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A Cocktail Approach for Travel Package Recommendation

2. A Cross Layer Architecture for Multicast and Unicast Video Transmission in
Mobile Broadband Networks
3. A Distributed Algorithm for Finding All Best Swap Edges of a Minimum
Diameter Spanning Tree
4. A Dual Framework and Algorithms for Targeted Online Data Delivery
5. A Level Set Method for Image Segmentation in the Presence of Intensity in
homogeneities with Application to MRI
6. A New Approach for FEC Decoding Based on the BP Algorithm in LTE and
WiMAX SystemsA New Approach for FEC Decoding Based on the BP Algorithm
in LTE and WiMAX Systems
7. A Privacy-Preserving Location Monitoring System for Wireless Sensor
8. A Secure Erasure Code-Based Cloud Storage System with Secure Data
9. A Security Architecture Achieving Anonymity and Traceability in Wireless
Mesh Networks
10.A Stochastic Model to Investigate Data Center Performance and QoS in IaaS
Cloud Computing Systems
11.A Study on Certificate Revocation in Mobile Ad Hoc Networks
12.A System to Filter Unwanted Messages from OSN User Walls
13.Advanced Routing Technology for Fast Internet Protocol Network Recovery
14.Agent Based Efficient Anomaly Intrusion Detection System in Adhoc networks
15.Always Acyclic Distributed Path Computation
16.AMES Cloud A Framework Of Adaptive Mobile Video Streaming And Efficient
Social Video Sharing
17.An Efficient Caching Scheme and Consistency Maintenance in Hybrid P2P
18.An Efficient Self-Organized Authentication and Key Management Scheme for
Distributed Multihop Relay- Based IEEE 802.16 Networks
19.Automatic Discovery of Association Orders between Name and Aliases from
the Web using Anchor Texts-based Co-occurrences
20.Automatic Test Packet Generation
21.Autonomy Oriented Self-Equilibrium Routing Model in Traffic Networks
22.Bandwidth Estimation for IEEE 802-11-Based Ad Hoc Networks
23.BGP Churn Evolution A Perspective from the Core
24.BinRank Scaling Dynamic Authority-Based Search Using Materialized
25.BloomCast Efficient and Effective Full-Text Retrieval in Unstructured P2P
26.Catch Me If You Can Evaluating Android Anti Malware Against Transformation
27.Catching Packet Droppers and Modifiers in Wireless Sensor Networks
28.Closeness A New Privacy Measure for Data Publishing
29.CloudMoV Cloud based Mobile Social TV (2013)
Clustering With Multi-Viewpoint Based Similarity Measure
31.Clustering With Multi-Viewpoint Based Similarity Measure

32.Collaborative Sensing to Improve Information Quality for Target Tracking in

Wireless Sensor Networks
33.Comparable Entity Mining from Comparative Questions
34.Confucius A Tool Supporting Collaborative Scientific Workflow Composition
35.Cooperative Caching in Wireless P2P Networks Design, Implementation, and
36.Cross Domain Privacy-Preserving Cooperative Firewall Optimization
37.Crowdsourcing Predictors of Behavioral Outcomes
38.Data Leakage Detection
39.Decision Trees for Uncertain Data
40.Design and Implementation of TARF A Trust-Aware Routing Framework for
41.Design, Implementation, and Performance of a Load Balancer for SIP Server
42.Detecting And Resolving Firewall Policy Anomalies
43.Detecting Malicious Packet Losses
44.Detecting Spam Zombies by Monitoring Outgoing Messages
45.Detection of Selfish Nodes in Networks Using CoopMAC Protocol with ARQ
46.Discovering Conditional Functional Dependencies
47.Discovery and Verification of Neighbor Positions in Mobile Ad Hoc Networks
48.Distributed Cooperative Caching in Social Wireless Networks
49.Distributed Explicit Rate Schemes in Multi-Input-Multi-Output Network
50.Distributed Packet Buffers for High-Bandwidth Switches and Routers
51.Dynamic Channel Allocation for Wireless Zone-Based Multicast and Broadcast
52.Dynamic Routing with Security Considerations
53.Efficient and Privacy Aware Data Aggregation in Mobile Sensing
54.Efficient Broadcasting in Mobile Ad Hoc Networks
55.Efficient Public Key Certificate Management for Mobile Ad Hoc Networks
56.Energy Efficient Cooperative Videodistribution With Statistical Qosprovisions
Over Wireless Networks
57.Ensuring Data Storage Security in Cloud Computing
58.Organizing User Search Histories
59.P2P Reputation Management Using Distributed Identities and Decentralized
Recommendation Chains
60.Packet-Hiding Methods for Preventing Selective Jamming Attacks
61.Particle Swarm Optimization Technique, System and Challenges
62.Portable Cloud Services Using TOSCA
63.Privacy Preserving Distributed Profile Matching in Proximity-based Mobile
Social Networks
64.ProgME Towards Programmable Network Measurement
65.Providing Rate Guarantees for Internet Application Traffic across ATM
66.Random Access Transport Capacity
67.RIHT A Novel Hybrid IP Traceback Scheme
68.Robust Video Data Hiding Using Forbidden Zone Data Hiding and Selective

69.Secure and Practical Outsourcing of Linear Programming in Cloud Computing

70.Security Analysis of the SASI Protocol
71.Self Adaptive Contention Aware Routing Protocol for Intermittently Connected
Mobile Networks
72.Spatial Approximate String Search
73.Temporal Data Clustering Via Weighted Clustering Ensemble with Different
74.Top k Query Result Completeness Verification in Tiered Sensor Networks
75.Toward Reliable Data Delivery for Highly Dynamic Mobile Ad Hoc Networks
76.Towards a Statistical Framework for Source Anonymity in Sensor Networks
77.Traffic Pattern-Based Content Leakage Detection for Trusted Content Delivery
78.Vampire attacks Draining life from wireless ad-hoc sensor networks
79.Vehicle Detection in Aerial Surveillance Using Dynamic Bayesian Networks
80.Wardrop Routing in Wireless Networks
81.Winds of Change From Vendor Lock-In to the Meta Cloud
82.XLP A Cross-Layer Protocol for Efficient Communication in Wireless Sensor