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1. Open Mozilla Firefox on your PC/Laptop

2. Click on Mozilla Firefox settings as shown in the picture below

3. Click on OPTIONS as shown in the picture below

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4. Click on Content and Uncheck the BLOCK POP-UP Windows option

5. Go to www.apna.csc.gov.in and login through CSC Connect

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6. Click on APNA DHAN link shown below

7. To Download the Software, Please click on Click here

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8. If the system is 32-bit, then download Morpho Fingerprint Scanner 32-bit Installer
If the system is 64-bit then download Morpho Fingerprint Scanner 64-bit Installer

9. Save the Device installer (32/64-bit)

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10. Right Click on Device Installer file and select Run As Administrator

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11. Click on Install Button to continue the installation as shown below

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12. Click on Install to install Java Platform in the system

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13. Click on Remind Me Later and then click on Close button to complete the Java Platform

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14. Please close the window if the window appears shown below.

15. After installation of JAVA, Fingerprint device installation starts

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16. Click on Close Button and restart the system

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17. Go to www.apna.csc.gov.in and login into the portal

18. Click on APNA DHAN Link in VLE Services tab under Banking heading

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19. Apna Dhan Pop up window will open and then allow Java Plugin as shown below

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20. Click on Run button to avoid the security warning

21. Select Device from Select Device option and then click on Continue button.

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22. VLE E-kyc page is open after clicking on Continue button and security warning pop up comes. To
remove this Pop Up click on checkbox as shown below and then click on Run Button

23. Enter your Adhaar No. and select which fingerprint has to be authenticate and Click on Start
Button. After capturing fingerprint, click on Submit Button.

24. VLE Registration Form will open and fill the Bank Name, Account number and IFSC code and PAN
No. Then click on Submit Button.
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Note: Account Number entered must be linked with adhaar no.

25. After Completing the registration process, again login in to APNA DHAN Service

26. After login into APNA DHAN Service, VLE finger scan page is open and security warning pop up
comes. To remove this Pop Up click on checkbox as shown below and then click on Run Button

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27. Enter your Adhaar No and capture your fingerprint and click on Submit button

III. Transaction
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28. Welcome Screen will be displayed

29. Select Bank Name, enter adhaar no and amount and click on Next Button.

30. Confirm the details that has been entered and then click on Next Button

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31. Click on continue

32. Click on Run

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33. Check the I accept message and then click on Run button

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34. Select the hand and finger position then click on start button and give the fingerprint for

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35. After authentication is successful then the transaction is successful and click on print to
generate and print the receipt

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