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Illustrated Code Catastrophes: Article 440, Sections 110.26 and 314.

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Electrical Construction and Maintenance

Joe Tedesco

By Joe Tedesco, NEC Consultant

Tue, 2012-05-01 02:02

Hit and Run

This hit and run victim revealed itself after some spring cleaning was
performed by a landscape crew. Unfortunately, this exposed splice box
looks like it has been this way for quite a long time. The circuits were
energized and serve year-round tree lighting and receptacles
throughout the parking lot.
Although this type of box is permitted for outdoor locations, it has been
installed much too close to this low curb edge. As such, vehicle tires
have more than likely made contact with this on more than one
occasion. The installer should have located this box in a better
protected location.
One section of the Code comes to mind when reviewing this
installation. As noted in 314.29, Boxes, conduit bodies, and
handhole enclosures shall be installed so that the wiring
contained in them can be rendered accessible without removing
any part of the building or, in underground circuits, without
excavating sidewalks, paving, earth, or other substance that is to
be used to establish the finished grade.An Exception to this
requirement states, Listed boxes and handhole enclosures shall
be permitted where covered by gravel, light aggregate, or
non-cohesive granulated soil if their location is effectively
identified and accessible for excavation.

Too Close for Comfort

Okay, so how does one go about accessing this disconnect?I know
the photo angle skews this a bit, but we can clearly see this
equipment arrangement does not allow for proper working
The provisions of Part II in Art. 440 outline the disconnecting
means of air-conditioning and refrigerating equipment. As noted
in 440.14, Disconnecting means shall be located within sight

07-03-15 3:10 PM

Illustrated Code Catastrophes: Article 440, Sections 110.26 and 314.2

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from and readily accessible from the air conditioning or

refrigerating equipment. The disconnecting means shall be
permitted to be installed on or within the air-conditioning or
refrigerating equipment. The disconnecting means shall not be located on panels that are designed to allow
access to the air-conditioning or refrigeration equipment or to obscure the equipment nameplate(s).
In addition, Sec. 110.26 states, Access and working space shall be provided and maintained about all electrical
equipment to permit ready and safe operation and maintenance of such equipment.As per 110.26(A), Working
space for equipment operating at 600V, nominal, or less to ground and likely to require examination,
adjustment, servicing, or maintenance while energized shall comply with the dimensions of 110.26(A)(1), (A)(2),
and (A)(3) or as required or permitted elsewhere in this Code.
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07-03-15 3:10 PM