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m Te yt Basin cabinet esi How to make a Scum clean job = store are genuine & z patched ftom the UK \quifies. comments & suggestions are always very welcome fro Our News Bulletin: “the all new www.souterculter.c0.uk will be going online in May 2013 - a glant step for Mankind’ Whiteside have been manufacturing quality industrial grade router bits for more than 30 years - proudly made in USA wr WHITESIDE MACHINE COMPANY Rated no.! rauiar bi in bath calegores by Fine Woodworking Magazine June 2007 -in an 18 bit road-es! evaluat Author's Choice - BEST OVERALL / Author's Cholce — BEST VALUE Flexidise Sander/Grinder ‘The Flexidise sander gives a superb finish on wood, metal, fibreglass, ccar body filler and all hard materials. Its fast rotation speed achieves sensational results in a fraction ofthe time normally taken by conventional sanders. This versatile tol also sharpens chisels, plane blades, athe tools, axes end garden tools without the rapid overheating of normal abrasive wheels This isthe ideal to! to prepare your timber prior to varnishing with Le Tonkinos varnish www-flexidisesander.co.uk a Tel: 01628 548840 Le Tonkinois Varnish eeaealae anette Perfect for outdoor, indoor and marine use, With Le Tonkinois varnish the options really are endless. Combining unrivalled protection on materials including cork flooring, stone, metal and wood and briliant ‘permanent penetration, Le Tonkinois varnish leaves absolutely no brush marks and will restore the natural beauty of timber whilst removing your brush marks. Flexible enough to mave with the timber and able to withstand abrasion and impact, Le Tonkinois vamish is resistant to boling water, UV, petrol, diesel ‘and sea water. t won't crack, chip or peel off, making it perfect for all outside purposes as well as indoor. ee ‘www letonkinoisvarnish.co.uk Tok: 01628 548840 ACES Cees e) n 5 wi 3 = a rs ° 5 a = ile the wooden implements thal are sold for fishing toast a of toasters are functional, Ive ‘ever found them particulary attractive. I've often thought thatthe scissor design of a traditional salad server is more convenient the linked spoon and fork only need one hand to operate — and it's also more elegant. My toast extractor, then, is an attempt to combine function and: ‘Though the drawing shown here is taken from my template and is therefore accurate, | always ty to bul sat Correcting features into my designs that vail compensate for the inaccuracies of ‘my cutting. In this case, the larger eye of the handle was cut slightly over-size and ‘glued into the straight blade whose siot has enough flexbiliy to accommodate being made either too wide or too narrow. 30 June/August 2013 Practical Woedworking ‘Aiso, the bird's mouth cut in the curved tion of the other blade may be trimmed when the parts are assembled to tensure thal tongs come together evenly when the scissors are closed Bringing it to life used 9mm pine throughout except for the pivot, whore Ive previously used a bamboo kebab stick, but inthis case used copper pins made from cut-down nals original intended for cedar shingles ‘sanded all four pisces down before assembly -| realy enjoy rounding the eyes to a buttery smoothness and bringing the ‘blades’ down to a suitable thickness W's best to do the large-eyed flat bla firs. In assembling the curved elernent and the shorter tong, be sure thal the two parts closely, and allow both blades In the rack * "a Peter Whittle’s wooden toast rack and scissors will add joy to the breakfast table fully before gluing. Diiling forthe pin is easier if you o the two finished pisces together and pencil in a vertical to show where the pilot hole is to go. Drill three-quarters of the depth of the pin and tap it home to slightly below the surface if is a metal pin Ifyou use bamboo, of course, you will need to fil to full depth and glue the far end of he pin, Toast rack A for the toast rack, we'd always had a very basic two-slice wooden one - until that is, I worked out how | could use fongue-and-grooved pine matching to make a four-slice rack that would turn into a five or even a a! ‘My rack uses the tongues and grooves sliced off mm mateh-board to make a Jiding mechanism upon which to build Fig.1 Toast rack the toast holding slats. The other, more ‘obvious, design feature isthe central arch thal provides a handle and a housing into which the inner leaves slide. For sentimental reasons | modelled its ‘oriental shape on Brighion Pavilion, the Prince Regent's summer palace Tongues and grooves | again used orm pine, matching and graduating to hardwood to achiove the feo-Viciotan effect. For the pins that hold the slides in place | used bamiooo kebab stick The frst hing o.dois to cutout the Fig.2 ‘Scissors’ ccontral arch, The internal measurement of the foot ofthis arch determines the with ofthe toast rack, and in particular, the width of the slide. Using 9mm pine matching, the 85mm-wide face allows an internal wicth of 50mm, Leave the legs of the arch about Smm too long to allow for fine adjustment later Cut two 150mm-long lengths of groove ‘and one length of tongue from a piece of matching, making the groove strip 12mm wide, and the tongue lengins 1omm wide. These widths give enough strength to the ‘material ~a toast rack s not subjected to ‘much physical force Toast rack & scissors $1935f0Ud YOOGNI ‘To make the base, cut the tongues and ‘grooves off another piece of wood 160mm leaving the central pat as wide as sible. Glue the two groove strips (arcoves facing inward) onto the face of cing them so that they correspondingly align withthe inside of ‘edges of the arch. The slice is made from another piece of ‘matching: you remove the groove, ‘replacing t with the slice of tongue that you prepared earlier. This double-tongued slide should be sized so that itruns easily in the grooves of the base. Next cut the slide in hall. I've found it useful to mark these left and right, and to do the same with the six leaves to ensure that, when jointing, the pieces fing their way into the cortect joints In making and fing the upright leaves, | begin with the largest, inner leaf, and use the piece cut out of the arch as a tempiate. The centre and outer leaves can ‘echo the shape ofthe inner leaf, or be fashioned in complementary designs. use a simple opan leon forthe ne and ‘outer leaves, anda meats forthe mide leaves. Again, toast racks arerit usualy _subjctac to much physical violence, but 900d glue and snug jonts will make tal the ‘moro robust Final touches It's important to sand all the parts before Ccuting the joints, and to finish with varnish — | use water-based acrylic before fiting the sides to ensure that they don't get gummed up. ‘The last things to fit, then, are the small pegs that go up through the base trom below to engage in slots in tne bottom surface ofthe two slides. These pins prevent the slides from falling out on big breakfast days when the toast rack is ‘expanded from being a four-siicer to a five or six-sicer June/august 2013 Practical Weedworking 31 Log box Marking tools, bench and block planes, spokeshave, drill and bits, jigsaw, router and bits, biscuit jointer, sander, straightedge, chisels,handsaw, pocket hole jig a= With memories of this past winter, Save yourself trips «it to the logpile 7 } with Phil Davy’s ve firewood box js firewood storage box is based on T ‘a dasign from a book | came across ‘some years ago in America, called ‘Measured Drawings of Shaker Furniture & Woodware by Eine Hendbera (pub. Berkshire House). Infact, te original pe is from the community viage at Pleasant Hil, Kentucky. changed the overall dimensions to fit alongside my woodbuming stove, and you could easily aller the curves, which are parhaps a bit omate. Of course, ‘many readers won t have a woodbumer or ‘pen fie, but you could use il for storing magazines, newspapers, ks loys or whatever, The upper box is designed for kindling — smaller sticks than logs for fuel — while logs are stored below. It would have been ccasier to have biscuit jointed this box to the end panels before gluing up the main box, but| simply forgot. As a resut, the ‘smplest solution was to use pocket hole INDOOR PROJECTS Dp screws. Even better would be tohouse the box into the end panels, ! Ifyou build the piece from pine, as | did, you'll encounter problems with grain direction. To avoid shor grain on the two ‘end panels | cut these boards with vertical grain. This meant the front and . | tack also needed similar vertical grin so | there would be no difficulties with timber movement once assambled. | suspect the Shakers would simply have nailed 5 {and glued their boxes together, but using - biscuts means you should think about grain direction to avoid uneven ae sa movement later. As it was, the problem vvas evident when fiting the base. AS | had some softwood boards left over | used these, but would be less problematic to use chipboard or MOF for 32 June/August 2013 Practical Woedworking stably. | used pocket screws fo altach ne base to the sices, but left he sc {aily loose hopetully to allow for movement. It spits do threaten in the future Ican slacken the more or substitute an Mi leaning these up neatly at tion requires a sharp chisel ‘Alternatively, make a template trom 6mrn-thick MOF and use a bearing: {uided cutter to rout the curves precicely, rough you'l stil need to get into the corners. f you intend to make more than ‘one box you'll save aot of time by routing rather than sawing the panels. To ‘avoid problems with timer movement it would be easier to use MDF forthe entre box, though | stubbomly prefer the challenge of solid timber! ‘though butt hinges would probably ave been normal, fited decorative halt butterfly hinges supplied by From the Anvil you prefer to use ordinary puttefly hinges (with two wings), simply make the rear ral wider | Tinished the box with three coats of General Finishes Mik Paint, choosing Brick Red for winter warmth, which definitely has a New ngland fee! about it, The great thing about this finish is that you don't need a primer or undercoat on softwood, though his is recommended if using MDF June/august 2013 Practical Wecdworking $193f0Ud NOOGNI 2 Reyes $193f0Ud YOOGNI Wes va $193f0Ud 1! ATOLL Useful bath box Gordon Warr’s bathroom seat is lidded to provide convenient storage INDOOR PROJECTS ial forthe four he stool, and planed tham toa thickness of 1amm (Pie) Full he cutting ist and in fone (Pie.2), then sides and left them 0 This | did wath a fi 8 10 prep 3 woul - nling, and should there and trim n parts 36 June/August 2013 Practical Woedwork! ‘and back also required sanding The bottom ofthe stool is fmm plywood, but this requires support. The strips which do this are simply glued and screwed in (Pic,7), after which the ply was trimmed and held in piace with adhesive, Then, to provide adequate support forthe feet, a solid triangular block for each ured it with glue and iven into each sid cut ner and s a panel pin Pic.) Mortise practice Now | coud urn my atten to the i, loped haunches to give a n earance on completion, When marking out mortises corresponding mem tenoned as a qui practice to the vice and mark them all atthe sar time. This not only p it's quicker as well. Am the best too! to ust king out ott ter to form the mortises Fe the tenons, whatever meth adopted for cuting both parts. The wic ofthe mortise fs governed by the chise or bitused to remave the waste, and its 0 widen i Pic.9), I's als old all sirilar components in ‘good motes accuracy gauge is e to complete the Not very satisfactory to try later. On the other hand, th Bathroom stool $193f0Ud NOOGNI more readily be made to any thickness, With only four tenons to Quickly removed the w be forrned, | from them by therefore can be out to suit the mortise making a series of passes on my saanbench (Pie.12), with the blade Cutting the joints plojction being se to leave the co {cut the four mortises required on my thickness of tenon uncut. Note that I bench mottiser (Pic.10), but the sloping removed the guard in the photograp ‘outer ends that will receive the haunched clarity; dont do this at home! nons had to be prepared by hand Remember that if tenons are cut by cchiseliing (Pic.11), working from both faces of the wood, Ennead ad ‘All dimensions are in millimetres Front/back panel 2 400 360 18 End panel 2 300 360 18 Long base support 2 370 6 2 Short base support 2 270 16 2 Base (ply) 1 270 268 6 Comer blocks (rom) 1 300 50 6 Long top trame rail 2 430 45 8 Short top frame ral 2 300 48 18 Top panel (ply) 1 370 270 6 Feet (wainut) 4 200 45 45 You wil also need cork tes for the seat, a pair of brass but hinges land some rope for the handles June/august 2013 Practical Wecdworking 97 ATOLL / INDOOR PROJECTS # Oa A Pelee 424 Pran 300 (opin ghost then this must be prepared to the exact thickness required at the outsel or any vatiations will be reflected inthe thickness of the tenons, Cut the haunches on the tenons by hand (Ple.13). Then just the inner edges of these four components need smoothing before being glued and cramped togethe: Forming the rebates assembly, the surfaces roquired a ite leveling off bore | could frm the rebates forthe phwvood op pane These aro best completed wth a rebatingcuttorin a route able (Pc. 14) Then cut the plywood panel to 822 and ave tino the rebates. Next saved of the hors and formed the chamfer tothe underside o the top ‘Comor $1935f0Ud YOOGNI Tenons ‘omm thik by hand planing (Pic.15). 'Note that one of the purposes of the cchamfers isto provide support forthe id ‘when this is opened, by effectively providing an angled stop. The extent of the chamfer is best established by tial and error. Adding the top The tp is attached wth a pair of Somm brass bulls: these to the top frst Because the hinge knuckio i et back from the ear edge ofthe top, the recon ito Sope slighty 80 te knuckle remains level wth the surface The recesses needed on the box pat of the etool are then marked direct from the hingos onthe top (Pie16), This gves the exact algnment forte recess inthe top edge ofthe ear of the sto. Feet and finish ‘The four feet are turning at its simplest. 1 fist cut the pieces to the required length (of 40mm, held them on a screw chuck ‘and tumed them using a roughing gouge, followed with a skew chisel (Pic.17), then sanded them, driled and Ccounterbored a hole through them and screwed them in place to the corner blocks (Pic.18), The finish | applied was three coats of satin polyurethane varnish, lightly sanded as the coals were applied. Then a couple Cf final stages completed the project. | ‘cut cork tes to size (Plo.19), and stuck them to the plywood top with contact adhesive. | then secured the rope handles to the end panels using simple Keeps the NATURAL look of the wood! > Herdwoaring, water and di-esistant. > Perfect for ight coloured wood speci Light white pigmented, > Highest coverage of any of fon the market, > Clear, ra finish, [ESHER calor visit tne web Eg eage for stockos. fs Tel: 01296 481 220 wnww.osmouk.com Os! mof June/August 2013 Practical Woodworking — 97 TOUR TOW FS HAIL ORDER ee NARROW BANDSAW me MTR po martes BLADES fo NEW "GR AOS ae ee : LENGTH PowerSandingFnihing stm | | py yQAAZLENGTH [eae x oon S| on pice ust Gentectiaustey Soc TRUCUT SALTORCATALO Se, re ‘wry trucutbandsawa.co.uk asin TORTEND HERTS OME Tae Oz +Planed & Rough Sawn Hardwoods Oak, Walnut & Yew «Kiln Dried Hobby Packs + Classic Woodworking Tools * Professional Wood Finishes TEERVLE 7 RIENINGER MECHANICAL CLOCK WORKS. 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