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Fundamentals of Arabic Grammar | Unit 1

Lesson Number: 10
Lesson title: 1.12-13 Properties of the Ism Flexibility
We are almost done with the study part of Status

Status: 1. Forms of Status (Raf-Doer, Nasb-Detail, Jarr-After of)

2. How to tell Status (Ending Sounds, Ending Combinations, Pronouns are weird)
3. Light or Heavy [Do the Heavy & Light version of Muslimun Chart.
Normally an
Ism is Heavy.
We dont ask Light or Heavy if the Ism has .
How many reasons are there for a
word to be Light? 4. (we havent learnt the 4 reasons yet, actually today we will
learn one of them (Flexibility)
4. Flexibility

Who were the 4 Arab Prophets Allah sent? 1. ( ) .4 & .3 .2 ,,


For now, I want to teach you a very simple version of this lesson.
Imagine most words in Arabic are made of play dough, you can bend them
however. Well call them 1. Fully Flexible (most words) What that means is, the
word can be bent in three ways.
In Raf , Nasb , Jarr . I can also make them Light. You can do this with
most words.
2. Non-Flexible (Few words) These few words, whether in R, N, or J, will sound
exactly the same, they wont change at all (Non-flexible) (E.g. whether in R, N
& J will look exactly the same. )
*Ill give you a clue, this works most of the time. When a word ends with an or
sounds like it ends in an . Chances are, theyre N-F (E.g. ,, these
kind of words, mostly N-F)
3. Partly Flexible (Special words) There are many categories of words that count as
Partly Flexible words, but for now Ill give you 2 Categories. a. Names of Places
[that are mentioned in the Quran] b. Non-Arab names [that are mentioned in the
Quran] Youve learnt the 4 Arab prophets, so the rest of the prophets like
would fall under this category of Partly Flexible.

Now what does Partly Flexible mean? Partly flexible means *1. It has to be Light
(no tanween/ ) and 2. it cant accept a Kasrah
. What is the R,N & J of ?
What is the R,N & J of (Non-Arab name) ? .* In Jarr it will also have
a Fatha
Also ask random questions of
Status, Light/Heavy Etc.
Explain doesnt end with a
but ends with an

Fundamentals of Arabic Grammar | Unit 1