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DATE REVISED: 20 January 2010 Written by: NGO SFP


Who do I contact?
Is there an NGO Security Focal Point in WBeG State: Where do I get my VHF radio programmed?
Local Authorities The NGO Secretariat is looking for an NGO to volunteer for this role. Contact WFP / Wau for more information.
1) Police Please contact the NGO Secretariat below. What VHF channels do NGOs use in Wau?
(a) Linio Angui, Crime Prevention - +249 129364796 Channel 9 – Emergency / Call
(b) Mr Mario, Traffic Police Inspector - +249 129327438 Alternative contact: Channel 6 – Talk
NGO Secretariat / NGO Security Focal Point – What mobile networks are available in Wau?
2) SSRRC Cicely Clarke, southsudan.ngosecurity@gmail.com, Skype: cicely13 (i) Gemtel, (ii) MTN, (iii) Sudani, (iv) Zain
(a) Majak Chol, Director, +249 121611932 +256 477163174, +249 919106435 ACCOMMODATION / TRANSPORT / OTHER
United Nations (UN) MOVEMENT RESTRICTION Accommodation:
1) Wau Radio Room 1) Wau River Lodge - wauriverlodge@gmail.com,
Are there any movement restrictions / curfews in place in
‘Whiskey Foxtrot Base' on VHF Channel 13 +256 477115859 / +249 919410234,
Call for help as follows: Costs: $130 / full board / $180 / deluxe room / $200 / VIP house, air
There is currently a UN Movement Restriction in place in Wau Town
"Emergency, emergency, emergency Whiskey-Foxtrot-base, con / TV / Internet $12 / hour
from 24.00 to 05.00.
Whiskey-Foxtrot-base, Whiskey-Foxtrot-base, this is Whiskey- Zulu- 2) Afex Wau – awambua@afexgroup.com, +249 13743101
Golf 3.1, Whiskey- Zulu- Golf 3.1, over” MINIMISE RISK IN WAU TOWN Costs: $75 / internet free
Wait for a response and then proceed. Ensure that you provide details Try and minimise your exposure to risk when you are in Wau.
regarding your location, the nature of the emergency and what • Secure your valuables Transport options:
assistance you require. • Do not display large amounts of money 1) Car hire / Taxi – Andrew / +256 477109899
• Inform colleagues of your movement & never move alone Please note: please respect speed limit of 30km/hr in Wau Town
2) UN Security
(a) Tarek Abdalla, FSCO, abdralla5@un.org, +249 912177610, • Think twice before visiting local bars, if you do, exercise caution
Other useful contacts:
+882 1621111893, WS 5.1 • Always carry your radio and your ID
WFP flight office / Wau – +249 912327355
(b) Andres Fernandez, Deputy FSCO, fernandez4@un.org, • Minimise your movement after dark
+249 922068912, WS 515 • Avoid confrontation Maps (Wau / WBeG):
(c) Joseph Mwaanga, MSO, mwaanga@un.org, +249 912174061, • Inform security in advance of any potential problems - http://www.unjlc.org/sudan/maps/catalogue/mapcat_southsudan
+249 924658765, +256 477154592, WS 514 • Respect local culture and traditions
(d) Charles Amuabeng, Guard Force Unit, amuabeng@un.org, +249 • Avoid public discussions on politics, and other sensitive subjects CONCENTRATION POINTS / WAU
915668827, WS 556 • Avoid all photography in Wau – especially military, police and Where are the emergency concentration / evacuation points in
airport installations.
3) WFP Security • Women’s clothing should be respectful and ensure coverage of
1) UNMIS - UN Agency/ Programme/ Fund staff and INGO staff.
(a) Feroze Khan, +249 912314593, +882 1621901017, WF 5. shoulders and knees in public.
2) Unicef Guest House
(a) Muhammad Khan, Head of Office / Humanitarian Affairs Officer, All NGOs are requested to email staff lists by end of each month to
I am a new member of staff based in WBeG, is there a security
muhammad1@un.org, khanmhd@yahoo.com, +249 914 428 179, Tarek Abdalla - abdralla5@un.org. The list should include staff
briefing that I can access?
+882 16542207813 names, nationalities, email, contacts numbers and call sign.
New NGO staff are invited to attend a one hour security briefing.
(b) Djafar Baraka, Humanitarian Affairs Officer, baraka@un.org, Briefings are available every Friday, 11.00, at UNMIS.
+249 9187085195, +249 914582073
(c) Malual Meyen, Humanitarian Affairs Officer, meyen@un.org, SECURITY MEETINGS
+249 091 449 7084 Are there security meetings accessible to NGOs?
---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- NGOs are invited to participate in the weekly security ASMT
Security Information Operation Center (SIOC) / Juba meetings every Thursday, 15.00, at UNMIS.
(a) sioc.southsudan@un.org, +249 912174816 (24 hrs), +88 NGO SECURITY TREE
21621111109, HF Radio: SelCal No. 261927 (Call Sign: JS Base)
Is there a security tree?
An NGO security tree is to be developed in 2010 for sharing
essential security information in Wau / WBeG.