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I would like to work with you on this job. I've been a Virtual Assistant of seve
ral clients (3 of which are long term contracts) for almost two years already. I
did several tasks and one of them is to create a database of rugby league teams
in Australia. I am very good at handling data. I also checked and managed my cl
ient's accounts. Furthermore, I worked on handling bank details for one of my cl
ients few months ago which requires great accuracy and efficiency. I was even gi
ven a 5 star feedback because I was able to finish the job before deadline. Als
o, I finished several jobs where I was required to collect and make a directory
that have contact names and email addresses. I can finish searching and collecti
ng more than a thousand of contacts per day. Currently, I am a VA of a Thai clie
nt and my job is to edit a book and publish it in Kindle and a VA of an American
client where I'm tasked to encode directories of 2 states, so far. I've finishe
d Directory of Cottage Grove for less than two weeks.
I am knowledgeable about MS softwares such as MS Word and Excel as well as Googl
e Docs, Spreadsheet, etc. I am a hard working person and I believe that I am abl
e to do this job for I have the skills and abilities needed for this job to beco
me a success. I am fluent in English. In fact, I have taken English tests here i
n Upwork and the results were good. I always communicate with my clients.
I'm looking forward to work with you. Hope you will let me be a part of this job
. Thanks!