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Behaviors, Actions and Corporate

Communcation of the ANZ Bank

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In todays world, every organization tries to develop good business relationships with the
customers. When the company fulfill the requirements of the customers, it helps in
developing corporate image, which plays an important role in achieving the
organizational goals effectively i.e. profitability and customer satisfaction. To achieve the
main objectives the organization must adopt the corporate strategy which enhances the
growth of the business. One of the main strategy is corporate communication, a strategic
management process used to manage the internal and external communication. With the
help of this process the company conveys its vision and values to the stakeholders
(Dolphin and Fan, 2000). The development of customer loyalty depends on the

performance of the company. ANZ Bank focuses on satisfying the customer by providing
good quality services which enhance their performance and increase the corporate
reputation in the market. Like other organizations, ANZ also needs improvement in
different sectors which may increase the profitability and help in the growth of the
1. Examine and critique an aspect of the companys performance with regards to fulfilling the
needs within society.
ANZ Bank is financial services and international banking organization located in Australia and has become the
largest financial institution in Asia Pacific Region. ANZ Group is serving their financial product, services and
banking facility to the individuals and business customers, which are more than eight million and operating in
33 countries all over the world. The services offered by ANZ to its customers include credit cards, mortgages,
asset finance, corporate lending and much more. It is one of the leading financial organizations which brings
innovation and technological advancements in the banking industry. Australia, New Zealand, Institutional and
international, technology and wealth, services and operations are the five divisions on which the business is
498,3097 SHAREHOLDERS Around 58 percent of ANZs shares are held by Institutional investors
and the remaining 42 percent by Retail investors. Around 72 percent of ANZ shares are held by
Australian-based investors.

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