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April June 2016

ISSUE 11th July 2016


15th April: QCE 2016 Seoul
Our Qualifiers dressed up as K Pop for the Gala Dinner
event in Seoul! It was specially organized by Prudential
and Seoul Tourism Board to host and reward the
consultants 2015 achievements. This achievement is also
known as Quality Club Elite (QCE) in our company. It is
based on a one full year KPI of consultants performance.
Congratulations to all achievers! May they have bigger
breakthroughs in their continuous great work of providing
sound financial planning to their friends and clients! Time
to work, WORK! Time to play, PLAY! It was definitely a fun
filled night with great speeches and performances. Thank
you once again to the organizers who made it happened!

14th May 2016 DPG Recruitment Event

In May, our agency hosted our very own recruitment event

at Novena Udders. It was a private event where invited
guests were showcased to our industry on a more personal
note. It was a cosy yet insightful event.
Anyone or have friends who are interested and keen to find
out more about our industry, how our agency, DPG,
specializes in providing various financial solutions to
individuals and corporates, do contact Leslie at the
Hp: 9191 5382
Email : leslie.ebh@gmail.com

18th May 2016: Health Talk (Health Fix for your Cervix)
In our continuous effort to provide useful
knowledge and insights in the health area for
our clients, another health seminar was run
in the 2nd quarter. This time round was on
Cervix matter specially for ladies only. An
experienced obstetrician & gynaecologist
with more than 10 years of clinical practice,
Dr Cindy Pang, was invited to share and
provide health tips for our clients. Prevention
is the best cure! Do look out for our next
upcoming event!

Sandra and Mum

Touching and Impacting Lives, Financially and Emotionally

By Referral Only

24th May 2016: Surfing Investment Talk

As the investment market continues to be volatile this year, an investment talk was held to
provide keen investors on the potential direction of the market trends and value investing
opportunities. What has happened and how the market has performed in the beginning of
the year was also briefly shared by our speaker Eric Chee from Eastspring Investment.
Some interesting feng shui investment tips were also shared such as this year is a Monkey
year and hence, it will be a playful ride in the investment market.
Some other seminar highlights :
Why invest in Asian Dividend Stock?
Could oil fuel asian rallies?
We believe our clients have had a fruitful evening session with much laughter and insights!

23rd June 2016: Brexit News

An important point that needs to be stressed at this
news is the process of Exit will develop over a period of
years rather than months. It will be a potential stress
point for a lengthy period. Market sentiment will likely
have moments of complacency and bouts of
overreaction, depending on various unfolding events
and the rhetoric of the various parties.
During this period, it may present good investment
opportunities with the knowledge that you are capable
of handling your risk appetite and emotions admist the
volatility. Fear and Greed will cause you to lose sight of
your long term investment strategy. Stay calm and stay

Upcoming Events:
1. 21st July 2016

Health Seminar: Cross Out Cancer

Date: 21 July 2016 (Thu)
Time: 6pm - 9pm (Talk will start at 7.30pm)
Venue: Prudential@Scotts
*Buffet dinner will be provided

RSVP (18 July 2016)

2. 27 th July 2016Business Opportunities
with Prudential
Date: 27 July 2016 (Wed)
Time: Registration &
Refreshment from 6:30pm
Venue: Joyden Hall @ Bugis+

RSVP (21 July 2016)

Financial tips:

The person who doesnt know where his next

dollar is coming from usually doesnt know
where his last dollar went.


RSVP Details (for both events)

Leslie: 9191 5382
Email: yanni.lesliesecretary@gmail.com

Leslie! Keep up the good attitude and work

that you have been doing all these years. I
think you really are meant and fitted to this
Our "friendship" depends largely on you being
in prudential or not
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Touching and Impacting Lives, Financially and Emotionally
By Referral Only

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