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Ankistan is a state in the Republic of Shivistan.

Ankistans state Government

enacted the National Engineering University Act, 2007 (hereinafter NEU Act) to
establish the National Engineering University (hereinafter NEU). NEU received
substantive funding from the State along with resources such as land,
infrastructure etc.
NEU is run by a Governing Council which frames policies and makes decisions
regarding its administration. The members of the Council includes the Chief
Minister of Ankistan (Chancellor), a Director, four state government officials and
nine other members selected by the process mandated in the NEU Act.
NEU is on the outskirts of a small town Garvapur where the local residents
resented the party culture and dressing habits of the students and have
continuously protested against it, Sometimes even forcibly shutting down
student parties outside university premises. In lieu of these events the Council
implemented an exit-pass system wherein a student had to submit an exit pass
to leave the University premises and permission was required for recreational
activities happening outside the campus.
At the time of admission Batch of 2021 was informed about the policy and was
required to sign a consent form wherein they agree to obey all the rules laid
down by the University. The students after some time protested against the exitpass system and led by Ms. Rajsa Prasad made petitions stating that the rule
was a violation of their right for free movement. The Council replied by stating
that the University is not a state under Article 12 and when the students gave
their written consent to abide by the rules and regulations of the university they
voluntarily surrendered their rights. Unable to reach a solution Ms. Rajsa Prasad
filed a writ petition {W.P. (C) No. 1094/2016} before the Supreme Court of
Simultaneously Mr. Depi Prasad (Managing Director) of Zukhil Mediaids & Co. a
company engaged in manufacturing and supplying medical equipment received
a large tender from Krisha Hospital in Priyabad. To supply the equipment Ms.
Aargas, Chief of Krisha Hospital suggests the services of Mansinghkart & Co. who
were a delivery service establishment. Mr.Prasad wrote an email on June 1st,
2015 signifying his offer which was accepted by Ms. Kuku Sharma, Director of
Mansinghkart and a contract was entered by the two parties
The consignment was picked up and delivered to Krisha Hospital on July 7th,
2015. However the consignment was damaged during the journey as it was in
good condition when dispatched. A suit was filed by Krisha Hospital in the district
court where it was in their favour. Later Mansinghkart files an appeal in High
Court of Priyabad bearing Civil appeal No. 1053/2016.
The Supreme Court transferred the civil appeal and clubbed both matters

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