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Ongoing Meditation Training and Practice with Ronald Holt

Next Dates: September 15, 2016 | 7 to 9 pm | at Storm Wisdom
This is a semi-regular, unique meditation training offered by Ronald Holt
based on his Quantum Navigation workshop (next held at Storm Wisdom on
8/20). It is not necessary to have attended the workshop, but it is highly
recommended, so that basic information will be understood before this
experiential meditation training. This evening will include a lot of
experiential work as well as group participation by the audience, who
together help to weave a tapestry of understanding of this most sacred of
work. These meditation nights may be attended at your convenience. While
attending all sessions reap the most benefits, you may attend when you are
To Register: Go to Storm Wisdom's page
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September 27-October 5, 2016 | with Ronald Holt | 1 Space Left!
Includes: Sedona, Antelope Canyon, Canyon DeChelly, Bandelier, NM,
Chaco Canyon, NM,
Mesa Verde, Monument Valley, Grand Canyon
This is our annual southwest power spot journey with Ronald Holt that
includes a private sweat lodge, overnight in a traditional hogan and private
tour with Navajo medicine man Jeremy Crank in Monument Valley. It is a
once-in-a-lifetime journey through the power spots of the southwest with
archaeologist and spiritual guide Ronald Holt, who has been offering this
journey for nearly 30 years. Even though this event is now sold out, if you
wish to be put on a waiting list, please email Ron Holt for more details.
Carefree, Arizona, USA - October 8-9, 2016
The dates are confirmed! Our annual retreat will be held October 8-9, 2016
at the Carefree Resort and Conference Center in Carefree, Arizona. Last
year's retreat sold out early, and we expect to do the same this year, so
early registration is highly recommended. (At the time of this post, more
than 50% of the spaces are filled). Please see the links below for
FOR COMPLETE INFO, click here (PDF Document)


October 22-23, 2016 | 2-Day Intensive | near Seattle, WA
Within us lies a vast and layered landscape that is built from our
experiences, challenges, and belief systems that we have carefully
constructed as physical beings. The landscape contains many objects that
protect the dream so that we do not awaken. This landscape is like a map
that we can use to lead us back "home" within ourselves - almost like a
video game complete with archetypal characters, dragon slayings, death
and rebirth, and ultimate victory over illusion. But very few of us actually go
inward to engage this landscape, learn about it, and use it to heal ourselves
and affect the physical reality - mostly because we don't know this inner
map exists or how to work with it. Once we know how to navigate the map,
we can follow it into the quantum, into the heart, and back Home again. In
Ronald Holt's personal inner work of over 30 years, he has learned to
navigate this map, meet and interact with the archetypal guardians and
teachers of this inner realm, and, using the quantum energy of the heart,
experience the nondual abiding consciousness of all creation. In these last 3
decades, he has shared this work with very few - mostly working one-onone. Now, for the first time, he will begin to offer it to groups.

The workshop will consist of lecture, meditation, and experiential work. With
Ron's guidance, participants will begin to learn the contours of their inner
landscape and what their unique inner map looks like so they can go within to slay their own dragons, heal their hearts, release what no longer serves,
awaken from the dream, receive the deep universal love, and pave a solid
path back Home again. Prior meditation experience is recommended, but
not required.
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:: November 2016 ::
November 2, 2016 | Tokyo
Lessons for Fourth-Density Transformation
As our planet begins its transition into fourth density, many questions arise
about how to best navigate the often confusing and intense experiences
happening to humans at this time of transformation. Sasha, a Pleiadian
being channeled by Lyssa, will offer wisdom that can be applied to daily life
regarding how humans can best work with these new energies to help
facilitate the awakening process. The exact focus of her lecture will depend
upon the group and the energies of the evening, but she always offers new,

exciting, and helpful perspectives that are both expansive and grounded.
The session will be in three parts: lecture, Q & A, and guided meditation. We
welcome Japanese and English speakers from all around Japan to


November 10, 2016 | Nishiazabu, Tokyo
In this evening session that is held three times per year in Tokyo, the beings
channeled by Lyssa (Germane or Sasha) will choose a topic that is most
appropriate for the audience and the planet's energy at the time of the
seminar. They will give a lecture that contains the lesson for the evening
and then answer questions from the audience on a variety of topics. During
some sessions, they also include an experiential exercise like a meditation
or attunement. This is a wonderful opportunity to experience channeling in a
fun and informal setting, with both new students and Lyssa's regular group
participants. Bring your questions, a curious mind, and an open heart! This
session often sells out, so we recommend early registration to secure your
Module 1: Completed
Module 2: Completed
Module 3: Nov 5-6 and 19-20, 2016
Module 4: Mar 11-12, 2017
This year-long class is held annually in Tokyo and welcomes students from
all around Japan and Asia. The 2016 class is sold out. We will be opening
registrations for the 2017 class in November 2016.
November 12-13, 2016 | Tokyo, Japan | with Lyssa Royal Holt
In this workshop, Sasha, the Pleiadian being channeled by Lyssa, discusses
the cycles of evolution for all consciousness within our galactic family with a
particular focus on the important time period that we are living in now as we
transition from a third-density consciousness to a fourth-density

consciousness much like her Pleiadian civilization. During this transitional

time, there are practices humans can do to aid in their personal transition as
well as help the Earth through her transition as well. Over the course of two
days, Sasha will be talking in depth about this transition and offering many
techniques to work with the human light body and expand consciousness.
She will also present some healing techniques for humans and for the Earth,
based on the sacred shape of the octahedron. Note: This workshop offers
new information each year, depending upon how Sasha wishes to present
the lessons.

> The process of creation and the 7 main consciousness frequencies of all
> The sacred geometry associated with each consciousness frequency
> Star wisdom teachings (Pleiades, Sirius, etc.)
> The beginning of the new 26,000 year cycle and the importance of the
> The octahedron and how it was used in ancient mystery schools
> A powerful energy attunement channeled for the whole group
> How to use the octahedron to activate the light body
> Meditation practice using the octahedron activation
> The human ego and how it is changing during Earth's transition
* Attune to the appropriate energy for 2012 and beyond
* Understand the bigger picture of creation, polarity, and our journey to
* Experience an easy meditation method to integrate polarity and activate
the light body
* Feel how octahedron work powerfully opens the heart
* Learn simple yet powerful exercises to work with prana and the bodys chi
* Integrate the energy of the stars and Mother Earth
* Learn a simple healing technology to use for yourself, your friends, and
Mother Earth

* Experience a strong connection to your Higher Self, and much more!


November 28-29, 2016 | Biwa Lake (near Kyoto, Japan) | with Lyssa Royal
This year's Fourth-Density Retreat will be held in a new location - Lake Biwa!
Lake Biwa is one of the oldest lakes on Earth (4 million years) and because
of that, many civilizations have lived in that area since ancient times. This
includes groups from our Star Family, who lived there and worked with new
humans in the ancient days. In this retreat, Sasha (as well as any special
guests who wish to visit the group through channelings by Lyssa) will
explore more wisdom teachings from these ancient ETs that will build on
teachings given at past retreats, but that will be valuable even for those
new participants to Lyssa's retreats. Each year's retreat offers many exciting
surprises, so we hope you will join us! The retreat will include lecture,
outdoor work (weather permitting), and experiential exercises such as
meditation and energy work. Space is limited.