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ANCILLA COLLEGE is a Liberal Arts institution of higher learning sponsored by the Poor Handmaids of Jesus Christ.

Colleges religious tradition is Roman Catholic; its climate ecumenical. In a caring environment, Ancilla serves a diverse
population, as we transform and empower students to achieve high academic goals, lifelong learning, successful careers and
values-centered lives.

Academic Term:
Fall 2016
Course Title:
COMM 115 Fundamentals of Public Speaking (3 credit hours), Section
Class Meets:
Room Number:


Jodie M. Bowers
574-936-8898 ext: 357
Office Hours

Office: 219

Monday: 8:30 10:30 AM

Wednesday: 8:30 10:30 AM
Tuesday: 2:30 - 4:30PM
Thursday: 2:30 - 4:30PM
Or by appointment though generally speaking, if Im in my office my door is open.
Text: Fraleigh, D.M., & Tuman, J.S. (2014). Speak Up! An Illustrated Guide to Public Speaking. 3rd ed. Boston:
Bedford/St. Martins.
o ISBN: 978-1-4576-2394-3
Course Home: Moodle Use of your Moodle account is required for this class. If you dont know how to
use/access Moodle, it is in your best interest to see me or SCA sooner rather than later. All assignment
information will be posted on Moodle generally NOT handed out in class. Grades will be posted in the online
gradebook and class information, forums, announcements, and changes to the syllabus or schedule will be
posted on Moodle.
Ancilla email: When necessary, I will contact you through your ANCILLA email account. Please be sure that you
know how to access your account and do so regularly.
Students will learn a variety of techniques for speech preparation and presentation applicable in professional and
private life. Emphasis upon developing content, organization, analytical skills, self-confidence, listening skills, delivery
skills, and persuasive techniques.
1. Critical Thinking & Quantitative Reasoning: Demonstrate competence in understanding, evaluating, and using
both qualitative and quantitative information to explore issues, solve real-life problems, and develop informed
2. Communication: Written and Oral: Understand and communicate effectively with others using a variety of
contexts and formats, which include writing, speaking, reading, listening and interpersonal skills.
3. Global Awareness: To acquire the knowledge, values, and dispositions to act in an informed manner,
demonstrate empathy, engage in effective intergroup communication, and build community across social,
cultural, political, environmental, geographic, and economic boundaries.

Fall 2016

4. Technology & Information Management: Demonstrate ability to utilize technology effectively in support of a
records and information.
5. Personal Responsibility & Professional Development: Ability to understand and manage self, to function
effectively in social and professional environments and to make reasoned judgments based on an understanding
of the diversity of the world community.
The assignments, class activities, and readings all play their own roles in ensuring that we meet the above Ancilla
College Academic Competencies as well as the following Student Learning Outcomes (SLOs):
Student Learning Outcomes
Conduct and use effective audience
AAC: 1, 3, 5
Research and organize content for a
speech topic
AAC: 1, 2, 4, 5
Determine source credibility and
illustrate their own credibility in
AAC: 1, 3, 5
Write formal speech outlines and
prepare speaking notes from formal
AAC: 2
Deliver a speech using effective
verbal and nonverbal skills
AAC: 2
Demonstrate mastery over speech
AAC: 2
Illustrate listening skills and
evaluate strength of presentations
AAC: 1, 5
Incorporate ethical speech
guidelines in presentations
AAC: 5
Create effective visual aids for use in
AAC: 4
Compose a well-designed
persuasive presentation
AAC: 1, 2, 3, 4, 5
Critique and analyze famous
AAC: 1, 3, 5

Assignment/Assessment title or number

Choosing appropriate topics and content based on
audience as determined by audience analysis worksheet
conducted for persuasive presentations
Having sufficient material and well-organized content as
defined in the speech rubrics for all
Choosing trustworthy sources and developing strong
credibility statements for all speeches/presentations

Points available
40 pts (toward total persuasive
speech points)

Follow guidelines from outline rubric to complete outlines

for all speeches

130 points (toward 500 total of

all speeches)

Successfully deliver all four presentations

500 points total over 4 speeches

Successfully deliver all four presentations

-andRecord development of confidence through the end-ofsemester self-analysis paper
Participate in listening exercises throughout the semester
-andComplete peer evaluations as part of class participation

500 points total over 4 speeches

-and25 points

Choosing appropriate content, language, topics, and visual

aids for all presentations

500 points total over 4 speeches

500 points total over 4 speeches

200 points total through

-and50 points
500 points total over 4 speeches

Develop a well-designed visual aid for the informative and

persuasive speeches

50 points total over 2 speeches

Successfully incorporate logos, ethos, and pathos into a

persuasive speech while also following other required
Participate in a number of in-class exercises
-andCompleting a Famous Speech Evaluation

250 points

200 points total through

-and50 points

The assignments in this class are designed to achieve these goals. Textbook readings, class lectures, in class activities,
and presentations will not only provide you with information about major concepts, but will also allow you the
opportunity to experience the concepts. Therefore, your attendance and participation in class are of utmost importance.

Fundamentals of Public Speaking|2

Fall 2016

Course Work Expectations: Students will be held to a high standard of performance. To receive an A in this class your
work must be significantly better than that which passes for acceptable work. More precisely, an A assignment is one
that shows originality, careful research, tight reasoning, well-thought out persuasive appeals, and skillful delivery.
Additionally, A assignments will deal with non-trivial subject matter and will constitute a genuine contribution to the
knowledge and beliefs of the audience. Do not assume that you can do simply what is assigned to receive a high grade
in this class. Doing only what is assigned gets you, at most, a C.
Appeals: You must wait 24 hours after receiving a grade to discuss it with me. Please schedule a meeting for us
to meet privately. The classroom is not an appropriate place for these discussions. After you have received a
graded assignment you have two weeks to discuss them with me. After two weeks, I will not discuss any
previous assignments. In general, grades are only changed due to a miscalculation.
1. Outlines: Outlines are a critical element to preparing a well-developed speech and/or presentation. Outlines
are also helpful brainstorming and writing tools that will aid you in future classes or in your career. For these
reasons, you are required to turn in outlines for every speech. They are graded and feedback will be provided. I
am not requiring you to turn them in early for a grade however, I AM ALWAYS WILLING to go over your
outlines ahead of time.
2. Presentations: You will present four individual presentations. These will include a self-introduction, an
informative speech, a persuasive speech, and a special occasion speech. You are expected to deliver your
speech on the day that you signed up for in class. Speeches cannot be made up unless prior arrangements have
been made with me. This is to ensure that an unfair disadvantage to your classmates is not created.
3. Writing Assignments: There will be two writing assignments in this class. These are to be computer-generated,
double-spaced, and 12-point (max) font with 1-inch margins. These assignments will ask you to critically assess
your own communication styles as well as others communication styles.
4. Peer Evaluations: This class will use peer evaluations as a way to ensure that you are keeping up on the reading
and applying critical listening and critical thinking skills during presentations. If you dont have a book yet, there
is a copy in the library. You will be expected to complete peer evaluations for each of your classmates for two
speeches (informative and persuasive). Evaluation forms will be provided.
5. Participation: Participation in COM 115 is made up of participation in in-class exercises and/or out-of-class
assignments. To be more specific, these points can be comprised of short projects, group activities, in-class
exercises, etc. Often times, it can be the activity points that will make a difference between a final grade of an
A and a B for a student. You must be in class to receive participation points for these exercises. A quick and
easy way of thinking about the participation point system is assuming that each class day is worth approximately
five participation points.
a. For example: If we decide to have a poetry slam in class between groups, and you partake in the activity
with an open mind (whether your skills are good or bad), you get the points. If you blow off the slam
because youre too cool, you do not get the points.
b. These points cannot be made up.
6. Attendance: Attendance at all class meetings is expected and is essential to your success in class. Since much of
the learning in this class will result from interaction with your peers, attendance and participation are vital for
your success.
a. You are expected to attend class regularly and in a timely fashion.
i. Two absences are allowed without an attendance penalty; however, please note that missed inclass activities, presentations, and participation points CANNOT be made up if you have not
made arrangements with me before class.
ii. Every absence after your second will result in a penalty of 10 points off your final
participation/attendance grade in the course.

Fundamentals of Public Speaking|3

Fall 2016

iii. I EXPECT you to contact me BEFORE class if you are going to be absent. Ill be much more
inclined to work with you if you follow this courtesy.
b. If you must be absent because of extenuating circumstances (i.e. illness, family emergency, etc) you
must notify me of your absence as soon as possible (as said above, preferably before class).
i. You may call the College and leave a message with Erin Houser, 574-936-8898 ext 322, as a last
ii. If possible, please bring documentation of the absence upon returning to class to validate
excused absences.
c. Tardiness: You are expected to show up for class on time and stay the entire period. Missing more than
15 minutes of class will result in no participation points for that day. I do take attendance every day at
the beginning of class. Be there on time to make sure youre counted present for the day.
Your course grade will be determined by your performance in assignments, presentations, critiques, and overall
participation in the course. See below for a breakdown of total course points possible. (Points and assignments are
tentative and may change throughout semester- instructor will notify you.)



Self-Introduction Speech
Special Occasion Speech
Informative Presentation
Persuasive Presentation
Audience Analysis
Audience Survey
Self-Analysis Paper


Peer Evaluations
Class Activities




Total Course Points


Your Grade


Total Points
Below 600


All assignments are due in class on the due date. Late assignments will receive the following deductions:
Same day AFTER class = 5%
Any day after = 30%
There is a 30% cap on late work so it is ALWAYS in your best interest to turn something in late. However, there
are NO make-ups for speeches. If you know you are going to be absent please arrange with me to turn things in
and/or present prior to your absence.
Academic integrity means that students may not submit work that is not their own in any manner (research papers,
exams, oral reports, computer reports, etc.). This includes plagiarism and cheating. Permitting other students to use

Fundamentals of Public Speaking|4

Fall 2016

ones work as their own also violates the principle of academic integrity. As specified in all syllabi, Ancilla College
stresses the importance of academic integrity. Because all colleges and universities value academic integrity highly, they
treat violations very seriously. Sanctions for offenses can range from failure on the assignment or the course to dismissal
from the College. Sanctions will be determined by the Instructor or, in repeat or more serious offenses, the Dean of
Academic and Student Services.
Any repeated violation of this policy can result in dismissal from Ancilla College. All honor violations will be reported to
the Dean at the time they are detected.
Plagiarism on any assignment will result in a minimum of a 0 for the assignment. Plagiarism includes the following:

Copying someone elses work and claiming it as your own

Paraphrasing someone elses work and claiming it as your own
Collaborating with another person and claiming the work solely as your own

When in doubt, CITE your work. The risk is not worth it.
If you have any disability that may require accommodation, or if you have questions related to accommodations, please
contact the A+CE Success Center (A+CE) ADA office as soon as possible. The A+CE Lab is located in room 204 or can be
reached at (574) 936-8898, ext. 302.
Please be advised that in order to receive services you must: submit documentation in the form requested by A+CE staff.
The documentation needs to be approved by A+CE staff, and all paperwork involved in the process must be completed.
This must be done no later than the first week of classes. Documentation must be submitted and approved at least one
week before testing, if accommodations are needed. Documentation received later than these deadlines may not be
approved and accommodations may not be granted.
In accordance with Title IX of the Education Amendments of 1972, Ancilla College prohibits discrimination on the basis of
sex in all academic and extracurricular programs and activities, including intercollegiate athletic activities. Title IX
protects all people, regardless of gender or gender identity, from sexual harassment and sexual violence (including
sexual misconduct and sexual assault), which are forms of sex discrimination. Ancilla College has designated Scott Horch
as the Title IX Coordinator to oversee the implementation of Title IX, including the responsibility of reviewing Title IX
complaints. Inquiries concerning the application of Title IX to University-operated programs and activities should be
referred to the Office of Institutional Equity at (574) 936-8898 X385.

Assignments: All written work must be computer-generated, double-spaced, and 12-point (max) font with
standard margins. They are to be turned in at the beginning of class on the due date.
E-mail: I tend to use e-mail frequently to communicate with students. I may send e-mails to the entire class
regarding class announcements or I may e-mail individuals should it be necessary. I expect all students to check
their e-mail at least every other day though I would be much more comfortable with every day. When I send
out an e-mail it is because it contains important information that you need to know and that may not have been
covered in class. If e-mail is not a reasonable means of communication for you, please talk to me and we will

Fundamentals of Public Speaking|5

Fall 2016

work out an alternative. If you e-mail me and have not heard back within 24 hours, please send your e-mail
o When e-mailing your instructors be sure you are including content in the subject line. Anything with a
blank subject is marked as spam by our servers and will not be sent to us.
Cell phones/ Earphones/Computers: Turn your cell phones on silent and REMOVE your earphones when you
enter the classroom. It is incredibly disrespectful to leave your earphones in while in class. If youd rather listen
to your music or watch Netflix than listen and participate in the class, please see yourself out of the room. These
interruptions are distracting to your fellow classmates and to me. If your cell phone rings during a peer
presentation you will lose significant participation points.
o I understand that many students prefer to take notes on a laptop or tablet. This is fine, though it should
be noted that studies have indicated that this type of note taking results in students remembering less
information than they do if they take notes the old-fashioned way. That means youll likely do worse on
the unit exams or reading/pop quizzes.
o If you are watching videos on your phones or laptops I will dismiss you from class and you will lose all
participation points and be counted as absent for that meeting.
Respecting Others and Yourself: Come to class ready to engage in the materials. Please respect others
opinions. Sometimes we may not agree, but that does not mean we dont have to be respectful. Hateful, racist,
or other inappropriate comments have no place in my classroom. Any offenders will be excused from class and
will lose that days participation points.
Student Portfolio Connections: Assignments in this course may be used as artifacts in your student portfolio.
This is a graduation requirement. Please refer to the Student Portfolio Guide for more details but always save
your assignments in several places so you have a back-up copy for your own records.
Classroom Etiquette: The Ancilla College Code of Conduct is detailed in the Ancilla College Catalog/Student
Handbook, available on the college website.

Your learning is my #1 priority.

Therefore I may make changes to the syllabus (including policies and

assignments) and course schedule during the semester based on the needs of the class. Any changes will be e-mailed to
students, posted on Moodle, and discussed in class.

Fundamentals of Public Speaking|6