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ATU Local 1336

Press Release
September 1, 2016

We at ATU Local 1336 have been made aware that a number of GBTA workers called out
sick today. This action was neither conducted, nor condoned, by ATU Local 1336.
It is our belief that these Employees are in fact sick, and it is our sincere hope, that they
all get well soon.
We also recognize that many riders experienced significant delays, and were
inconvenienced today, for that we here at ATU 1336 would like to offer our sincere
The employees at GBTA, have for some time now been complaining to our Union, and the
CEO Doug Holcomb, about the worsening working conditions, such as route scheduling,
ability to have time for bathroom breaks, hostile supervisors, heavy handed discipline
and the ongoing poor treatment of the workforce.
If these matters are news to CEO Doug Holcomb, then he better get his head out of his
you know what.
There are, what we believe to be some deep seeded discrimination issues at GBTA, all
you need to do is look at the lack of racial diversity in their senior management team
(put together by Holcomb) and then take a look at the racial make-up of the rest of the
workforce, and you dont have to be genius to see that we have serious racial diversity
problems here at GBTA.
If in fact this is some kind of concerted effort by the workforce, all ATU Local 1336 can
say is that, CEO Doug Holcomb has succeeded in getting our members to do something
that the Union could not and would not.
In closing, it is noteworthy that CEO Holcomb has made no effort to contact ATU Local
1336 today in regards to this, or any other matter, no surprise to ATU Local 1336 given
Holcombs track record.

Mustafa S. Salahuddin
ATU Local 1336
President/Business Agent