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M r. Tee Soo Kiat
M r. Tee Soo

Te chnical D irector, A sia Pacific & Japan

So o Kiat bri ngs with h im more t han 21 ye ars of expe rience fro m IT indus try. He ha s held role s

sp anning fro m R&D pro duct desig n & develo pment to s enior tech nical leade rship roles within APA C

ac ross enter prises and

un derstandin g of busin ess solutio ns that ran ges from

Pl anning and of APJ, Soo

es sential to a dvance an d protect a n organiza tion’s best interest by

informatio n

Design to Security I nfrastructu re Plannin g. In his cu rrent role as a Techn ical Direct or

Data Centr es to Mana ged Servic es, Netwo rk

knowledg e and dee p

the IT/Te lco sector.

a team o f presales

Soo Kiat

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M r. Shahna waz Back er Se curity Ev angelist

M r Backer is

an experi enced info rmation se curity pro fessional w ho loves t he field of

informatio n

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W ebInjects.


his cu rrent role

challenges. He is a cer tified ethic al hacker of Securi ty Evange list, he fo cuses on


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security a nd protect ion strate gy. He ha s special

interest in


and Acce ss

M anagement and has

worked sub stantially o n tying ide ntity to we b fraud us e cases


M r. Wong C hing Ping Sn r Busines s Develop ment Ma nager For tinet Sout heast Asi a and Hon g Kong


C. P. is respo nsible for d riving gre ater adopti on of Forti net’s Enha nced Tech

solutions in

the regio n.

Pr ior to Fort inet, C.P.

le ading Telco C. P. holds a

Ad ministratio n from Un iversity of Mancheste r. He is als o a certifie d ITIL and BCP profes sional.


in Southe ast Asia, b ringing ne w technolog ies and so lutions to t he Telco m arket. Master of Engineerin g from Na tional Univ ersity of S ingapore a nd Master of Busine ss

spent mor e than 10 years in

Product De velopment

and Engi neering in

Mr. Ken Pohniman Managing Director of Asia Pacific (APAC) Sales for Extrahop Ken Pohniman is

Mr. Ken Pohniman Managing Director of Asia Pacific (APAC) Sales for Extrahop

Ken Pohniman is a Managing Director of Asia Pacific (APAC) Sales for ExtraHop, the first-to-market leader in real-time IT operations analytics. In his role at ExtraHop, Ken drives sales and channel strategy for the ASEAN region, including Thailand, Indonesia, Malaysia, Philippines, and Singapore.

Ken brings more than two decades of experience working with top organizations in ASEAN to deliver sophisticated networking and virtualization solutions that keep businesses competitive. Prior to joining ExtraHop, Ken was a General Manager for Infoblox, where he established a strong partner ecosystem that helped drive 50 percent YoY growth and established a strong foothold for the company in the telecommunications and financial services sectors. In addition to Infoblox, Ken has played a sales leadership role for major IT players including Citrix, Cisco, and F5 Networks, where he has consistently delivered double-digit revenue growth and success in key vertical markets.