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Embedding Quotations

Using quotations are an essential part of any paper. Using quotes provides information
that you may not be able to paraphrase and is also a way to show how someone else sees the

1. If there is a complete sentence before the quotation, then you use a colon.
Ex.) Linus made a poor case as to why he was telling the truth: I did not! Mr. Electric, send
him to the principals office and have him expelled!
Ex.) Alaina was not pleased with band: I wish we could play something more challenging.
Ex.) Patience told me about school after her extended stay at Monmouth College: It was
incredibly hot, but I am happy there.

2. If the sentence before the quotation is a verb telling you that they are
speaking the quotation, then use a comma before the quotation.
Ex.) Rachel suggests, Lets use memes in our example sentences.
Ex.) Caroline scoffs, How can you not know how to pronounce similar?
Ex.) Rachel shrugs, How can you not know how to say epitome?

3. If neither of the first two rules work, then use no punctuation before the
Ex.) I argued that Rachel and I never get any work done when we work together.
Ex.) My mother told me that Bertha ate a sock again.
Ex.) Harrison said that the new xylophone is absolutely beautiful.
4. Use no punctuation to use a small quote as part of a sentence.

Ex.) Rachel told me that memes are Alainas livelihood.

Ex.) Mom told me that being a clown was not an exceptional job to have.
Ex.) Emma told me that all types of memes are acceptable forms of payment.

Signal Phrases: common words and phrases that are used to introduce or follow a quote.
They are commonly used in sentences like the examples of rules 1 and 2.
Ex) Thinks, observes, points out, comments, argues, that, ect.