Passport

New Zealand Drivers Licence

A New Zealand Certificate of Identity

issued under the passports Act 1992 to
Non-New Zealand citizens who cannot
obtain a passport from their country of

18+ Card (must be current)

New Zealand Fire Arms Licence

Community Services card

Overseas Passport (with or without New

Zealand Immigration Visa/Permit)

Super Gold card

New Zealand Full Birth Certificate issued

on or after 1998

Inland Revenue Number

New Zealand Citizenship Certificate

Electoral Roll Records

New Zealand Drivers Licence

Current account/statement with address

Put details of the sighted documents below.

Document Name


Issue Date (if


Expiry date (if


Category A

Fire arms licence

Category B

Drivers licence

Name Change (if


Name of Identity Referee(s): _____________________________________ Telephone: _____________

______________________________________Telephone: _____________

Signed Applicant: ____________________________

Signed: Principal/Chairperson _______________________
Date: ________________
Signature _______________________________________________ Date __________
Note: If completing this electronically, a signed hard copy must be provided at the time of