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Name: Kaitlyn Hamlin

Class/Subject: EDTL 2760

MR Title(s): What is Social Studies?

ODE Philosophy Statement
MR Source(s):
NCSS. What Is Social Studies? Expectations of Excellence: Curriculum Standards for
Social Studies, 1-3.
Department of Education. "Social Studies Standards." ODE Philosophy of Education
(2010): 1-41. Web.
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The Text Says

Notes (key concepts, direct quotes,

I Say
My notes, commentary

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The primary purpose of social studies is

to help young people develop the ability to
make informed and reasoned decisions for
the public good as citizens of a culturally
diverse, democratic society in an interdependent world.

I agree with this statement. Social studies is

much more than names and dates to
memorize. Through social studies we are able
to be better critical thinkers that will help us in
many avenues in life. Our students need to
understand the relevancy of social studies.

Page 2

Students in social studies programs must

study the development of social
phenomena and concepts over time; must
have a sense of place and
interrelationships among places across
time and space; must understand
institutions and processes that define our
democratic republic; must draw from other

Often students dont see social studies as the

study of people and where we come from. As
students develop these skills mentioned they
will become better citizens, better workers,
and better thinkers. However, it is our duty as
educators to teach these lessons in interactive
and engaging ways. We want our students to
walk out the door really taking a lesson away

disciplines appropriate to a more complete

understand of an idea or phenomenon;
and must experience concepts reflectively
and actively, through reading, thinking,
discussing, and writing.
Page 3

The more accurately K-12 social studies

program addresses the contemporary
conditions of real life and of academic
scholarship, the more likely such a
program is to help students develop a
deeper understanding of how to apply
what they know, and how to participate in
building a future.

Page 4

Ohios social studies content standards

incorporate history, geography,
government, and economics in order to
prepare students to be participating

from the class.

If students dont understand what they are

learning then how are they expected to apply
it? I think this is an excellent point that should
be remembered. A deeper understanding is
needed to utilize social studies material. If that
understanding is reached then the students
will be able to use that information for real life
Its important for students to have a broad
understand of social studies. History alone
cannot prepare students just as economics
alone cannot prepare students. They need to
be able to incorporate all aspects of social
studies in order for it to be useful. Social
studies will make students better citizens and
better critical thinkers. It is my job as an
educator to make the information fun and
relatable in order for them to see importance
in social studies.

Connections to previous MR:

Last week we took a look into why kids dont typically like social studies. However, as educators we
need to help them understand why it important to our students and their future. Everyone likes
different things and are good in one class over the other. I could give a million reasons why I love social
studies but that wont make it any more appealing to kids that havent had good experiences in those
classes or who feel it isnt relevant to their lives. We know that we are doing our jobs right, as
educators, when our students start to see why their k-12 social studies classes are in fact relevant to

them. Its relevant because they will be voting, its relevant because they will be experiencing diversity,
it is relevant because social studies helps us form our perspectives on the world. My job moving forward
is to take students from not liking social studies to respecting why we learn it. They dont have to love it
but they do have to find ways that it is relevant to their lives and if their educator can help them
through that process then the job has been done the right way.