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I think it is (+truly) indeed that people always pursuit (pursue) more and more no matter what they (already)

have (had).
However, this is also one of the reasons why civilization became modernized.

Take China as an instance, China used to be a communist country, so (spared) no one can (could) have any private
property (~ies) in the past. In other words, people can (could) own nothing in their life (spared) during that time. Hence,
there is no motive to steer (drive) this country and people to forward (forward to) progress. This was an undeveloped

However, recently, people were allowed to have private property (~ies). This greatly stimulated inner desires of people,
grabbing more and getting better (grammatical error). Thus, many enterprises were stared up (?) and lots of innovations
were created.

Today, China is one of the biggest (strongest) countries in the world; it goes without saying that a (the) desire of wanting
more and better plays a significant role for her modernization.

Dissatisfying, desiring, (and ) fancying and (delete) etc. (surplus) those feelings, getting more and grabbing more, are
steering people to progress to successes.

According to the Bible, I press toward the mark for the prize of the high calling of God in Christ Jesus. It means due to
the desire, desiring the prize which is coming from God, people ran toward the goal.

To further illustrate, there is another instance, in Wall Street of the United States, people liked to say greed is fine.
Bankers grabbed everything as possible in Wall Street. They are greed! Because that craving to win every competition,
people improved everything as possible. Certainly, rules, methods and devices of finance were becoming advanced.
Hence, financial industry here always ranks top in the world.
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Another solid instance is as follow: Two decades ago, a (the) speed of transmission between the Internets is (was) only
kilobytes. But people (were) never satisfy (~ied with) that; so, the faster machine (were) continued to be built. From
kilobytes to gigabytes per second, information spread and diffused around the world by the Internets became quickly and
easily, in the meantime, learning (new) stuff and living also became convenient and sufficient.

Again, another statement in Bible: forget what is behind, strive toward what is ahead, and run straight toward the goal.
I think that is right, people always crave more no matter they already have what. (what they already had)
And that a mind is (delete) dissatisfied with life is always the best catalytic agent for making progress of modern

Is the Chinese text written by you?

The beginning of your viewpoint (for or against greed) is not clearly expressed.
Its good for you to cite three examples (China, Wall Street and speed of transmission).
Generally speaking, this piece of work is fine. But if you want to make it more readable, your usage of vocabularies
and logic structure still leave room for improvement.