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Profile of Mr.

Ashoke D Kulkarni
Mr. Ashoke D. Kulkarni who is popular in It Industry, also known as ADK, Provides
technological solutions globally to more than 20 high-end customers in and around the
globe spanning a range of verticals including: Manufacturing, Insurance, Banking,
Asset management, Entertainment, Media and Retail services, Textile, Pharmaceutical,
BPOs & Call centers. Also Business Continuity planning for mission critical processes
and Disaster Recovery solutions for all verticals along with IT services.
The solutions and services include: - IT services including IT Operations, IT
Infrastructure & Information Security, application software development &
maintenance, payment solutions along with Point of Sale, merchandising and
Warehouse Mgmt. system, Business Analytics & intelligence, document imaging &
digitization, Formulation and implementation of cloud adoption strategy for various
transaction processing services. Formulation and implementation of information
security policies ensuring compliance with corporate information security governance,
legal, regulatory and mandatory requirements in utilization of licensed software.,
Business continuity planning & disaster recovery plnning
To support the state of art solution delivering module he is involved in maintaining vast
talent pool of professionals drawn from various industries and from top management
schools and imparts skill sets acquired by him to all engaged in the support services.
The areas of expertise garnered over the last 30 years include Technical and IT related
areas encompassing industrial environment analysis, business process management,
change management processes, selection & implementation of ERP packages, business
intelligence packages, establishment of 4 G level data centers, introduction of digital
nervous system, and its integration initiatives for business to business, e-commerce
activities, establishment of unified communication systems and so on.
He has achieved post graduation in Mathematics from the University of Bombay and
got specialization in actual science from Institute of Actuaries, London.
During his career he was associated with multiple professionally managed
manufacturing companies and big consulting agencies and achieved noticeable
positions in all fields during his tenure with them.
In the recent past he was engaged with M/s. INOX Air Products Pvt. Limited and group
companies of INOX as CIO / Head Info. & Tech. for establishing and achieving multidimensional technological initiatives and conceptualizing the enterprise level EIS & MIS.
The recent achievements include smooth implementation of the latest version of SAP
S/4 HANA, S/4 HANA Finance OP 1503 SPS 04 & BW on HANA which includes
introduction of new add-ons such as Personas, Fiori, NWBC/Business Client, Lumira etc.
in Real Time Mode at INOX and other group companies which are spread widely across
the country in the shortest possible time span. The Organization and Methods used
has eliminated No-Value Addition Activities and drawn direct benefit in planning,
manufacturing, procurement and distribution etc. which has improved the bottom-line
at least by 23 %. The change management techniques used were Burning Bridges,
Institutionalization, Spill & Fill, and Point of no return.

Additionally, he was responsible for establishing a fully automated Theatre & Library
Management System required in the domain of entertainment and media exclusively
for chain of multiplexes existing in India along with moderation of kiosks, signage
system, five-star F&B ordering & settlement system leading to user friendly orations at
all retail outlet of all theaters. This is a unique project which has attracted various
parties from the domains.
Currently he is engaged in integrating business expertise and services to create
customized solutions that allows potential customers to undertake technology-based
business transformation which allows re-organization with todays dynamic digital
business environment.

The services offered by him to Industries like:

Sugar Manufacturing & Distribution
Electricity Generation & Distribution
Pharmaceutical (Mfg. & Distributions, Market research& forecast Planning & so
Textile Mills (Indian & overseas)
Paints ( Industrial & Domestic)
Tyre & Tubes Mfg. & allied products
Automobile & Allied accessories
Cement & allied products
Industrial & Specialty Gas manufacturing
Entertainment & Media
3rd party procurement & Distribution for Retail Chain
Heavy Engineering firms involved in Manufacturing specialized storage Tanks
The various services offered by him covers:

Resolution of legal &Compliance Issues in most professional &

economical way
Business processing Re-engineering & Industrial Engineering
Material Management along with 3rd party Vendor Development Initiatives
Human Resource & Industrial Dispute management
Business planning, Mfg. Planning & Distribution
Modernization & Automation of Manufacturing Activities along with PMS
Energy auditing & Cost saving
Establishment of EIMS (Enterprise Information & Management Systems) along
Mobility Initiatives to address upcoming Industrial needs
Public Relation & Liaisoning Officer
Business Solution Architectural services to various Customers of Large
Like HCL, ORG DCM, Jay computers, Mehta International consultancy services, HP
& many others companies involved in Manufacturing & distribution e of
Computers & other services to End Customers
The various services offered by him along with end user friendly nature took him to
highest poisons in various companies like:
General Manager (India & Overseas)
Regional Head (Marketing & Solution Offerings),
HR Head,
Material Controller,
Industrial Engineering Head,
Head Logistics
CIO / Head Information & Technology / Consultant for Technological
After achieving the highest success, he is still interested to Learn & Transfer the
Knowledge & Create professionals who can serve our Nation& turn it to be the
leader in the world.