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4. Which of the following graphs gives the best representation of the real-valued function sinx uta x ve, x? =z =z © @ 5. A particle of mass m moves along the x-axis under the influence of the potential | Vin = Wele2 ~2e"), If the particle oscitlates with @ small amplitude arcund the minimum of the potential, what is the period of oscillation? Take m= 4, Vp = 2and = 3 {in appropriate units). fa) 012 133 897 | 6. Asimple pendulum, made of a point mass m attached to a massless string of length I, | oscillates with a time period 7,. A second pendulum, in the shape of a thin uniform rod, hhas the same length land the same total mass m and oscillates with the time period 7,. | ‘The thickness of the rod is negligible compared to The value of the ratio (7, /7,) is fa) 044 i (bo) 067 fo 082 {a} 1-00 3h™ g Ly (a) 120 em &) 100 em () 80 em ‘ (@) 69 em A Blanet of mass m moves in an orbit around the Sun (of mass IM). The nearest and farthest distances from the Sun during the motion are a and b, respectively and Gis the Sra djational constant. The magnitude of the angular momentum of the planet eeoaes ‘the Suns [Hint : You may use conservation laws for energy and angules semen } (a) RGM {b) mV 2GHF (aby/* r = & © mpom(2) a? +b nfo) A truck is moving slong a straight highway with a speed of 108 km/hr towards @ source {faxed on the highway) of microwave radiation of frequency 10 GHla, What wil bo ire radiation? (a) C kHz (®) kate () 2 ke (@ 10 Guz 10. 11. 12. Consider the following four functions each representing a plane wavs 1. fl w= sinfy2DB t~ 2x ~ Ty 1382) sin(/T4 t-2x-3y-2) fabs 4% I fg6s, w 3 1) =sin\VBB ¢~4x Sys 82) IV. fabs um f= sin(/TES t+ Sx ~ 6y+ 82} Which of the following pairs represents waves moving in mutually perpendicular directions? (a) Land mr (b) Land IV (©) Wand (@) Wand Iv What is the maximum amount of work that can be extracted from an object of heat capacity C,, initially at a temperature T,, by a heat engine that operates between this object and a reservoir at temperature 7,? (@ (7-4) (0) Cpl -%)-Cph nT, 7) (Ct, ~7 in, 7) (@) Clty +7)/2 ‘three concentric thin spherical shells of radii a, b and c(a 0, the potential V(x is of the form (k, and ky are constants} k, k ta), Be wok, 8 () ky thax (ky thee? sreckr an ensemble of quantum particles each of which can be in one of two states, orenergy B, and E,. This system is in equilibrium at temperatare fo i denote the average number of particles in the two states, Irahe race Ny /N, is i/e, (a) 62109 He (0) 62x10!" He (©) 62x10! He (@) 62x 10'S He A tadioactive nucleus X decays to Y with a mean lifetime 4, The nucleus ¥ is also Mistable and decays with mean lifetime t, (=, /2) If Ny nuclei of X (out no nuclei ofy) peceee a ued © how many nuclei of ¥ will be there when the number of X nucle! becomes Ny /2? fa) Ny /2e () N14 ) A beam of fc ©) (Pnsep/iceny © t-2 (0) (e? + ven) /(on+ y tke os JNUEE: Question Papers (2006-2010) Rs.10/- 65 ENTRANCE EXAMINATION, 2010 M.Sc. PHYSICS | Field of Study Code : SPSM (227) | Time Allowed : 3 hours Maximum Marks : 90 INSTRUCTIONS FOR CANDIDATES {) All questions are compulsory. ffl) For each question, one and only one of the four choices given is the correct answer. (iii) For each question, answer must be given in the space provided in the SHEET-I (Answer Table). Answer given in any other place will not be evaluated. (iv) Each correct answer will be given +3 marks. (¥) Each wrong answer will be given =1 mark. (vi) Use of calculators is permitted. (vil) One extra page is attached at the end of the Question Paper for Rough Work, “ks” 3. ‘The eigenvalues of the matrix eos once eon ocon (a) +1, 41,41 and +1 (&) +1, 41,-1and-1 (ch 0, 0, V2 and - V2 (a) +V2, ~ V2, +1/V2 and -1/J2 re ‘Three dices with faces marked 1, 2, -, 6 are thrown together. Assuming that they are ed, what is the probability that the sum of the numbers that tum up is 15? (1/308 3/108 57108 a 77308 What isthe value of the define integral [icinyPa? (a) 1/27 ) 2/27 @ 1/9 (a) 2/9 | es 4. Which of the following graphs gives the best representation of the real-valued function y=xInx in the domain x > 0? Mm oy my @ @ 5. _Apaice of mass mmoves nthe x-plane in the presence ofa potential Vs, y}20 that te tagrangian ts pven by emit +A) Bee vg ezine Wich of the falling statements correspond tothe equim of the system? la) There ino stable equlibriam at any finite values of sv fp) ‘There is oniy one stale equim at the point (v= (e) ‘There ase two stable equilibria atthe points (x y)=( 9 and (1) =) (a) There are two stable equilibria at the points (x, ¥)=(y yy and (-1, ) 6. Auniform spring of spring constant kis cut into two pieces such that one piece is three times as long as the other. The spring constant of the short piece is fa) k/4 ok () 4k/3 (a) 4k 13ks- 1. 10. ‘Ahalf-dise of mass Mand radius R rotates about an axis that passes through the centre of the straight side and is perpendicular to its plane (see figure). The moment of inertia about the axis of rotation is (a) MR?/8 (bo) MR? /4 (co) MR?/2 (a) 2MR? Consider a pipe of length 65 cm with both ends open. How many modes of oscillations of the air column are possible up to a frequency of 1250 Hz ? (Take the speed of sound to be 330 m/s) @ 2 © 3 © 8 @ 6 ‘A plane wave of frequency propagates so that planes of constant phase move with speeds 1, v and v, along the x, y and z axes, respectively. The wave vector, K of the plane wave (in terms of the Cartesian unit vectors £, } and R) is @ woo(Eiehje de] oy Keols jae a, Me (9) Keoulru,jrugh Mu +2 +03) (a) Ke tyityg)+ugh)/0 ‘The concentration p(t, t) of ink diffusing in water is governed by the diffusion equation a 2, J ote, d= DV Ux, gehts = DV?UH, where D is a parameter known as the diffusion constant, What is the average time taken for a motecule of ink to spread by a root-mean-square distance R? (@) yR7D RD () RUD (a) RD yks- 41. 12. 13. 14. 15. ‘The ratio F /Fa of the electrostatic Coulomb force F 10 the gravitational force Fy between the proton and the electron in the first Bohr orbit (of radius r) of a hydrogen atom is closest to the following value (a) 2x10? @) 2x10? 42 35 (2x10 15 (@) -2x10°5/1, ‘Two point charges q and 4q are located at #, and £,, respectively, on the xy-plane. The magnitude Q and location R of a third charge to be placed on the plane such that the total force on each of the three charges vanishes, are @ O 4q/9 and R= @r, +4,)/3 ») @ 42%,)/3 (9 Q=-4q/25 and R= (164, +£,)/Vi7 (2) Q=-99/4 and R= (x, +2%,)/3 Consider a spherical cavity in an infinite, homogeneous and isotropic dielectric material of permittivity ¢, When placed in an external electric field B, the electric field inside the cavity is fa) SE /e+ eo) () Rete ghE/3e ©) (a) Ble ‘A circular coil of radius 120 mm with 10 turns is placed with its plane parallel to the earth's magnetic field. When a current of 0-45 A flows through the coil, a compass needle placed at the centre of the coil is seen to be deflected by an angle of 45° to the plane of the coil. The intensity of the earth's magnetic field is calculated to be fa) 0-307 (be) 24 ur fo 4aut (@) 100pT Electric current of uniform current density is flowing through an infinitely long wire with a circular cross-section of constant radius R, Which of the following relations gives the magnitude B of the magnetic ficld measured inside the wire at a distance r from the central axis of the wire (so that r< R)? (a) Ber fb) Beinr () Bet/r (Be tfr? IGE 16. a7. 18, An amplifier has a voltage gain A,, = 1000, input impedance 1 k@ and output impedance 500 @ A fraction 6, = 0-1 of the output voltage is fed back in series in opposition to the input voltage. The input and output impedance after the feedback are given respectively by the approximate values (a) 100 k@ and $a (o) 1kQ and sa. () 10%and soKa (a) 100k0 and 1009 Im the circuit shown below, the output voltage is proportional to Ya (a) ny, (0) exp) © IMI @ -1¥, Which of the following statements is true regarding the voltage V measured at point A and the steady-state value of current Tin the circuit shown below? 19 a a rls (@) I= 0Aand v=0V (&) T= 0Aand ve1v (@ T= 1Aendveiv (@) T= 0A and V fuctuates randomly until the switch is closed Kee 19. 20. ai. ‘An ideal gas undergoes an isothermal expansion (at a constant temperature T) from an initial volume V, to a final volume V,. The change in the entropy per mole is (a RY/¥) (o) Rin{y-¥I fe) Rin /¥) (4) Rin(¥,/%) ‘Agas at a pressure p, and volume V, is compressed adiabatically to a volume Vp at pressure p,, Ifthe préssure-olume relation for this gas during adiabatic compression is pv'/2 =K (where Kis a constant), the work done during the compression is (0 3trp%e~PaYa) () Sep¥a-PA%) A gas, the molecules of which have mass m, is at equilibrium at absolute temperature T. ‘The root-mean-square of the relative velocity between any two molecules of the gas is (a) 4k 7 /am (b) 3kg7/2m (0) Sk_T/m (@) 6k gT/m ‘The energy loss due to diffraction for a plane wave reflected back and forth between two plane mirrors (a} decreases with an increase in the size of the mirrors {b) increases with an increase in the size of the mirrors (c) decreases with an increase in the separation between the mirrors (a) increases with a decrease in the wavelength of the light Yes- 23. 24, Ina single layer of graphite, called graphene, the carbon atoms form a hexagonal lattice (see figure). How many carbon atoms are there in a unit cell of the lattice? a) One , (b) Two () Three (a) Six ‘A quantum particle in one dimension x moves under the influence of a potential that supports bound states. Plotted below are the wave functions wy vs. x corresponding to four cigenstates of energy. Identify the wave functions corresponding to the ground . State and the highest energy state among those shown : v v A a (i) (iti) fiv) (a) ( corresponds to the ground state and (ii to the highest energy state () (@ corresponds to the ground state and (iv) to the highest energy state (6) fw) corresponds to the ground state and (ii) to the highest energy state (d) None of these is the ground state and i) corresponds to the highest energy state (af 25. am. An X-ray machine operates at a potential of 50000 V. What is the minimum possible value of wavelength present in the radiation? *(@ 00124 nm (&) 00248 nm {0124 nm (@) 0248 nm ‘the eigenstates of §, of a quantum particle with spin % are [1 W-f23.5. 73) operator , is true? Which of the following statements about eigenstates of the {a} (T) is an eigenstate of 5, (b)_|U) is an eigenstate of S, (2 [T)+]L) ts an eigenstate of 8, (4) No linear combination of 1) and |L) can be an eigenstate of S, Consider a quantum particle of mass m in a three-dimensional isotropic simple harmonic potential V(x, y, 2)= jet (ie? + y2 +22) It is known that the particle is ia an energy eigenstate with eigenvalue Z = Thw/2. Which of the following cannot be the wave cn eseemthe particle? (In the following a= Yim7h and #1, @ is the nth Hermite polynomaicl) (9) Haloxtexp-a(y? +27) ©) Hylosdexp (-a(x? + y? +27) Co) Ho Hy (wztexpl-a(x? +? +2") (8) Hi ox9 Fy facienp(-ale? + y? +27) In order to determine the age of ancient wooden tools, radiocarbon dating method is ‘used, This is done by measuring the fraction of radioactive isotope 14C of carbon compared to the normal (non-radioactive) isotope 12¢ in a sample. An old sample is foun te contain 1/10 times the fraction of !1C as compared to a fresh piece of wood. Given that the half-life of *C is $570 years, the approximate age of the old sample is (a) 587 years (b) 12800 years {e) 18500 years (a) 58700 years 9x 29. In the Large Hadron Collider (LHC) in CERN, protons will be accelerated to an energy of 7 TeV (tetraclectron volt), ie., 7x10"? eV: (As a matter of fact, two proton beams, each with 7 TeV will collide so that the energy of collision in the centre of mass frame is 14 TeV) The speed v of a proton of 7 TeV energy is in the range (a) 0-9999990000¢ < v < 0. 9999999999 (0) 0-999900c> a, b), the electric field will appear to be approximately that of (a) a point charge (&) a dipole (o) a quadrupole (@) a mixture of a dipole and a quadrupole ‘The potential due to an electric dipole p placed at the origin is Known to be of the form olt)= p:#/r®. The total flux of the electric field through a spherical surface of radius R with the dipole at the centre is given by (a) zer0 » 3a @ lel # $8 In the following figure, ABCand CDA are two semicircular conducting wires of radius @ with the origin as their common centre, The are ABC lies on the xy-plane whereas CDA lies on the xz-plene. They are joined as shown. This combined loop carries a current in the direction indicated in the figure below. Which of the following unit vectors denotes the direction of the resulting magnetic field vector at the origin? fa} (1, 0, OF o (ode) Lia © Gwe) (a) (1, 0, 0) 27fks~ 23. 24, In the LCR cireuit shown below, the switch Sis suddenly closed at ¢= 0 dl av S i mi 2000 1 uF L$ Which of the following diagrams represents the subsequent flow of current Il) as @ function of time t? 1a He. (a) 1a, @ ‘The kinetic energy of a free relativistic particle is E-me®, where E and mare its total energy and rest mass respectively. Let vp be the speed at which the kinetic energy equals the rest mass energy of the particle. Then fa) v9 0/3 30/2 © (e) ) (@) vy >¢ (so this ean never happen) [A galaxy is roceding relative to us at a speed of 3000 km/s. It emits hydrogen redline of ceavelength 6560 A. When seen by us, the wavelength of this radiation will appear to be {@) higher by approximately 65 A {b) tower by approximately 65 A (@lower by approximately 6 A (a) higher by approximately 6 A 2B/ee- 28. 26. a7. 28. ‘The angular frequency W of deep water waves varies as the inverse square £208 of the wavelength A, ie, a(A) « 1/YA. Which of the following is the relation between its group velocity u, and phase velocity vp? () %) = %y /2 () ¥,=¥, (4 <2, (a) o,= av, Suppose you are using light of wavelength 6250 A in combination with @ plane sreeeton grating which has 1600 lines per em. The upper limit on (he order of crection faximaa that can possibly be seen with this arrangement is closest {0 (a) 25 &) 18 10 @ 2 ma Young's double-slit experiment, the two slits are such that the desis fragt’ Se perfectly dark (i.e, the intensity vanishes at these points). Now: We double the width of eet the two alits. What will be the effect on the interference pattern? (2) The fringe pattern as well as the contrast between the darke and bright fringes will change (o) The fringe pattern will not change but the contrast between the ask and bright fringes will change {The fringe pattern wil change but the contrast between the dark and bright fringes will not change (4) ‘There will be no change in either the interference pattern or the contrast between the dark and bright fringes ‘the wavelength of one of the visible lines in the spectrum of the hydrogen it © approximately 6560 A. It is known that this corresponds to a transition between the spprontan the principal quantum numbers n=2and n= 3, What will be we frequency Corresponding to the transition from the ground state to the first excited state? (a) 4:56 « 10! He (b) 168 « 105 He (©) 247 « 1018 He (@) 3:29 « 10'S He 2G/es 29. 30. The intensity vs, wavelength distribution of a blackbody is found to have its maximum. at the wavelength X,,., = 0-2 om. Moreover, the total energy radiated Jis measured to be 30 watts, Ifthe temperature of the blackbody is now doubled, the new values of A. and J will be (a) 0-1 em and 120 watts (©) 0-1 em and 240 watts (c) 0-1 cm and 480 watts (4) 0-4 cm and 60 watts ‘The radioactivity of a sample of Co®® decreases by 4% every hour. (The decay product is not radioactive.) The half-life of Co™ is approximately (@) 1 hour (b) 1 day {) 1 month (a) 1 year Bos 6 5 JNUEE: Question Papers (2004-2008) Rs.10/- ENTRANCE EXAMINATION, 2008 M.Sc. PHYSICS Time Allowed : 3 hours Maximum Marks ; 100 INSTRUCTIONS FOR CANDIDATES () ‘The question paper consists of two parts—Part A and Part B. (ii) All questions are compulsory, Answers should be written in the space following each question. (iii) Use of calculators is permitted, (iv) Extra pages are attached at the end of the question paper for Rough Work PART—A Note : Answer all questions. Bach question carries 10 marks, AL. Show that ASD. ocesn 5 sininx) 1 7RSx<0 A2, A harmonic oscillator consists of a mass m attached to a spring with spring constant k It is immersed in a fluid which damps the motion with friction coefficient b. (a) Write down the differential equation which describes the time-dependence of the displacement x() of the mass from its equilibrium position. (6) Solve this equation, and identify parameter ranges for which the motion is damped oscillatory or only damped, 3/ks- AS. ‘The free energy of « cluster with N molecules has contributions from both volume and surface terms as follows : AG=A,V+yS Here A,, is the free-energy cost (per unit volume) of bringing the particles together, 7 is, the sufface tension, and V, S denote the volume and surface area of the cluster, respectively. Assume that the cluster is epherical in shape and each molecule has a volume v,, 80 that V= Nip, (a) Express AG in terms of N. (&) Assuming Ag <0, obtain the value of W for which AG is maximum. Sketch AGas @ function of NV, (o) Compute the radius of the cluster in (6). ‘A magnetic dipole of moment is placed along the x-axis at the origin. (a) Write down the magnetostatic potential, and the value of the magnetic field at an arbitrary point 7. (No derivation is required.) (&) The dipole executes oscillations along the xaxis with a small amplitude A and angular frequency @, so that the position in time is x(t) = Acos(ot) ‘A coil of small area S is placed perpendicular to the xaxis at a distance b as Shown, Calculate the e.m.f, induced in the coil. (Neglect the variation of the field across the coil and take A