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Kairos Industrial Chemicals Pty Ltd

+267 392 6507
+267 392 6506
P.O. Box 21478, Bontleng, Gaborone
Plot 22038. Unit 3, G-West Industrial, Gaborone
First National Bank, Kgale View (284567), Account 62498116435
Manufacturing of all types of Industrial and Household chemicals
Jacobus Bezuidenhout, Carla Bezuidenhout, Kobus Bezuidenhout


Product List
Kairos Industrial Company was registered in March 2010 and started trading that
same month. The company has its own manufacturing plant and is manufacturing all
its own products. The company provides products in different categories namely:
disinfectant chemicals, household chemicals, industrial chemicals and other
specialized chemicals.
All our products have Material Safety Data Sheets, which are available to all
customers on request.
Kairos Industrial Chemicals has a staff complement of ten (10) fulltime and five (5)
representatives thats qualified and has the necessary experience to provide an
excellent product and good service to their customers.

All our products

have Material
Safety Data
Sheets, which
are available to
all customers on

All staff has worked in chemical companies before joining Kairos Industrial
All sales staff are well trained by SAFIC in South Africa and has a combined years
experience of 26years.
Although it has been in existence since 2010 and Kairos Industrial Chemicals has
already distinguished itself as a major participant in the chemical market where it
comes to supply products thats environmentally acceptable and users friendly.
Customer satisfaction is of paramount importance to Kairos Industrial Chemicals to
such a degree that we have introduced a Training Team. The team has been set up
to hold training days to assist customers to use Kairos Industrial Chemicals products
more effectively and maintain a higher standard of cleanliness.
Kairos Industrial Chemicals has put a delivery infrastructure in place to provide a
satisfied delivery time to all their customers in the whole Botswana. We deliver at the
customers doorstep and all our prices are competitive.
Because of the reputation that it has built up since it was established Kairos Industrial
Chemicals has developed a good relationship with its suppliers and bankers. The
company has always honored its obligations with all its stakeholders and as a result
they are quite happy to do business with Kairos Industrial Chemicals.
We are also doing Cleaning Consumables, Equipment and much more!!!We can get
it for you!!
We also offer Cleaning Services.

Algae Black Killer Pool

Algae Mould Clean
Agri Disinfectant Cleaner
Air Freshener
All Handy
Aluminium Cleaner
Aluminium Pallet Cleaner
Aviation Aircraft Cleaner
Bleach Jik
Black Disinfectant Cleaner
Blue Disinfectant Cleaner
Blood Stain Remover
Brick Cleaner
Bubble Bath
Bug Spot Remover
5 In One Super Car Cleaner
Car Shampoo
Car Wash & Wax
Car Engine Cleaner
Carpet & Upholstery Cleaner
Citrus Disinfectant Cleaner
Cold Tank Decarb
Dairy Disinfectant Cleaner
Dairy Acid Detergent
Dairy Chlorinated Clean
Dairy Caustic Detergent

Dairy Teat Dip Disinfectant

Dairy Teat Wash Disinfectant
Dash Board Shine Silicon
Dash Board Cleaner
Deo Blocks
Dishwashing Liquid
Dog Shampoo
Dox Descaler Lime Acid
Drain Liquid Cleaner
Drain Powder Cleaner
Fabric Softener
Fat Solvent - Disinfectant
Floor Powder Cleaner
Floor Powder Degreaser
Floor Shine One Step
Floor Wax
Floor Glaze Silicon
Germ Disinfectant Cleaner
Grit Hand Cleaner
Hand Sanitizer Disinfectant
Heavy Solvent Degreaser
Insect Repellent
Kleen All Purpose Cleaner
Liquid Hand Soap
Laundry Liquid Detergent
Laundry Liquid Alkali Booster
Laundry Oxdyes Bleach

Laundry Gel
Laundry Final Rinse Additive
Laundry Mould Extractor
Laundry Rust Away
Laundry Liquid Destainer
Laundry Power Stain Remover
Mega Pine
Multi Purpose Cleaner
Odb Disinfectant Cleaner
Oven Cleaner Liquid
Pine Gel
Polish Stripper &cleaner
Power Water Based Degreaser
Rust Metal & Concrete Cleaner
Snake Repellent
Super Wash
Toilet Bowl Cleaner
Tyre - Lube
Tyre Polish Cream
Tyre Polish Silicon
Washing Powder-industrial