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By Joe Vitale
People who are only out for the money shackle their passionate and spiritual nature.
They live unhappy lives. They lose the game of life.
But people who are driven by their soulful purpose and their spiritual convictions often hate
money thinking its evil or dangerous to their higher path.
They lose out on the true reality of money: a surprisingly-powerful spiritual growth tool.
Theres a new way of creating wealth. A way where money empowers your spirituality
and your spirituality helps you make money. Its not selfish. Its not greedy.
It doesnt feel dirty.
And its 100% powered by your personal spiritual path and passion.
Seem too good to be true? Let me prove it to you.
It will be your new everyday life.
SURPRISING FACT: People Who Master The Spiritual Code Of Money Almost Always
Make MORE Money FASTER Than Everyone Else.
But how could that be possible?
To prove this to you, I'm going to use myself as the guinea pig.
Today, as I write this, I am living this ultimate "spiritual wealth" lifestyle. I am free to follow the
whims of my spirit. I'm free to let my intuition guide me. I'm free to pour my time and resources
into my passion projects. And I've got the financial wealth to support all of it.
But I wasn't always "wealthy" like this. In fact...
My first taste of wealth was NOT spiritual wealth.
Yes, I have always been a spiritually-inclined soul, and that didn't stop when I experienced wealth
for the first time.
But I was after the money, first and foremost.
And I think you can forgive me...
As someone who was in and out of homelessness for 5 years, the thought of having money was
So when I finally rose out of my poverty and began making money, I was focused on making
That's what drove me.
But I felt empty and unfulfilled. I had the money my homeless self always dreamed of...
but I had "turned off" my spiritual power...
Like you might believe, I too thought that it was impossible to be financially free and a spiritual
person at the same time.
Wasn't money evil after all?
I didn't feel that way out in the open... but deeper down, I knew something was off.
So I took a risk.
I leaped back into my spiritual self, convinced that even if I didn't make as much money as I was,
I'd at least be happier.
I bet you know what happened next...
Yep, it happened.
Instead of "burning" all my money in my own spiritual light, I suddenly started making MORE
Sure, it was a bit of a bumpy transition at first. But I quickly made a discovery that changed

And this is a perfect opportunity to introduce you to the SWIFT process I first mentioned.
My first step to spiritual wealth (and yours too) is...
STEP ONE: Transform Your Relationship With Money And You Will Awaken The
Opportunity To Experience Spiritual Wealth
First, lets get something straight:
You are in a relationship with money, whether you like it or not. You can choose to
either embrace it or fight against it. But if you fight it... like all bad relationships, you
So the first step is to heal your relationship with money. And that healing is actually a profound
personal evolution you'll experience.
Money is not evil. That's a lie. And its plagued our society for too long.
If theres any part of you that believes this, its time to either change it.
But the first step to empowering your relationship with money is to understand what money
actually is!
Money is NEUTRAL.
Get that into your head and dont let it out.
Money is paper and coin. We used to barter goods or services. Now we barter paper and coins
Its simply a means to an end.
If you have any lack of money, any struggle with money, any challenges with money it doesnt
have to do with money itself.
It has to do with your relationship with money.
Just look at me. I'm the living proof.
You likely know about my 5 years of poverty. Sleeping on post office steps, sleeping in my beat-up
car, scrapping by
I wanted to be a writer more than anything. But I idolized writers who embraced poverty who
thought money would poison their passion and creativity.
So I lived with a scarcity mindset. And during all of my struggles... from sleeping on the post
office steps in Houston to sleeping in my beat-up car, I believed that money was somehow evil
and out to destroy me.
Don't get me wrong. During my deepest struggles, I WANTED money. But I HATED money at the
same time.
My relationship with money was HORRIBLE. And it took me years before I realized that I was to
blame, not money.
Do you think that I would be where I am today if I still had this relationship with money? Of
course not.
I transformed my relationship with money. I discovered that money was actually neutral.
And suddenly the door to opportunity opened.
However, while I was able to walk through... I couldn't experience it's full power until I had
completed step two...
STEP TWO: Awaken Yourself From Within, Rise Up, And Harness The Internal Power
Needed To Create Spiritual Wealth
Einstein said a truth that says it all...
"No problem can be solved from the same level of consciousness that created it."
Can you feel in your bones how true that statement is?
Does that put your current struggles in perspective?
From the first step, you now know that your relationship with money is the root of all your
successes or struggles. It's not money... it's your relationship with money.
You also learned that money is NEUTRAL. It's an empty vessel waiting for you to fill it.
But how can you finally claim your evolved relationship with money if your consciousness is still
stuck in the "money is out to get me" rut?
You can't.
Instead, if you have to transcend this "lower" level of consciousness.

And I call this the Awakening Process.

Four Steps... Four Money Transformations.
Let's go back to homeless Joe.
What was I thinking about money?
I was thinking there was a grand conspiracy out to keep me poor.
I was thinking my parents screwed me up and somehow got me to this place of struggle.
I was thinking money hated me.
I was thinking I was destined to struggle forever.
I was thinking that I WAS THE VICTIM.
Do you ever feel like you're the victim in your struggles with money?
I bet you do. Most people do.
That's why the first step of awakening is understanding the victimhood mentality... and
how to cure it.
It's one of those things that as soon as you "see" it... you can't "unsee" it.
The transformation is almost immediate.
The first time I finally realized that I had been acting the victim for years, I suddenly felt free.
I felt like I was suddenly back in control... because it was a figment of my imagination.
Empowerment is the second step of awakening.
As soon as I felt that power, I felt downright invincible.
I felt like I had all the power... like I was in complete control.
Empowerment doesn't lead to total dominance. It leads to...
Surrender, the third step of awakening.
Now THIS is freeing!
It is inherently spiritual.
It is acknowledging that the forces that be are bigger than us.
These mysterious forces are ultimately what has the control.
We can be empowered in that... but we can't command it.
When people start making more money, they usually get stuck in the second stage of
empowerment and resist the third stage of surrender...
When I surrendered to the large power guiding my relationship with money, I also opened up to
the opportunity to receive more.
And I did. I REALLY received more... which led to the last stage...
The final stage of the awakening process... is awakening.
Like Einstein's quote says so well, once we elevate our consciousness... once we awaken... THEN
we can solve the problem and evolve to the next step.
And that's why once you go through your own awakening process, you too will suddenly see the
new face of money... the neutral face of money ready to accept your spiritual will and call to
Why is step two of this SWIFT process so critical?
Because this is how you FUSE your spirituality and your relationship with money.
Because this is how you FUSE your passion and your profit.
Because this is how you FUSE your desire to make a difference and your desire to experience your
own prosperity.
And now you've arrived.
But where will the money come from?
Does it magically fall from the sky?
That's where step three of the SWIFT process happens.
STEP THREE: See The Money, Make The Money! Get The Spiritual Money-Making "Laser
Guidance System" Using Evolved Marketing And Business Strategies That Transform
Your Spirituality And Passion Into Profit
Theres another word that spiritually-inclined people shy away from

Well, Im going to reframe it so you get the hidden opportunity.

In order to use your passion, your ideas, and your spiritual desire as a vehicle to make
enlightened money, you need to do one thing:
You need to breakthrough from your inner sanctuary to the outer world where people can actually
benefit from your awakened power.
Whether you already have a business or venture whether you have a money-making idea or
whether you simply know you want to make money in a meaningful way
It doesnt matter.
What does matter is that you understand how to COMMUNICATE your big idea.
What good can you do in the world if you cant communicate your passion and spirit?
It stays locked up inside you and while you might benefit from your light, nobody else will.
Unless you discover the secrets to transforming your potential power into kinetic
So how do you do that?
Three simple steps:
1. You become clear on who you want to talk to. Who do you want to share your gifts
with? Who do you want to help? Who will benefit from you?
Are you thinking the whole world!!!? Nope.
Are you thinking I have no idea! Thats fine. We can work on that.
But no matter what, you need to know how to find the RIGHT PEOPLE TO SHARE YOUR GIFTS
Even if you have an idea that can transform millions of lives you first have to build your core
2. You master how to make other people see the value of your gift.
You can run up to a chap on the street yelling I can change your life! and it wont matter if
you can or cant.
That chap will walk away.
The process of helping others involves seduction. It involves talking to THEM where THEY ARE
Its answering the question Whats in it for them?
If you can answer that question and communicate that answer people will come to you.
People will say yes.
People will take you up on your offers.
People will take you up on your help.
People will say yes.
3. Motivate people to take action: For years, Ive been known as the Father of Internet
What did I ultimately master?
The ability to get people to take action.
You need that same mastery.
Do you want people to take your help or not?
Do you want people to benefit from your gifts or not?
If you do you need to make the moooove.
You need people to take action.
Otherwise your gifts remain nice ideas.
STEP FOUR: Achieve Subconscious Mastery So Your New Spiritual Wealth Mastery Is
Always On ... And Can Never Be Erased.
Right now, your mind might be swirling.
I get it, its a lot to take in.
But I believe youre starting to see how powerful this approach is.
I believe youre starting to see your future as a master of Spiritual Wealth.
But now we have to drive it all home.

We have to crystallize the first three steps deep into your subconscious mind for two simple
1. When you anchor your new mastery deep in your subconscious mind, you ALWAYS
have it ready for you, on command.
Remember, Spiritual Wealth is an ACTIVE process.
It never ends until youre ready to say stop.
So having your skills on demand without thinking about it, is a key to moving freely and
enjoying a constant flow of awakened money.
2. When you anchor your new mastery deep in your subconscious mind, it will never
leave you.
Its like imprinting your spiritual wealth mastery into your DNA.
It doesnt go away.
It cant go away.
It wont go away.
Its yours because it is now buried deep in your mind where nothing can touch it.
How cool does that sound?
With the power of mental programming and hypnosis, this is a simple reality, proven to work over
and over again.
And it is the glue that will bring this entire process together into a solid, powerful, and
unshakable spiritual wealth force.
Now reading all of this is one thing
But how do you put this into action?
PUT IT INTO ACTION: Introducing The Spiritual Wealth Immersion Intensive 30 days To Get
Everything You Need To Make Your First $1,000 Of Spiritual Wealth.
I've never done anything like this. I've never before combined my proven strategies in business
and marketing... and my teachings on spiritual empowerment.
But truth be told, I've never seen a time where a training like this has been more needed.
It's not just you, your struggles, and your success.
It's also all the people around you... who will be touched and transformed when you rise up and
become a master of Spiritual Wealth.
So, admittedly, this isn't just about you. It's about all of us.
And for all of us to prosper, you must prosper first.
Give me 30 days and I'll give you the keys to Spiritual Wealth mastery.
When you sign up today, you're not going to get a huge pile of material that just overwhelms you.
I've done something different.
I'm spacing out this entire training over four weeks. You'll get the first training module today, and
then every week after, I'll send you an email letting you know your next training module has been
The result?
You won't be tempted to rush through it (I've been there).
Instead, you'll follow the careful path I carved out for you.
1. 8 Laws Of Awakened Money [VIDEO]: You'll get access to a video recording of small
mastermind session where I reveal "how spiritual money works." There are 8 critical pieces to
understanding and empowering your relationship with money... and your ability to earn it and
attract it.
2. Awakening Transformation Primer And Victimhood Treatment [AUDIO]: Here you'll
begin the process of awakening your consciousness to understand and master your current
scenario, starting with your full awareness of your own victimhood mentalities, and how to
transform them to the next stage... empowerment.
3. How to "see" money-making opportunities in your business, your passion, and your
life [VIDEO]: You will immediate begin to understand how awakened entrepreneurs think about

breaking through their ideas and passions from their internal world... to the external world, where
they are primed to profit holistically from it.
4. Hypnotic Intensive Mental Reprogramming Session [AUDIO]: Developed by famous
hypnotherapist, Dr. Steve G. Jones, this hypnosis session will begin to install the first phase of
spiritual wealth awakening inside your subconscious mind. It will not only empower and
breakthrough any limiting beliefs that might hold you back, but it also "implants" key ideas and
strategies directly into your subconscious mind... for easy access.
1. Passion To Profit [VIDEO]: You'll learn potent strategies myself and others use to transform
your passion, mission, or idea into a profitable passion, mission, or idea. This is the key
requirement to understanding how your spiritual power can translate into awakened money you
can put in the bank
2. Awakening Your Internal Empowerment [AUDIO]: After you've begun the transforming
your victimhood mentality, you will now learn practical strategies to empower yourself to new
heights. You will understand how to harness the internal power waiting inside you that can be
translated and transformed into outward wealth creation
3. How to market your ideas so that the right people see it, believe it, and take
action [VIDEO]: You might have the solution to world poverty, but if the right people can't
understand and believe what you're saying, you have no forward-momentum. You have no profit.
This training will show you how to translate your ideas into tangible bites that inspire action in
4. Hypnotic Intensive Mental Reprogramming Session [AUDIO]: Another deep hypnosis
session from Dr. Steve G. Jones to solidify what you've learned (into mastery), and work on any
internal self-sabotage you're not aware of. It will also open up new abilities to meditate with ease
(which helps the transformation)
1. Secrets Of Direct-Response Marketing [VIDEO]: One of THE most powerful ways to
transform another person (by getting your passion-based solution into their hands) is through the
proven, age-old craft of direct-response marketing. In this training, you'll begin to understand the
process to take an individual through... the "selling argument"... that leads them from disbelief to
absolute excitement, primed for action.
2. Surrendering To The Larger Power [AUDIO]: A critical part of the Awakening Process, this
training transforms your internal empowerment into an outward surrender. No matter how odd
this seems, this actually intensifies your internal awakening, as you are surrendering to the power
outside of yourself. This is the process of being a self-propelled servant to the powers bigger than
us (however you choose or don't choose to see this)
3. How To See Opportunities For Profit Where You Saw Nothing
Before [VIDEO]: Spiritual entrepreneurs or not... the most successful entrepreneurs can see
opportunity to "get in the door" where others don't. The ability to see opportunity awakens whole
new avenues for passion-based profit. This is a new level of financial empowerment
4. Hypnotic Intensive Mental Reprogramming Session [AUDIO]: Another deep hypnosis
session from Dr. Steve G. Jones to solidify what you've learned (into mastery), and work on any
internal self-sabotage you're not aware of. It will also open up new abilities to meditate with ease
(which helps the transformation)
1. The Final Stage Of Awakening [AUDIO]: The Awakening Process ends with just that, your
awakening. You suddenly have a new set of eyes, a new level of consciousness you can use not
just in your path to Spiritual Wealth Mastery, but in any area of your life. You'll quickly
understand how the awakening process is one of the most profound transformations you can
experience, period.
2. Advanced Personal Transformation Intensive [VIDEO]: This builds on everything you've
learned over the last three weeks, and shows you tools and techniques to pull everything together

into one cohesive powerhouse. It is raising your personal power and ability to transform to new
heights. And it gives you even greater vision and mastery of the Spiritual Wealth path.
3. The Future Of Spiritual Wealth [VIDEO]: The process of spiritual wealth never ends. As I
am personally living, there are always more ways to grow and prosper within your own internal
spiritual power. This training will help make sure you're always looking on the horizon for new
ways to transform, evolve, and make an impact in the world
4. Hypnotic Intensive Mental Reprogramming Session [AUDIO]: Another deep hypnosis
session from Dr. Steve G. Jones to solidify what you've learned (into mastery), and work on any
internal self-sabotage you're not aware of. It will also open up new abilities to meditate with ease
(which helps the transformation)