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Sathiya Moorthy Nagar

Source - https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Sathiya_Moorthy_Nagar
Sathiamurthy Nagar is located in the Vyasarpadi area of Chennai city in Tamil Na
Another Sathiya Moorthy Nagar is a Nice Village located near Madurai City On NH
7 From Dindigul to Madurai. The economy of Sathiya Moorthy Nagar greatly depends
on agriculture, Textile Mills . Around this village are North Side Samll Stream
, South Side Madurai Power Corporation Plant, East Side Paravai Lake, West Side
Small Town "oormachikumlam", and Samayanallur.
Govt High School is located in Sathiya Moorthy Nagar, although most of the peopl
e go to other places for schooling. For Higher Studies Every One Move to Samayan
allur and Madurai.
Temples And Festivals[edit]
There Are Four Temples. Main Temple is Santhana Maari Amman Temple. This is the
main temple of the village. The others are Uchima Kali Amman, Raja Kali Amman, M
uniyandi Temple, and Muthu Marri Amman Temple. A major festival is Santhana Marr
i Amman Temple's "Pankuni Festival", which lasts over one week in Tamil Month Pu
Children spend more time with Cricket, Gilly, Pamparam, Goli, and few traditiona
l village games. But the younger people enjoy Madurai City with many of entertai
nment sources.
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